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Features.billboard. Alpakarium - alpaki, hodowla i wyroby z wełny alpak. Which graphics settings should I always disable? Here at PC Gamer, we love cranking game settings up to 11.

Which graphics settings should I always disable?

But not all graphical settings are created equally. Even with top-end hardware, there's some graphic settings that offer little visual difference but can have a large impact on your framerate. „Z szacunkiem i delikatnością, czyli jak? Katolik wobec homoseksualizmu” – podsumowanie spotkania – New Studio Ghibli Tea Line Means You Can Have Totoro Tea. Totoro tea for me, please.

New Studio Ghibli Tea Line Means You Can Have Totoro Tea

That’s a sentence I didn’t know I wanted to say, but now that I know Studio Ghibli-inspired tea is a thing, I can’t wait to make Totoro tea over and over. Rocket News 24 reports Japanese retailer Benelic is working with Lupicia to issue a collection of tea inspired by Ghibli animated films. Can you imagine curling up with a piping hot cuppa Kiki next time you settle in for a Studio Ghibli marathon? 3D Planetary Models that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand. Ever wanted to have the world in the palm of your hand?

3D Planetary Models that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

Or capture stars in a bottle? Little Planet Factory, based in the UK, lets you do just that with their collection of 3D printed planets and moons. Founder George Ioannidis started the company after searching for a Mars globe and not finding anything to his liking. Traditional Wedding Outfits from Around the World. Today, many people think that weddings strictly feature grooms in tuxedos and brides “all dressed in white.”

Traditional Wedding Outfits from Around the World

While there’s nothing wrong with a nice suit or ivory gown, not all betrothed couples go this route. In fact, in countless cultures around the world, traditional wedding outfits look much different than our contemporary, western concept of what the ceremonial garments should look like. Though many women around the world do choose a white dress and you will often see men in tuxes, traditionally, wedding clothing has looked much different throughout history and across the globe.

In India, women often wear crimson-colored saris. — A Pirate with a Peg Leg with Open Your Wine For... A Pirate with a Peg Leg with Open Your Wine For You Need some help opening your wine?

— A Pirate with a Peg Leg with Open Your Wine For...

Argh, matey! Luckily, SUCK UK is here to help with their peg-legged pirate bottle opener. Designed to look like a pirate, the corkscrew features an open lever, foil cutter, and beer bottle opener. Now, you can have as much fun uncorking the wine as you do drinking it. Behind the Power-Play & Psychology of Fetish Photography. Taco Smit was biking through Amsterdam when he spotted a woman on a yellow bicycle, carrying so many flowers she looked like she was riding on a flying garden.

Behind the Power-Play & Psychology of Fetish Photography

He raced over to her and asked if he could borrow the bike and the flowers; and that’s how, a few days later, he created what would become an award-winning image of a gruff leatherman in shiny fetish gear pushing a floral bike down a brick-paved alley. The image is weird, it’s arresting, and to the judges of the WeFetish kink photography contest, it was irresistibly sexy with its pairing of an outrageously brawny man and an outrageously frilly bike.

The effect of Taco’s image isn’t altogether unusual in fetish photography: it’s fairly common for kinky photos to confuse as they arouse. Successful kink photographers aren’t just artists and technicians; they’re also psychologists, studying the erotic impulses in our brains so that they can trigger a viewer’s libido—in some cases, without the viewer fully understanding why. Ceramic Shiba Inus are an Adorable Alternative to Traditional Tableware. If you’re crazy about Shiba Inus like the rest of the Internet, you may want to stop by the charming Etsy shop, Siro’s Funny Animals.

Ceramic Shiba Inus are an Adorable Alternative to Traditional Tableware

Run by Fukuoka-based Japanese artist Tetsuya Iseda, the store sells adorable animals handcrafted from clay. In addition to statuettes and figurines, Iseda has created a collection of ceramic Shiba Inus that delightfully double as tableware. This New Trend Of Cat Hats Will Make You Laugh So Hard. If you need a quick pick-me-up, this new trend of cat hats is just what you need.

