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科技報橘-臉書新首頁上線,你眼花了嗎. Facebook changes: Thousands of protests and 'We hate the new news feed' group. By Daniel Bates and Rob Waugh Updated: 20:04 GMT, 22 September 2011 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to unveil a series of improvements to the service this week - including the option to 'Want' or 'Read' instead of simply 'Like' Facebook is unveiling big changes today in California, including a music service that lets you listen to your friends' music 'live' - but so far, seems to have largely succeeded in goading its 750 million users into a fury.

Facebook changes: Thousands of protests and 'We hate the new news feed' group

Users have been infuriated by this week's overhaul of the site - with some likening it to the disastrous update to news site Digg that led to a wave of protest and a spate of resignations. Facebook 新版動態首頁上線,你準備好了嗎? 台灣地區使用中文版介面的使用者可能還沒有感受到,不過 Facebook 改版後的動態首頁已經上線了,相信很快大家就會全面進入新版 Facebook 的世界,先來看看有什麼不一樣: Top Story 與 Most Recent 對於會隔很長一段時間才瀏覽 Facebook 的使用者,Facebook 會自動挑選你可能會最想關心的消息置頂,左上角會有個「Top Story」的標示,告訴你這是自你上次離開 Facebook 後新增的發文,如果你覺得 Facebook 太笨,你可以選擇取消特定更新作為 Top Story 的「資格」,也就是告訴 Facebook 其實這並不符合你的偏好,同樣的,你也可以設定特定更新為 Top Story,日後 Facebook 就會為你多留意相關的內容。 至於經常在瀏覽 Facebook 的使用者,會看到的則是 Most Recent,與原來版本的更新排序意義相同。 Tips: What’s the Difference between Top News and Most Recent? The New 'Top' Story: Facebook's Flow Of Change : All Tech Considered.