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Astro – Google Drive. Light Does Not Travel by Walter Russell | Welkom op de grens van de realiteit.. Light cannot be seen, it can only be known. Light is still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be Light is but wave motion simulating the idea of Light. Like all things else in this electric wave universe the idea of Light cannot be produced.

Man likewise cannot see darkness. Every electrically conditioned thing in Nature reflects the vibrations of every other thing, to fulfill its desire to synchronize its vibrations with every other thing. This is an electrically conditioned wave universe. Is Light A Wave Or Corpuscle? Much controversy has arisen as to whether light is corpuscular, as Newton claimed it to be, or waves. All space within wave fields is curved. All Matter Is Wave Motion Together these constitute what we call matter and space. There need be no mystery as to whether light is corpuscular or wave, for waves of motion which simulate the light and darkness of space is all there is. Water vapor is water turned inside out. Unsplash | Free High-Resolution Photos. Syncrota Wheel chart - Universal Truth School.

iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System ( iSWA ) : : Version 1.20.2 Synoptic Metric Ton Surfing. The Lost Cycle of Time - Part 1. Ancient cultures around the world spoke of a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages; Plato called it the Great Year. Most of us were taught that this cycle was just a myth, a fairytale, if we were taught anything about it all. But according to Giorgio de Santillana, former professor of the history of science at MIT, many ancient cultures believed consciousness and history were not linear but cyclical, rising and falling over long periods of time.

In their landmark work, Hamlet’s Mill , de Santillana and coauthor Hertha von Dechend, show that the myth and folklore of more than thirty ancient cultures speak of a cycle of time with long periods of enlightenment broken by dark ages of ignorance, indirectly driven by a known astronomical phenomena, the precession of the equinox. This is where it gets interesting. We all know the two celestial motions that have a profound effect on life and consciousness. The observation of Earth’s three motions is quite simple. Binary Research Institute. USA Looks like a Navy Edgar Cayce Map of the Future & the South will Flood this week. The Secret of the Hidden Egg - Nohu Na'uyi'yta. SUN CONJUNCT SOUTH NODE IN ARIES, OPPOSED NORTH NODE IN LIBRA, T-SQUARE WITH KASSANDRA | Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam.

Blessings to all. The Sun conjuncts the South Node (10 Aries), whilst opposing the North Node (10 Libra) today. The alignment calls for greater balance in the way we express who we are as individuals (our Sense of Self) in partnership with others, or as part of some collaborative unit (Libra). One cannot purely give or take in any exchange of energies. There has to be a balance – whether it’s with your partner, friend, collaborator, with your spiritual facilitator (for reasons discussed below) or even with respect to the balance within. Try to use this energy to look at the the various exchanges of energy that you’re a part of: Are there people from whom you take and have never given back? Now whilst unconditional love, and the gift of giving that is its own reward applies to some areas in life, it isn’t quite a total fit. And on that subject – Love, my friends wears many different faces. The North Node is inconjunct Neptune (8 Pisces).

Blessings to All, Like this: Like Loading... TRIPLE SHIFT: VESTA ENTERS PISCES, MERCURY ENTERS ARIES, MARS ENTERS TAURUS | Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam. Blessings to all. Against the backdrop of a powerful Sun-North Node opposition (with a square to Kassandra – see: ), we see three powerful shifts with Vesta, Mercury and Mars moving into new signs. Let’s discuss each in turn. Vesta represents the Archetype of the Priestess and the Spiritual Facilitator. She also rules the hearth, the sacred flame of the temple, and the flesh. She shows us that which we are devoted towards – and – paradoxically – that which we may feel the need to divest ourselves of (thrown into the sacred flames) for something new to arise – much like the Phoenix must surrender its old body for the flames to render it anew.

In Pisces, Vesta wades through the Cosmic Ocean. Her laser-point focus is somewhat more diffuse and information comes to her at a sub-conscious level, woven together with different threads knitted together by forces larger than herself – call it Karma, Mystery, Time, Divinity. Blessings to All, Priestess B. Pyramids of the World have Started to Come Alive Galactic Photon Belt Enters Our Solar System | Space. (Before It's News) SUPERMOON And Total Solar Eclipse AND Spring Equinox on Friday, March 20, 2015! The Photon Belt is alive and well and did arrive on the 11-11-11 as was predicted but NASA hid it like it did to the Planet-X, Elenin thing and of course all the UFO’ sitings above earth and in outer space. NASA also likes to play name games and has called the Photon Belt a Photonic cloud.

And the photos of this cloud surrounding our Galaxy. It is seen as a pinkish maroon cloud several hundred thousand miles thick cloud. This matches the Photon Belt theory of a huge doughnut or wheel in which many of our solar systems must pass through. It is said that it takes 2,000 yrs to pass through it and is known as the light stage and another 10,000 yrs outside of it before we come around to the other side known as the time of darkness. Which is where we have been now, days of half dark and half light. And we are about to enter the 10,000 yrs of light only. Yellowstone SuperVolcano Eruption Imminent- Chart of 2015 equinox, solstice and cross quarter dates and times, worldwide from Vernal Equinox of 2015: The First Day of Spring | Grandtrines. March 6, 2015 at 10:53 am | Posted in Astrology, Lunations | 7 Comments Tags: aries, Astrology, vernal equinox Here is the chart for the Vernal Equinox of 2015.

[Click Image to Enlarge] Please note that this shift, and it is a major shift astrologically, occurs about an hour after the peak time for the Solar Eclipse on the same date and less than a week after the final Uranus Square Pluto exact square (in that series). We also present the chart for Windemere, ME, within a few minutes of the Descendant line (Sun on 7th house cusp as it enters Aries): If you are able to travel, take your Equinox celebration “seriously,” and are located in the United States, then Windemere (located about halfway between Augusta and Bangor) is the place to be for this particular Equinox.

Speaking of such alternatives, here is the world map (Solar Maps): And here is the United States map: [Click to Enlarge] Here is the detailed map (Kepler) for the United States: [We will add more in the days to come.] Like this: Vernal Equinox of 2015: The First Day of Spring | Grandtrines.