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La Grosse Sélection Typographique. Pkd | On.

La Grosse Sélection Typographique

Thank a Type Designer. Typographer's Glossary. Serif: Serif's are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols.

Typographer's Glossary

A typeface that has serifs is called a serif typeface (or seriffed typeface). Some of the main classifications of Serif type are: Blackletter, Venetian, Garalde, Modern, Slab Serif, Transitional, and Informal. Fonts in each classfication share certain similiar characteristics including the shape or appearance of their serifs. 10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou. Typography needs moral but mostly aesthetic instructions.

10 Commandments of Typography by Fontyou

BERNARD & CHEVILLARD. Trafic design. Typografika. Balla Dora Typo-Grafika. Merci Bernard. BTS design graphique - Page 3 - BTS design graphique. Picto/JO les pictogrammes des JO de Beijing 2008 intègrent l'effet pictographique des gravures sur carapaces, os ou bronzes connues dans l’antiquité Chinoise avec des traits simplifiés de la calligraphie moderne, ce qui fait que ces pictogrammes sont facilement reconnaissables et identifiables. 40 ans plus tôt, le prestigieux graphiste Lance Wyman, créa une série de pictogrammes pour les JO de Mexico en 1968; en s'inspirant de l'art mexcicain; depuis il est reconnu comme l'un des pères de la signalétique environnementale.

BTS design graphique - Page 3 - BTS design graphique

Les pictogrammes sont des repères indispensables pour chacune des disciplines des JO; vous pouvez trouver un aperçu des différents styles de chaque sur le site du musée des Jeux Olympiques. Tokyo 1964, Munich 1972, Barcelone 1992 et Sidney 2000 Le but d'un pictogramme est de faire passer dans une image, une idée, une information ou un renseignement. Interprétations graphique de l'identité du CAUE 83 par Mathilde. Jason Munn, en avant la musique ! Bordeaux Métropole : 1 système et 28 logos. En 2014, la loi de Modernisation de l'action publique territoriale et d'affirmation des métropoles a validé la création de la métropole du Grand Paris, ainsi qu'une dizaine d'autres en France.

Bordeaux Métropole : 1 système et 28 logos

Vector Guild. GRAPHISME & COMMUNICATION VISUELLE. Une intrusion dans l'univers des fontes. Alphabet buildings. Hi, Imagine all of the buildings that are around us were in the form of letters that’ll be cool and weird at the same time.

Alphabet buildings

Like this: Like Loading... Related. Building the Alphabet. An elaborate lettering project by Jing Zhang.

Building the Alphabet

View more at Behance Network. Graphics © Jing Zhang Link via Behance Network By Adriana de Barros Adriana is founding editor-in-chief and award-winning designer of Scene 360's Illusion. Giornale Nuovo: Steingruber’s Alphabet. Steingruber’s Alphabet The book about Johann Theodor de Bry’s Neiw Kunstliches Alphabet that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago was one of a set of four alphabet-themed volumes by Joseph Kiermeier-Debre and Fritz Franz Vogel that I’d purchased via abebooks from Bücher Thöne of Greven, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Giornale Nuovo: Steingruber’s Alphabet

These were originally published by Ravensburger in 1997-98, and seem to have since been re-issued by Urania-Verlag, of Stuttgart. The feebles. Dernier Cri. Le Tampographe Sardon. Aristographiste. Diogo Machado. Ivan henao. V-ray HDRi et VraySun. Cento lodigiani portfolio. My personal take on the 12 basic animation principles, applied to a simple shape: the cube.

cento lodigiani portfolio

Check also the animated gif gallery here, Cartooning, Directing2014 Three short stories that take place during the sunset. Tragically, it's going to be the very last sunset experience for all of the main characters involved.Animation, Directing, Film2013 Playatta’s mission is to bring pure, simple FUN to any event. Léon FY. Free. Blog » 10 BEST TYPE FOUNDRIES OF 2013. As Google continues to strive towards world domination, they are dipping their digital fingers into everything, including fonts.


