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"Call-out culture is very problematic," said the naked emperor frantically. There are certain truths that those of us subjected to the education given to the middle class (which is to say: just enough critical thinking to do the rich kids' homework, and not enough to realize the rich kids hate us as much as they hate the poor kids) were taught not to question.

"Call-out culture is very problematic," said the naked emperor frantically

Here are some of them; in The Night Is Dark and I Am Far from Home, Jonathan Kozol wrote about others. Muddy Colors: What Women Women Characters. What Women Want in Women Characters or, Women Characters Redesigned by Women SFF Artists -By Lauren Panepinto As the most frequently-posting woman on the Muddy Colors roster, let me officially welcome you to Women’s History Month.

Muddy Colors: What Women Women Characters

Anita Sarkeesian Describes the Fury She Cannot Express in Public. Media critic Anita Sarkeesian has been a target for online harassment for years, and it still continues today.

Anita Sarkeesian Describes the Fury She Cannot Express in Public

Stuck in the Middle On Being Neither an Abused, Nor Ultra-elite, Woman in Tech. Stuck in the MiddleOn Being Neither an Abused, Nor Ultra-elite, Woman in Tech.

Stuck in the Middle On Being Neither an Abused, Nor Ultra-elite, Woman in Tech

The Future's Been Here Since 1939: Female Fans, Cosplay, and Conventions - Uncanny Magazine. Part of the draw of sci–fi, fantasy, superheroes, anime, and just really good stories has always been the desire to be someone else, to live a life more fantastical, to go on a journey outside ourselves.

The Future's Been Here Since 1939: Female Fans, Cosplay, and Conventions - Uncanny Magazine

Stereotypes for fame and traffic. On the context and effects of Julie Bindel’s bisexuality article for the Huffington Post last summer.

Stereotypes for fame and traffic

First I want to say that the point of writing this isn’t to “have a go” at Julie B. I’m criticising some of her ideas and actions, and using her article to illuminate a pattern, not slagging her off as a person. While pondering how best to express that distinction, I happened upon some writing by Andrea Dworkin: Women who fight fierce battles, as all radical feminists do, encounter so much hostility and conflict in the regular transactions of work and daily life that they become very complex, even if they started out simple.

One must learn to protect oneself. I read that and I thought yes! Meet the most famous woman in computing you've probably never heard of. Ada Lovelace was born famous: the daughter of celebrated poet Lord Byron.

Meet the most famous woman in computing you've probably never heard of

Often considered the world’s first real rockstar, Byron’s wild lifestyle and sexual exploits helped define modern celebrity. Ada’s mom wanted none of it. Let Me Fix That For You, SFWA. The January 2013 cover of the SFWA Bulletin was the final straw in series of sexist incidents within the ranks of the SFWA.

Let Me Fix That For You, SFWA

Mr. Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo. Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo This is a great photo I just ran across on the internets.

Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo

It said it was “Margaret Hamilton, Apollo program”, but it didn’t say who Margaret Hamilton was. Margaret Hamilton was the lead software engineer for Project Apollo. Harassment at Context. Uncategorized Several people have emailed me about reports of harassment at Context this year, which resulted in an individual being banned from the convention for five years.

Harassment at Context

Here’s my roundup of links about what happened. (Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.) September 30: Jonathan Maberry is one hoopy frood. Context is pretty cool too. Support for Black Humanity in Tech by Anonymous Author. There’s a revolution happening in this country and across the globe. Hashtags of #BlackLivesMatter, cries of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” , and chants of “I can’t breathe!” Have been echoing through the streets and bouncing around my mind over the past few weeks. But you wouldn’t know it if you work in tech or maybe Corporate America in general. Let none of us pretend. Content Note: This post deals with the École Polytechnique massacre and violence against women. Today marks 25 years since 14 women were killed in an act of sickening violence at the École Polytechnique engineering school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. How Chan-Style Anonymous Culture Shapes #gamergate (with images, tweets) · a_man_in_black.

