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Since its inception in 1990, Haiku Designs have built a reputation of providing finest Modern Bedroom Furniture inspired by the themes of simplicity, harmony and beauty found in Japanese Furniture. We have modern furniture for each part of the house such as Bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room. We also provide natural bedding like mattresses, sleeping mats, linens, pillows and mattress protectors. Apart from this, we also have rugs, mats and paintings.

Sleeper Sofas So Stylish Your Guests Won't Want to Leave. Sleepers that simply too Stylish & comfortible " My arm for a pillow, I really like myself under the hazy moon.

Sleeper Sofas So Stylish Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

" Long gone are the days of old-fashioned sleeper sofas that doubled as torture devices for family or friends brave enough to sleep over. When it was time for bed, you would sheepishly gather fresh bedding for your guests, then unpack the unwieldy, cumbersome eyesore and make the bed. Asian Minimalist Design and Seasonal Versatility. Versatility for Seasonal Entertaining " In the city fields Contemplating cherry-trees...

Asian Minimalist Design and Seasonal Versatility

Strangers are like friends " One of the biggest advantages to Asian inspired design today is versatility. Creative types express their taste and originality in their home environments, and often “set the stage” for a new season by transforming their living spaces to greet each season throughout the year. Japanese minimalist design provides the ideal blank palette. The Art of Japanese Minimalist Design. " Don't imitate me; it's as boring as the two halves of a melon.

The Art of Japanese Minimalist Design

" ~ Matsu Basho Japanese Minimalism is the ideal complement to almost any style of art. It is no coincidence that modern art museums and galleries opt for modern, minimalist furnishings – the sleek lines and uncluttered look accents the original works of wildly divergent exhibits, without detracting from the works themselves. The Lucerne Twin Size Sofa Bed Art lovers will love the Lucerne Daybed and Lounge, as it easily could be considered a work of art itself. E-1 Certification: The Gold Standard of Green Living. "Wake, butterfly it's late - we've miles to go together.

E-1 Certification: The Gold Standard of Green Living

" ~ Matsu Basho A heartening trend in modern manufacturing is a new emphasis on green production practices and the use of sustainable materials. In some sectors of society, we have a long way to go, but in general the trend definitely favors being friendly to Mother Earth. Many modern furniture manufacturers embrace this standard of conscientious business practices; E-1 Certification is awarded only to those who meet the most exacting standards. Hybrid Organic Futons: The Best of Both Worlds. "The lamp once outCool stars enterThe window frame"

Hybrid Organic Futons: The Best of Both Worlds

Advantages of Organic Futons. Better for your Health, Better for the Earth An organic futon may be the solution for a safer and healthier sleep.

Advantages of Organic Futons

Organic futons are made with all natural materials that are non-toxic and free from synthetic materials that may be off-gassing or transferring harmful chemicals. Moreover, they are more breathable and capable of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This way, you can sleep comfortably while minimizing the need to subject the thermostat to the extremes (which is usually the cause for higher heating and electricity bills). Organic is Better for your Health Organic futons are a great option to upgrade your traditional mattress if you suffer from respiratory problems, asthma, and certain skin conditions that could be aggravated by synthetic products and certain chemicals.

Detoxing your Home. Of course, there is a much better solution to this problem: avoid purchasing items that contain dangerous levels of toxic gasses, in the first place.

Detoxing your Home

For example, Bamboo furniture is produced cleanly, using no toxic chemicals or finishes. In general, quality furniture companies are becoming increasingly aware of their customers' desire for eco-friendly furniture. The upmarket, stylish italian platform beds from Haiku Designs are a perfect example; our products adhere to the incredibly high standards required to maintain an “E-1” (European Union Certification) rating for environmental safety. This classification system the most stringent in the world for furniture, which assesses the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses in the finished product, and the sustainability and sourcing of all materials used. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing. Dawn's fleeting flowers – rare buds blooming or crushed by the gardener's hand When shopping for new furniture, your immediate focus is on timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

These days, another important factor to consider is the energy consumption involved in producing those goods. Energy-efficient manufacturing processes reduce the environmental cost of producing your home furnishings. It makes sense to seek out handcrafted or assembled products that reduce energy usage. Considering all the thought you put into recycling and conserving energy in your own home, the last thing you probably want is to negate those efforts by supporting companies who indulge in wasteful, irresponsible manufacturing practices. Japanese Gardens and Ornamentation. Classic Japanese gardens take many forms.

Japanese Gardens and Ornamentation

A roji is any garden containing a tea house where traditional tea ceremonies are held – these gardens are often simple and rustic by design. Karesansui, or “rock gardens,” are elaborately constructed meditation areas where white sands are used to represent the flowing water in creeks and streams. Kaiyu-shiki-teien, or “strolling gardens,” incorporate walking paths that lead the viewer to specific points designed to reveal carefully crafted tableaus. Contemporary Platform Beds – A Great Choice of Furniture for the Bedroom. Most platform beds follow the clean and modern aesthetic that does extremely well with the contemporary design.