The Google Fonts directory is served by other monolithic foundries such as Adobe and Monotype. With the vast majority of fonts coming from the minority of designers (#wearethe99percent), it’s almost too easy for the true heroes of typographical design to go uncelebrated. Here are 10 of our favourite designers through 2013 – check out their fonts and see what real talent can do.

The Northern Block - Font Foundry. Multinational typeface morphs national flags into letter forms. Apr 29, 2014 multinational typeface morphs national flags into letter forms multinational typeface morphs national flags into letter formsall images courtesy of luis fabra luis fabra and a team of designers have created ‘multinational typeface’, a 106-letter font based on national flags. by abstracting and breaking down the emblematic symbols of various countries to their most basic geometry, the designers brand each global location with both the colors and shapes that represent them most clearly. the letter forms have been designed for the singapore branch of the international advertising firm grey as an identity tool for their own multinational team and as a clear and communicative signage tool for their new offices. the 106 letters based on national flags multinational typeface — @ grey singaporevideo courtesy of grey group singapore. Interview with wally olins of saffron brand consultants.

Feb 20, 2014 interview with wally olins of saffron brand consultants top image: wally olins photographed by tomasz makolski, image courtesy of poland today wally olins was born in london (1930) and educated at oxford, where he read history. upon graduating he entered the world of advertising, before eventually becoming ‘the world’s leading practitioner of branding and identity’, according to the financial times. he is currently the chairman of saffron brand consultants and was formerly the chairman of wolff olins (1965-1997). he has advised many of the world’s leading companies, including renault, repsol, british telecom, volkswagen, TATA and lloyd’s of london and has also worked with many countries, regions and cities. over 250,000 copies of his books have been sold in 18 languages, including the seminal works, corporate identity, wally olins on b®and and the brand handbook. his new book, ‘brand new – the shape of brands to come’ will be published by thames & hudson on 7th april 2014.

Interview with illustrator olimpia zagnoli. Mar 05, 2014 interview with illustrator olimpia zagnoli we recently spoke to the mialn-based illustrator olimpia zagnoli about her work. Interview with graphic designer rejane dal bello. Mar 13, 2014 interview with graphic designer rejane dal bello rejane dal bello is a brazilian graphic designer and illustrator currently based in the UK. rejane previously worked at studio dumbar in the netherlands and is now a senior design at wolff olins‘ london office.

Interview with graphic designer ruedi baur. Mar 25, 2014 interview with graphic designer ruedi baur top image: ruedi baur photographed by c.scholz. Interview with the original champions of design. Mar 27, 2014 interview with the original champions of design we recently spoke to jennifer kinon and bobby c. martin jr. founders of the original champions of design (OCD), a branding and design agency based in new york. designboom (DB): how did you both meet and what made you want to start a studio together? Bobby: we were seated beside each other in grad school, at the school of visual arts in new york – and often critiqued each others work. it’s hard to find someone who will be brutally honest with you, so we never gave up the habit. it’s that gloves-off honesty made us want to start our company together.

Interview with ije nwokorie, MD at wolff olins london. Apr 02, 2014 interview with ije nwokorie, MD at wolff olins london interview with ije nwokorie, MD at wolff olins london ‘ije nwokorie was born in the US, bred in nigeria, and enlightened in england’ – as managing director of wolff olins london, he leads the team in facilitating and delivering game changing brands and innovation for corporations. at the recent design indaba conference he told designboom more about his work and influences. DB: please can you tell us about your background, key influences and how you came to work at wolff olins? IW: the job I have today is a mix of brand strategist and a creative tech innovator. typically this means working closely with leaders of big, complex organizations to help them do something radically different so that they stand out in the crowd.

Interview with graphic design studio europa. Apr 17, 2014. Kate Forrester. Carl DeTorres Graphic Design. Metroplastique. SupaKitch.