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At Hale Education Group, we mentor and prepare high school students for admission to US and Canadian universities through one-on-one college counseling and test preparation. We also assist with preparatory and graduate school applications.

What Does Test Optional Actually Mean? UAE Weekly Interview Featuring Peter Davos, Founder, Carian College Advisors. Unleash Your Potential with Hale! Get in to your dream school! The Hale Advantage. Peter Davos on Applying to US universities. Applying to American undergraduate programs is a daunting and confusing task for even the most highly motivated and prepared American students, but applicants from the UAE face particular challenges given their general lack of guidance and knowledge of the necessary processes, requisite criteria, and deadlines involved.

Peter Davos on Applying to US universities

US university admissions committees assess each candidate for admission in a holistic manner, taking into account myriad non-academic factors and emphasising the importance of each candidate’s out of classroom activities. Peter Davos on The importance of fit and creating a good college list. Applying to college is a matchmaking process and should be taken seriously by students and their families.

Peter Davos on The importance of fit and creating a good college list

Unfortunately, many students do not invest the time and energy into doing the necessary research required to make a compatible college list. With over 3,500 universities in the US alone, the options are overwhelming. Students should approach the task of creating their college list based on the philosophy of finding the proper “fit.” Each student is unique, as is each university. There is an over-reliance on rankings and emphasis on a university’s reputation, which should be factored into the college selection process, but not drive it. The multiple personal factors that make you unique as an individual - not just your academic goals - should be taken into consideration when making what is probably the most important decision of your young adult life. Where to start? I advise students to apply to between eight and twelve colleges. Choosing the right school Size Geography Academics Culture. Advantages of studying at US universities. UAE students face an array of choices when determining where to pursue their undergraduate studies in a foreign country, with Canada, Britain, Australia, and the United States being the most popular global destinations for an international education.

Advantages of studying at US universities

While leaving the comforts of one’s home country and studying abroad is an educational experience in and of itself, not all options are created equally. Students should take particular care in making what is surely the most important decision of their young adult lives, as the years spent in university are among the most formative. For reasons of flexibility, variety of choice, culture, and resources, American education system continues to remain at the forefront of the undergraduate educational experience.

The main benefit of studying in the United States is the flexibility of the undergraduate curriculum offered by American universities. America is a large country, teeming with educational options and courses of study. US Women’s Colleges, SAT Prep. Women’s colleges are an ideal option for female UAE high school students intent on maintaining social, cultural, and religious values in a female-only setting, while pursuing an excellent education in the United States.

US Women’s Colleges, SAT Prep

As high school juniors compile a list of colleges to apply to this month, UAE women should consider the benefits of applying to women’s-only colleges. Many people are not aware that there are over 45 colleges dedicated to educating only women in the US, most of which offer cross-registration opportunities at nearby colleges and universities. The most famous women’s colleges are the Seven Sisters, a loose association of smaller liberal arts colleges that offer an elite education on the East Coast. Other excellent all-women options are Mills College in San Francisco, which encourages its student to cross-register at UC Berkeley, and Cedar Crest College, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The No. 1 college for women Nurturing environment A focus on women’s needs. Ivy College Counseling. Richy’s education journey led to the attainment of a B.A. degree in Justice, Peace & Conflict Studies from Eastern Mennonite University.

Ivy College Counseling

His education strengthened his resolve to champion social justice and exposed him to a multidisciplinary and multicultural educational environment. His initial work experience was an internship at TASSC International, a human rights organization in Washington, D.C and he moved back to Kenya in 2012 where he joined DIPAD, a peacebuilding and development organization that works at the intersection of restorative justice, trauma healing, and leadership development.

His initial work experiences gave him a deeper understanding of the liberating and transformative power of both formal & informal education. In 2013, he joined Global Minimum Inc. Hale Education Group. Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai. Hale Education Group. Educational Consultants in Dubai. Educational Consultants in Dubai. University Counsellors In Dubai. I’ve been working on my college plans with Hale since November 2013 and I can honestly say that they have done wonders to help me prepare for studies in the US.

University Counsellors In Dubai

The Hale team has helped me plan out each and every aspect of the journey that is the college application, leaving no stone unturned. Ivy League College Consultants. Arienne Calingo obtained her master’s degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Ivy League College Consultants

She also took courses at the Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard Divinity School. Arienne went to Georgetown University for her undergraduate studies, where she graduated with a major in Theology and a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. While at Harvard, Arienne served as the project lead for developing an open e-learning course on diversity, equity, and inclusion for the UNESCO Chair in Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning. Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai. Open, closed; flexible, rigid; gen-eds, majors—despite commonalities in their approach to education, universities in the United States differ on what they expect of their students and their educational philosophies.

Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai

All schools require a set number of courses prior to graduation, but the path to that set number varies from campus to campus. Typically, a liberal arts education requires students to complete general education requirements, or gen-eds, in a variety of fields: a few math courses, a couple of science courses, and a handful of English courses combine to a well-rounded liberal arts student.

The more rigid of these schools determine exactly what those gen-eds are; the more open of these schools don’t abide by gen-eds in the first place. When it comes to academic flexibility, universities in the United States span a broad spectrum. Columbia is renowned (or notorious, depending on where you stand) for its Core Curriculum.

Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai. By Jeffrey Dalton The COVID-19 virus is continuing to impact our lives - and our education - in unforeseen ways.

Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai

The transition to distance learning for many UAE high school students has been smooth, with different schools utilizing highly individualized approaches to engagement and tuition. Applying to U.S. and Canadian Universities in the Time of COVID-19. By Elijah Koome The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left students, teachers, and parents uncertain about the future.

Applying to U.S. and Canadian Universities in the Time of COVID-19

The rapid and unprecedented changes that have been implemented to check the spread of the virus have affected the education field in a significant way. In particular, students who were planning to polish their college application profiles during this period are suddenly seeing their options diminish as many of the activities they had initially planned have been cancelled or shifted online. Top Ivy League Educational Consultant in Dubai. By Elijah Koome For many international students, staying in the country where they attend university is a question of utmost importance. In addition to getting quality education, most international students hope to get some industry experience while others aim to acquire permanent residency or even citizenship once they complete their studies. As such, understanding the policies surrounding this process can prove decisive in picking the country one chooses for higher education.

The journey of an international student in the U.S. begins with acceptance to a university there. Reading Recommendations: Fiction, Science & Technology. By Elijah Koome “When the choice is yours, what do you read, listen to, or watch?” (Stanford) “Using a favorite quotation from an essay or book you have read in the last three years as a starting point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world.”

(Princeton) Strange as it may sound, the above prompts respectively form part and parcel of the college application to Stanford and Princeton, two of the most prestigious universities in the world. But you should not read only because your prospective colleges expect you to do so. You should read because reading equips you with a largesse of useful vocabulary. And when the time for college application comes, you will laugh all the way to your dream school with your exemplary essays (you will have to write many-- Stanford alone requires eleven). Wondering whether it’s too late and where to get started with reading? Fiction. Education Consultants Abu Dhabi. University Counsellors In Dubai. Top Ivy League Consultants in Dubai. Top Ivy League Consultants in Dubai. University Counsellors In Dubai. Top Ivy League Consultants In Dubai. Top Ivy League Consultants in Dubai. Top Ivy League Consultants in Dubai. Canada Admissions Counseling. US Universities Admissions. Hale Education Group.

US Education Consultant in Dubai.