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Google Apps Reseller & Google Sites Help - How To Set Up A Google Store In Minutes. Last week, Google released yet another gadget that may win them friends with small business owners.

How To Set Up A Google Store In Minutes

It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget and it essentially allows you to use Google Checkout and Google Docs to to easily create your own online store in a matter of minutes. What makes the gadget especially interesting is that because it’s tied to a Google Docs spreadsheet, small business owners can keep product inventory without having to use another third-party program like Quickbooks. Something many of us can probably appreciate. To install the gadget on your site or blog, Google outlines three simple steps. 1. And that’s it. This is really a great new gadget from Google, especially if you’re one of the many aspiring merchants or SMB owners who were intimidated by the thought of creating your own e-commerce store.

What I really like is how much this lowers the bar to entry for merchants to start up. Do practice some caution, though. Webmaster Tools - Home. Map your site to your own domain - Sites Help. If you would like your site to appear under a custom domain URL that you control, such as, you can have your site appear at that URL by going through a process known as mapping your site.

Map your site to your own domain - Sites Help

Then, as people navigate your site, they will remain on unless they click an external link. Add a Twitter Feed - Working With Google Sites. Want to add a Twitter feed to your web page?

Add a Twitter Feed - Working With Google Sites

Well, it's going to get a little geeky here, but the end result is well worth it. I learned a lot on the way ;) Here's how... Monkey Raptor: Google Sites : Embedding Twitter Timeline (updated) This notepad file is for Windows based OS.

Monkey Raptor: Google Sites : Embedding Twitter Timeline (updated)

For Mac users, you can use TextWrangler or Notepad++ - as suggested on the comment below this post. First of all, I wanna say that Google Sites is awesome. But, as you know, Google Sites is very strict about using our own JavaScript and CSS (the web styling), either internal thing or external. Paypal buttons into Google Sites. How to insert different image on different pages of my google site. Hello..would you explain this a bit moreI am trying my first website and putting in a paypal payment symbol.. and I want it to lead the person straight to their paypal login from my page.

how to insert different image on different pages of my google site

Wheter that is what you are referring to or not would you elaborate on what you put above.I am stumped at some of the detail re what to do. You have: Click Edit page >> HTML >> insert the following code: This is some text. <br><br> click Update >> add any content you wish >> Save. New Tab. 2.

New Tab

Once you have created a New Album and upload the images you wish to use, there are lots of fun tools in Picasa Web Albums to edit, organize, and add captions to your images. 3. Important... must set your web album to "public" so the slideshow can be viewed from your Google Site. In Picasa Web Album, go to the Edit tab and select Album Properties. A little ways down the page you will find a Share menu - select Public. 4. HOWTO: Add an RSS feed to Google Sites. Google Sites is wonderful.

HOWTO: Add an RSS feed to Google Sites

Not only can anyone and everyone sign up to make a wikified website, but it’s really easy to use and very configurable. BUT it’s got one very, very major drawback. No RSS feeds! This post shows you how you can generate an RSS feed from either an ‘announcements’ or ‘recent changes’ page quickly and easily. How To Sync Your Twitter and Facebook Status Updates. Making an Image a Link. Scripts Examples. You're not a developer?

Scripts Examples

Try our apps! We have simple tools for everyone. Hire Us! We are the experts that can help you get your script running or completely develop an application built specifically for your business. You're learning Apps Script? Learn by example! Get the book! YouTube. Facebook Wall Flux. Google Sites How-tos. Instructions Sign in to your Google SiteNavigate to the page you want to add the description toUse the More button then Page settingsAdd your description to the Page description box in the Page Settings dialogue box and use the Save button.

Google Sites How-tos

That's it, you're done. Availability You can get this feature now on stand-alone/consumer/personal Google Sites and Google Apps domains with the Rapid Release track enabled. Advice Do not try to fill the page description with meaningless key words, make it a true description/summary of the page's content. You can find more advice, from Google, about page descriptions in the video below. How much time should I spend on meta tags, and which ones matter? Further Search Engine Optimisation Advice. Facebook Like Button Gadget. Add Facebook Comments to Google Sites - Hypin' & Hatin' 5.

Add Facebook Comments to Google Sites - Hypin' & Hatin'

Paste the gadget URL into the "Enter the URL for a gadget you want to add" text box. 6. Add your website to the URL to content (required) text box. a Make sure to click "Include a scrollbar when necessary. Click OK The results of these steps can be seen below. Updating Web Sites with Google Spreadsheets. I’ve done a handful of web projects this year where it made sense to store data in Google Spreadsheets, and then use a bit of PHP code to make them be dynamically displayed on a web site. In many cases, these are tables of data that are parsed and presented nicely in the web site, but for a few NMC projects, it made sense as a way for a staff person to update data on our web pages w/o having to touch the pages. As a first example, I am cleaning up an older WordPress site I use for logging my running/training; in the past, I kept a spreadsheet on my desktop for keeping a run log and then manually transferred the totals/averages/graphs to my web site by pasting into some text files (they are embedded with a PHP include).

It worked, but it did have that tedious manual smell for something that should be more automated. Apps Marketplace - Site Copier for Google Apps (FREE) Embedding a spreadsheet, one sheet only - Google Sites Help. Gadgets for Google Sites - Google Sites APIs - Google Code. At Google, gadgets are HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in web pages and other apps, including Sites. These gadgets offer the ability to include external and dynamic content within your site, such as miniature applications and database-driven lists, incorporated with text and images for a seamless user experience.

If you haven't seen gadgets, you may find thumbnails and descriptions for many of them in a central implementation of gadgets, the iGoogle gadget directory: Every Sites page is a potential gadget container. What's more, Sites offers a Data API that may be used in conjunction with gadgets to create powerful applications.