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The "Show Off" video series features videos of equipment I've made. Often I will briefly explain how I made it but they do not contain detailed step by step instructions. That's why I categorized them differently. Mobility Equipment Strength Training EquipmentConcrete Weights (April 11, 2012) Dip Stands (June 24, 2011) Dip Belt (June 29, 2011) Dip Belt Weight Rack (May 31, 2012)Fat Grips (April 5, 2012)Flat Bench (May 3, 2011)Fractional Plates (May 2, 2011)Loading Pin (April 30, 2012)Pinch Gripper (April 30, 2012)Safety Stands (April 28, 2011) Spacer Plates - (April 25, 2011) Squat Stands / Bench Press Rack (April 27, 2011)Weight Plate Storage Rack (June 19, 2011) Articles (non-project) Show Off Video Series.


Prehab. The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout. Between classes, studying, and partying—not necessarily in that order—most college students don’t feel like they have time to walk 10 minutes to the campus gym, let alone work up a good sweat.

The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout

That’s why we enlisted BJ Gaddour—an Amherst College grad—to create the ultimate dorm room workout. You’ll only need a sturdy chair and a wall, no weights or other special equipment required. “By simply pressing against a wall, you can create enough tension in your muscles for a challenging strength workout,” Gaddour explains. Yes, he’s serious. Best of all, it takes just 15 minutes to finish a full-body strength routine. Directions Do each workout once at least once a week, resting a day between each session. As the workouts become easier, work progressively up to 5 rounds with no rest between the rounds.

A tip: Download the iWorkout Muse PRO app in the iTunes store to build your own custom interval-training soundtrack. Workout 1 Exercise 1: Tempo Wall Slide Exercise 2: Six-Stop Wall Sit. How to do a proper push up. Greetings from Heaven!

How to do a proper push up

As it turns out, Heaven is actually located off the coast of New Zealand. Who knew? The island of Waiheke, my home for the past few days, is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth; I was initially scheduled to just spend an afternoon here, but that has quickly turned into three days because I can’t get enough of this place. Now, this article would have been up yesterday, but I ran into some technical difficulties with internet connections (which can happen when you’re on an island paradise), so you’re getting it today instead.

Fortunately, today’s post has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day; hopefully you can forgive me for not talking about how St. Instead, let’s talk about push ups! If you couldn’t already tell…push ups are kind of a big deal. I realized that I had never done a proper post on proper push ups (say that three times fast…or don’t – your call), so today is the day you’re going to make sure you’re doing things right.


Stretches. Core. Running. Evidence Based Fitness - Critical Reviews of Research in Fitness. — Advice for skinny guys who want to bulk up. Exercises. Login. Delivers Maximum Results In Minimum Time. Workout-X® programs utilize the best multi-joint exercises combined with high intensity cardio, to give you a full-body workout, efficiently and effectively.

Delivers Maximum Results In Minimum Time

This means you’re burning more calories and building more lean muscle per unit of time than traditional weight training and cardio programs. "This is by far the best online program around. I love the many different work out plans and step-by-step instructions. Your site makes it so easy to constantly change up your work out routines making it an exciting time at the gym, with awesome results. A Workout & Diet Plan Built Just for You When you sign up for Workout-X®, you'll receive a work out and diet plan to fit your goals and fitness level.

"I lost 45 lbs using your fitness program. Finally, Your Own Personal Fitness Coach If you've ever tried to lose weight and build muscle and didn't succeed, we feel your pain. "Love the site, and the motivation it gives me. " - Elain Graham Be your own success story. Fitness Gurus on YouTube.

If you’re bored of your current routine, or not producing results, or simply need an injection of motivation here’s an awesome list of fitness gurus on YouTube you should subscribe to.

Fitness Gurus on YouTube

As a personal trainer myself, it is imperative for me to keep my skills updated and stay on top of new techniques, industry trends and all the science behind it. I subscribe to these fitness experts not only to learn something new half way around the world, but also to get inspired. John Kiefer is the most recent entry to my Fitness Gurus on Youtube list. Kiefer provides great advice, backed by research, on nutrition and training and how to optimize it for maximum results. I recently discovered Kiefer’s blog Dangerously Hardcore and had to add to my list of Top Fitness Blogs That Challenge the Status Quo. Jeff Cavaliere puts together very tough and challenging workouts. Bret Contreras also known as the Glutes guy. Scooby Werkstatt is a living encyclopedia of fitness. Zuzana Light’s workouts are brutal.