Feminist Complaint. I have offered a feminist equation Rolling eyes = feminist pedagogy. I want to make sense of this equation, or to show how this equation makes sense. I first came up with this equation – not necessarily in these exact terms – as a sense of something. A tsunami of testimonies: assaults in the Swedish larp community. Warning: this post details sexual violence. This is a guest post by Kristin Nilsdotter Isaksson. It originally appeared in Swedish and in English on Spelkult.

The English translation is by Charlie Charlotta Haldén. Editor’s note: “larp” is live-action role play. Game of Fear: The Story Behind GamerGate. The Bad Apples Of #GamerGate. Twitter user @EvilBobDALMYT proclaims himself “#GamerGate Firebrand” in his bio and has been active in the tag since the beginning. He is also present in the IRC chat logs, including having operator status on the channel. He at many points hunts for and provides personal information about the individuals speculated to have had sexual relations with Zoe Quinn.

And that’s not counting the general gross, sexist and transphobic language. Aug 31 20.25.26 <EvilBob> These are the types of tranny bitches we’re dealing with. @EvilBobDALMYT participated in the harassment campaign against Zoe Quinn since the beginning. Julie Pagano - Life and Times of a Tech Feminist Killjoy. A year and a half ago, I wrote about my experiences and how working in the tech industry can be death by a thousand paper cuts. Misogyny and the Female Body in Dungeons & Dragons. There is a clear problem of representation in games and — more broadly — in the cultures produced by games. The First Female Gamers. The miniature wargame play celebrated in the War Game Digest could reach only a limited audience because it required painstaking efforts from dedicated and artisanal adults. List of ethical concerns in video games (partial)

Monstrous Women in Dragon Age: Desire Demons and Broodmothers. DisabilityEtiquette.pdf. No girls allowed. First-person shooters, action games and sports games have been popular among boys ever since the early '90s. In 2012, the three categories combined were responsible for 58.8 percent of video game sales in North America. They're easily some of the most visible kinds of games, lining the shelves at retailers and appearing on television screens any time a story about video games makes the news. But not everyone buys the idea that games have become the realm of males. The End of Gatekeeping: The Extinction Burst of Gaming Culture - Paging Dr. NerdLove.

Debunking the Fairy Tale of WisCon, Feminism and Safe Spaces. This isn’t the blog entry about WisCon that I wanted to write. Etched with Soma's Pen - Let's talk about category structure and oppression! Poorly Defined Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Used to Blame, Criminalize Mothers. Beginning in December, female customers in bars across Alaska will have access to an unexpected resource: pregnancy tests.

A lesson for men's rights activists on real oppression - The Drum. Updated 4 hours 58 minutes ago. 5 Things to Never Say to a Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids. Impostor Syndrome: Part 1 of 4. Female Friendships: Hitting All the Right Notes. Models of Sex. "What's a girl doing here?" About consent, or, the legalization of women’s humanity « I Blame The Patriarchy. The MRA Mirror. What empowerment is. I'm Not A "Person With a Disability": I'm a Disabled Person.

On having a black name. Racism And Meritocracy. A Chemical Imbalance. Sacrificing Privilege. Nerds and Male Privilege. Gawker's Violentacrez Expose And How 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Predicted Geek Misogyny. 'Back Home': Female veterans often find unwelcoming system, insensitive treatment. Feminism 101. Some Thoughts on “Crazy Women” Rape Culture 101.

Roma women in Europe: the silenced, underreported gender oppression. Human Rights Issues in Serbia and Hungary. Sanguinity, raptorific: Okay, so imagine there’s a doctor.... How White LGBTQ People Can Be More Inclusive of People of Color. Trans Women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox Respond Flawlessly To Katie Couric's Bigoted Questions. Is love universal? : Popular Romance Project. True Blood: The Vampire as A Multiracial Critique on Multicultural Pluralism (Nicole Rabin) Where Does Validation Come From?