This New Trend Of Cat Hats Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Using their own fur, Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki has been fashioning the most avant-garde cat caps to ever hit the internet. Yamazaki's silly cat hats come in all different shapes and sizes. Maszyna uduchowiona. NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home - My Modern Met. Many of us spend most of our time indoors, so it’s important to cultivate a space that’s a healthy one.

NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home - My Modern Met

A simple—and beautiful—way to do this is through houseplants; they add some green to your home while being an effective way to purify the air. NASA hardly seems like the organization that would give us insight into these types of plants, but in the late 1980s, the US government agency collaborated with the Associated Contractors of America (ALCA) to come up with a list of the most beneficial flora for your home. Morrissey: 50 Geeky Things You Never Knew About The Smiths Icon - NME. Nighty-Night, Kids! Ten Children’s Movies That Scared Us Silly. If you’re a kid of the ’80s and ’90s like I and pretty much all of the writers here at Nerdist are, then there is one thing we can all agree on with regards to our childhoods: they were scary as sh*t!

Nighty-Night, Kids! Ten Children’s Movies That Scared Us Silly

Everything was made to terrify us back then. Kids now have it easy (says the 30 year old man sounding like a 90 year old) with nothing meant to scare or disturb them at all, but when we were all youngins, the movies marketed to kids were full of frightening imagery and themes and, frankly, I’m surprised any of us can go outside at all as a result. But, because nostalgia, we still love them; it’s just boggling how many of these films were made. Revealing Portraits of Heavily Tattooed People Who Normally Cover Their Whole Bodies. For many people, their skin is a canvas on which to display beautiful body art. Some folks are satisfied with one or two tattoos, but others keep going until entire areas of their body are camouflaged in colorful ink.

British photographer Alan Powdrill documents these brazen bodies in COVERED, an homage to those willing to go to the tattooing extreme. This guy makes sweaters of places and then takes pictures of himself wearing the sweaters at those places. NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home - My Modern Met. A “Levitating” Turntable Is in the Works, So You Can Spin Records in Mid-Air. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to bring “the first levitating turntable” into production, as the Vinyl Factory notes.

Mag-Lev Audio, a Slovenian company, is hoping to raise $300,000 to manufacture the machines, which are “designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design.” The turntables will use a magnetic platter to suspend the vinyl record during playback, as the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) reports. The Kickstarter page claims, “By pushing the frontier of audio technology, we were able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.” The Wit & Wisdom Of Thom Yorke - In Quotes - NME. Radiohead’s new album definitely hit 2016 with a bang. Though the lyrics of Radiohead can be deliberately obfuscating, their legendary frontman’s quotes in interviews are famously direct and candid.

Once calling Spotify ‘The last desperate fart of a dying corpse’, Yorke takes no prisoners. The first programs you should install on your new PC. Get a new desktop or gaming laptop for Christmas? That brand new installation of Windows is lean and mean and lighting fast, but it's lacking some of the must-have applications we use all the time as PC gamers. Some of these are pretty obvious, like Steam and Google Chrome. But there are plenty of other everyday programs that deserve to be on your system, and plenty others that are handy every so often. Thanks to a bundling service called Ninite, you can download and install most of these in one go. Fieldguide.gizmodo. 11 Hilarious Comics Dark Humor Fans Will Love. Icelandic Humor For People Who Like Dark Humor (NSFW) This Site Helps You Delete Your Accounts And Disappear From The Internet.

If you feel the need to wipe the slate clean and cleanse your Internet presence, then look no further. A Swedish site is offering to help you delete your online footprint with a simple click of a button. The site, called, was developed by Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck. Photos of Things Organized Neatly Provide a Soothing Feast for the Eyes. Song Map - Good Enough To Get Lost In - NME. 20 Comics Show The Life Of An Introvert.