Contemporary Platform Beds – A Great Choice of Furniture for the Bedroom

These types of beds usually don’t need bed skirts, so it’s easy to achieve a streamlined look that is never fussy. Switching to a modern or contemporary platform bed can give your room an instant update, making it look more contemporary and upbeat. The Various Health Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses. The Benefits of Orthopedic Comfort Latex mattresses are rather paradoxical because they're firm on the one hand and yet they're flexible at the same time, which offers comfort along with orthopedic reinforcement. Most latex mattresses manage this by featuring a sturdy core that is enveloped by layers of organic latex, which naturally conform to the curves, lines, contours and unique characteristics of any person's body, man woman or child.

Seeking the Ideal Source of Furniture in Boulder. Paradise Lost . . . I Mean Found Mostly unknown to the rest of the world, the people of Denver, Colorado, are fond of referring to Boulder, one of its northern neighbors, as the Republic of Boulder, as though it were a celestial body from another galaxy where Steven Hawkings rules as a benevolent Pharaoh from a nearby black hole. That’s a subcultural exaggeration, of course, but Boulder is a unique place with progressive values that are sometimes misunderstood.

Bring Elegant Design to Your Bedroom with a Platform Bed. Awesomeness The platform bed is awesome in a variety of ways, the biggest of which is its interesting history. Because the modern-day box-spring didn’t come along until around eighteen-sixty-five, it is not possible to know the exact date for inventing the initial platform bed. The reason for this is due to the way that we define a platform bed, which is a bed without a box-spring or more accurately a bed that only has a mattress. This, of course, means that most if not all beds that existed before 1865 would be regarded as platform beds.

Organic Futons Are Timeless & Spatially Efficient. Box-Spring-Mattresses Are an Endangered Species Conventional mattresses and their partner in crime--the notorious and rigid box-spring-- are slowly but surely being challenged by ancient and modern rivals, such as the Japanese-invented futon and the Indian-crafted latex mattress. More and more Green companies with eco-friendly values and practices are offering these non-toxic and advanced orthopedic sleep options in lieu of the modern-day bedroom dinosaurs that many of us grew up with. If you want your vote to count in Washington or at the next progressive dinner party, then it's just as important to vote with your wallet as it is to vote with a clear mind and an open heart in the primary election or the general election.

Often times, basic economic choices have the most clout, so if you want sustainable energy and merchandise, then demand it by buying it on a regular basis, and put those old dinosaurs out to pasture, so to speak. Bamboo Bedroom Furniture: An Elegant Choice for Your Bedroom. The beauty and aesthetic quality of modern, eco-friendly bamboo platform beds is evident in the way the manufacturers fuse sturdy contemporary construction with traditional designs. It is often said that the architecture and design of a bamboo platform bed is truly a work of art. Solid natural Bamboo has an attractive grain and texture that set it apart from other woods.

History tells us that bamboo has been around for over seven thousand years. Furniture Store in Boulder, Co for Modern Platform Beds, Mattresses and Home Furniture. “Shelter That Provides Tranquility” Solid Wood Platform Beds. Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a rich selection of solid wood platform beds. Manufactured from several types of wood source materials, all sustainably harvested, our platform beds made from solid wood offer beauty, durability and quality.

Learn More. Platform Bed Frame. Platform Bed Frame Showing Wood Slat Construction. Japanese Beds. Bamboo Dining Room Furniture’s. The Beauty of Bamboo Dining Room Furniture. Sweet Dreams Organic and All-Natural Mattress Toppers. Bamboo Bedroom Furniture. Storage Platform Beds with Drawers. Organic Futon Mattresses Online. Modern Sleeper Sofa Beds. Featured Sleeper Sofa The Haiku Designs Line of Sleeper Sofas. Japanese Futon, Shiki Futon Japanese Sleeping Mats. Haiku Designs is pleased to offer our take on the traditional Japanese style futon, custom made, and hand crafted exclusively in the United States, using the finest quality materials and offering a firm and comfortable rest. Affordable Eco Friendly Furniture. Eco Friendly Bedroom Furnitures. Buy Organic Latex Mattresses in Boulder - Haiku Designs. Stylish Bedroom Furniture in Denver, Colorado - Haiku Designs.

Luxury, Comfort and Simplicity All in One Platform Bed - Haiku Designs.

Choose wide range of Modern, Japanese, Traditional, and European Styled platform beds in Denver, Colorado. They are well known for creating a perfect of rest and relaxation. – haikudesigns

Trendy Modern Bedroom Furniture in Colorado - Haiku Designs.

Haiku Designs have wide range of new and trendy collection of contemporary bedroom furniture, Japanese furniture, Oriental furniture, Dining Room Furniture. Apart from this, they also sell unique gifts and accessories. – haikudesigns