This is the first post in a 4-part series about impostor syndrome. I'll be posting one installment per day. "Compare the best of their days With the worst of your days You won't win..." -- Morrissey I can't remember exactly when I first encountered the term "impostor syndrome", but I know I was less than ten years old at the time, and I know where I read about it: a book called The Gifted Kid's Survival Guide. tim | Impostor Syndrome: Part 1 of 4 tim | Impostor Syndrome: Part 1 of 4
In a society in which female friendships are devalued, it is nice to see a movie that turns that on its head. We all need to realize that, contrary to the messages we hear, female friendships are important. Photo by lululemon athletica - Female Friendships: Hitting All the Right Notes Female Friendships: Hitting All the Right Notes
When I was sixteen, my boyfriend Kevin brought me a vibrator. (His mom had bought it, which... awwwwkward, but it was her well-intentioned effort to keep me from getting pregnant by her son. It didn't stop us having intercourse, but I didn't get pregnant so it all worked out in the end.) The first time he used it, it was mind-blowing. Models of Sex. Models of Sex.
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Bullied By Girls and Women: One Man’s Account
About consent, or, the legalization of women’s humanity « I Blame The Patriarchy About consent, or, the legalization of women’s humanity « I Blame The Patriarchy The Problem with consent Although this condition does not obtain with regard to any other crime you can think of, when it comes to rape, women are currently considered to exist in a state of perpetual “yes!”. This is because “yes!” is consistent with global accords governing fair use of women.
The MRA Mirror The MRA Mirror [Trigger warning.] by Shaker Sunless Nick When MRA-types can be bothered to acknowledge rape as a problem at all, they inevitably claim false accusations of rape as a comparable problem, one that happens at least as often, and one that is—unlike rape, they claim—ignored and belittled. For the record, that is not true. But I thought I'd look through that MRA mirror and see what would happen if false rape accusations were really "taken as seriously" as rape.
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I'm Not A "Person With a Disability": I'm a Disabled Person I am not a “person with a disability.” I do not “have a disability.” Given that I look like this: You probably think I’m either delusional or in denial. I’m not, I just have a real problem with the phrase “person with a disability” and the notion of “having a disability.” I am disabled. I'm Not A "Person With a Disability": I'm a Disabled Person
On having a black name On having a black name My blog name is my grandmother's name, Daisy. My real name is one that would identify me very easily, so I don't use it. But I recently realized that something is missing in my online identity. While reading about The Carnival of Allies (proposed by The Angry Black Woman), I noted that I have never had to pointedly present myself as an ally to black people (not every minority; I specifically refer to black people) because they have usually assumed that I am.
Editor’s note: Guest contributor Eric Ries is the author of The Lean Startup. Follow him @ericries. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the recent dust-up over race and Silicon Valley. Like almost every discussion of diversity and meritocracy in this town, it turned ugly fast. One side says: “All I see is white men. Therefore, people like Michael Arrington must be racist.” Racism And Meritocracy Racism And Meritocracy
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By far one of the most challenging obstacles to building a meaningful dialogue about privilege is the extreme ease with which we’re able to take it for granted. Quick: when was the last time you thought about proprioception? Unless you’re a neurologist, or read a lot of Oliver Sacks, the answer could very well be “never, I guess”. We don’t think about it because we’ve never gone without it. Proprioception, the sense of ownership of one’s body and the ability to know the location of different parts of it, the ability to sense its position in physical space without relying on other sensory cues, is something completely, totally innate; something we can have difficulty even imagining living without. Sacrificing Privilege Sacrificing Privilege
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Gawker's Violentacrez Expose And How 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Predicted Geek Misogyny By Alyssa Rosenberg on October 15, 2012 at 10:33 am "Gawker’s Violentacrez Expose And How ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Predicted Geek Misogyny" On Friday afternoon, Gawker published a long profile of a Reddit moderator who went by Violentacrez. A Texas programmer in real life, Violentacrez has helped shape Reddit’s norms, mentoring and writing documentation for moderators, scrubbing the site for patently illegal content, but also helping establish some of its most distasteful subsections, some openly racist, and others devoted to posting and discussion of sexualized images of very young women taken or republished without their consent. Gawker's Violentacrez Expose And How 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Predicted Geek Misogyny
Editor’s note: This report is part of a project on post-9/11 veterans in America produced by the Carnegie-Knight News21 program. Sixth in a series of articles. The fight to feel like a veteran weighs substantially on female soldiers returning from war, though their numbers have been historic, with more than 280,000 returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade. A News21 demographic analysis shows that 17.4 percent of post-9/11 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are women. 'Back Home': Female veterans often find unwelcoming system, insensitive treatment
Feminism 101 Rape Culture 101 can be found here. On Divorcing Slurs from Their Contexts: There are men (and women) who would swear up, down, and backwards that they're not homophobic, and may even genuinely be supportive of full LGBTQ equality, but nonetheless continue to use the word fag to malign other men—or use "gay" as a negative descriptor. They just like the words.
A post on HuffPo Women from a few months ago is making the rounds again. Author Yashar Ali’s article A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy” makes some excellent points on the ways that some men use accusations of craziness to control women: My friend Anna (all names changed to protect privacy) is married to a man who feels it necessary to make random and unprompted comments about her weight. Whenever she gets upset or frustrated with his insensitive comments, he responds in the same, defeating way, “You’re so sensitive. I’m just joking.” Some Thoughts on “Crazy Women”
Rape Culture 101 [Trigger warning.] Frequently, I receive requests to provide a definition of the term "rape culture." I've referred people to the Wikipedia entry on rape culture, which is pretty good, and I like the definition provided in Transforming a Rape Culture: A rape culture is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself.
European countries are always praised for the strides they make towards gender equality. European nations consistently rank on top of quality of life rankings and measurements. Moreover, the EU is held as a sort of modern gold standard for the promotion of human rights and the values of “reason and enlightenment”. Gender equality and anti discrimination laws are enshrined in the European Constitution and the upholding of human rights is considered one of the measurements for admission of new member states to the Union. Roma women in Europe: the silenced, underreported gender oppression
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