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Hai Lee Reps Endurance

Greeting, I am Hai Lee, Vietnamese grappler and former amateur kickboxer with more than 7 fights. Currently I am pursuing a MMA career, and have been training hard since October 2016 at Straight Blast Gym Niagara, Ontario, Canada ( the best gym ever), in order to realize my dream.

300 Reps Endurance Training. Consummating Your MMA Home Workouts With The Hai Lee Method. 300 Reps Endurance Training. The Importance of MMA Training Workouts. MMA Training Workout: Exactly What Is The Best Way To Workout? MMA Home Training Exercise - Do Your MMA Workout at Home. Extreme Home Workouts. MMA Home Workout. Hand to hand fighting Fitness Training - A Case For a Workout Without Weights. 300 Reps Endurance Training.