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Bases de datos y colecciones. ¿Qué nos hace realmente felices en la vida?: algunas lecciones de un profesor de Harvard tras años buscando las respuestas - BBC Mundo. Image copyright Robert Waldinger ¿Qué nos hace realmente felices en la vida?

¿Qué nos hace realmente felices en la vida?: algunas lecciones de un profesor de Harvard tras años buscando las respuestas - BBC Mundo

Durante 76 años una investigación de la Universidad de Harvard (Estados Unidos) ha buscado la respuesta. El Estudio sobre Desarrollo Adulto* comenzó en 1938 con 700 hombres jóvenes, algunos de la prestigiosa universidad, otros de barrios pobres de Boston. Y acompañó a lo largo de su vida a esos individuos, monitoreando su estado mental, físico y emocional. La investigación continúa ahora con más de mil hombres y mujeres, hijos de los participantes originales. El actual director del estudio, el cuarto desde su inicio, es el psiquiatra estadounidense Robert Waldinger, quien también es maestro zen.

Lo importante para mantenernos felices y saludables a lo largo de la vida es la calidad de nuestras relaciones Robert Waldinger "Hay muchas conclusiones de este estudio", dijo Waldinger a BBC Mundo. Sustainable social structures. NOMBRES. Perso. Tice. Produire des documents numériques. WEB 2.0.

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Editores de texto. Artes :: Help and other resources for Ello. What is Ello?

Help and other resources for Ello

Ello is a place to discover beautiful art, be inspired by meaningful stories, and connect with creators around the world. In the beginning Ello was a private social network, built by a small group of creators who had become frustrated by the negativity that had invaded the big social networks. Many of us felt obliged to have profiles on those networks, but nobody was having much fun. We built Ello as an oasis, a place of our own to share the things we love with friends and peers. After a while so many people were asking to join our little private network that we realized it was time to make Ello public. Ello's Bill of Rights sets out guiding principals behind this network. We also believe that you should have control everything you see. That’s a big reason why so many creative people are connecting and finding inspiration here. All that said, what matters most is how much fun we’re having building Ello together.

Be inspired, and have fun on Ello. Can anyone join Ello? Yes. Never?

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iPad # HP-mini. Tecno¶noticias. Modern Car Care Myths. Our vehicles can be costly, and for that reason, we all want to take good care of them and make sure we can get as much life out of them as possible.

Modern Car Care Myths

In this, most of us want to know what we should do to help our vehicles along – but we also want to know what not to do, so that we aren’t wasting our money. So – what are some of the basic car care myths professionals have identified? 1. Myth #1 – Tune-ups – How often should you have your vehicle tuned up? Do you know? 2. 3. When changing your coolant, try a premixed formulation rather than adding tap water, which contains minerals that can cause trouble. Some coolants will need to be mixed with water, in this case use only distilled water which doesn’t have the hard minerals in it. For those who live in extreme climates, hot or cold, then you should be paying much more attention to your coolant than others. 4. 5.

What can you do for your car before winter? By: Greg G Chapman Article Directory: