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And Then I Said. At First I Was Like... About The exact origins of this meme aren’t known, but they are believed to have originated from Icanhascheezburger.

At First I Was Like...

According to Google Insights for Search, the meme is likely to have originated circa 2004 and has been steadily increasing in popularity ever since. At First I Was Like… / But then… Brace Yourselves, X is Coming. About Imminent Ned (also know as “Winter is Coming”) is an image macro series featuring the character Eddard “Ned” Stark from the HBO series Game of Thrones, a television adaption of George R.

Brace Yourselves, X is Coming

R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. Cool Story, Bro. About “Cool Story, Bro” is a catchphrase often seen in image macros as a sarcastic response on message boards or in comments to posts that are deemed boring, pointless or too long to read (TL;DR).

Cool Story, Bro

Origin The phrase “cool story” used as a sarcastic response to a narrative was first seen in the 2001 film Zoolander, where actor Owen Wilson’s character Hansel tells a long winded story about a drug-induced hallucination. In response, a background character named Olaf yells out from across the room, “Cool story, Hansel” while laughing. “Cool Story, Bro” began on 4chan’s /v/ (video games) board, used as a response to posts containing personal or lengthy stories as early as July 18th, 2008 in a thread for sad moments in a person’s gaming life. Spread “Cool story, bro” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on January 5th, 2009.

“Cool Story Bro” spread to real life as an expression of one’s complete indifference towards someone else’s remark through the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Notable Examples. I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am. About “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am” is a catchphrase often seen in demotivational image macros when describing a photo of someone or something perceived as awesome, to highlight an awkward moment, or to point out someone’s inflated ego.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am

The phrase is sometimes shortened as “I can’t hear you over how awesome I am.” Origin. I Came. About “I Came” is a phrase often used in image macros wherein the subject is making an elated facial expression as if sexually aroused.

I Came

The image macro series is based on seemingly benign but suggestive images of spewing liquids or large explosions accompanied by the phrase “I came,” an informal expression used to indicate an orgasm. Origin It has been rumored that the meme was inspired by the ending scene in the 1998 comedy-drama film Happiness, although the colloquial use of the phrase most likely predates the original release of the film. In the scene, an 11-year-old boy ejaculates for the first time and proclaims to a group of adults “I came.” On December 9th, 2006, the earliest known uses of the phrase on 4chan was posted in a “video game porn” thread in response to a photo of video game controllers posed to appear as if they were having sex. Spread. I Know That Feel Bro. I See What You Did There. About “I See What You Did There”, sometimes shortened as ICWYDT or ISWYDT, is a phrase typically found online either in comments or captions for image macros.

I See What You Did There

Depending on its tone, it can convey a condescending response to a banal joke, a genuine admiration for another person’s wit or a threat akin to “I know what you did.” Origin The expression had been used in pop culture previous to the internet, first seen in a March 1996 episode of the television comedy Friends titled “The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies.” Online, one of the earliest archived uses of the phrase appeared on the Ultimate Ju-jitsu Forum on July 18th, 2003 when a member posted a joke about a Jujitsu martial arts center named the Boy Club, asking if it was a reference to the blue corner of a ju-jitsu mat, to which another poster responded with “ah ha, i see what you did there.

" Spread Notable Examples Image macros bearing the phrase started to appear throughout 2007 and 2008, with instances posted on I Can Has Cheezburger? I Regret Nothing. About “I Regret Nothing” is an expression used unapologetically to convey remorselessness for one’s own actions and its consequences.

I Regret Nothing

Usually accompanied by GIF images of characters spinning around, the phrase conveys complete disregard for others similar to the usage of Look At All The Fuck I Give and Fuck the Police. If It Fits I Sits. About If it fits I sits is a LOLcat image macro series based on photos of cats or other domestic animals resting in unexpected places or on top of unusual objects like plastic containers and laptops.

If It Fits I Sits

Origin The grammatically incorrect phrase “If it fits, I sits” stems from a wordplay on the slogan “If It Fits, It Ships” adopted by the U.S. parcel service United States Postal Service for its holiday advertising campaign in 2009. Since the broadcast of the TV commercial, the slogan became occasionally used as the title for photo threads on Reddit showing cats snugly resting in cardboard boxes.

O RLY? About O RLY is internet slang for “OH REALLY?” With implicit sarcasm. Since gaining traction through with usage on Internet forums, O RLY has become a popular deadpan response to any statement that is deemed either highly doubtful or obviously true. Pics or It Didn't Happen. About Pics or It Didn’t Happen (sometimes spelled Pix or It Didn’t Happen) is a phrase often used on message boards or in comments to challenge an unbelievable or outlandish claim by inquiring photographic evidence.

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Origin One of the earliest instances of the expression was posted in a discussion thread titled "“So my sister has her hot friend over” on the forums for gaming site Tribal War on June 20th, 2003. In the thread, the OP (original poster) boasted about how they were having a pillow fight, to which forum member Blitzkrieg responded: “Obligatory ‘pix or it didn’t happen.’” Though the thread lasted several hours, BlackMyst never produced photographic evidence. Spread Later in 2003, the phrase was used again on the Tribal War forums in response to the OP’s claim that he could flex his scrotum and move his gonads at will.

Pretty Cool Guy. About “Pretty cool guy” is a exploitable snowclone parody phrase used to show approval of a subject.

Pretty Cool Guy

Usage I think X is a pretty cool Y. {Eh, Seh} Z and doesn’t afraid of anything. Screw the Rules, I have Money! About “Screw the Rules, I have Money” is a catchphrase from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Parody Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. SOON. About SOON is a common caption in image macros that typically feature a creepy looking figure peering out of a dark enclosed space or a figure looking out from a a window or closed door.

The caption implies that the figure is plotting some sort of devious scheme, intended for either the viewer or a person or object in the foreground. Origin One of the earliest online references to a menacing “soon” appears in the webcomic The Parking Lot Is Full in an installment posted on March 27th, 2001. The comic, captioned, “Quiet Ambition,” features Jesus behind God’s shoulder thinking, “Soon.” This is Relevant To My Interests. About “This is Relevant To My Interests” is an expression used to convey approval and enthusiasm over a given topic.

It is most commonly used on media-sharing websites in the form of text-based comments or image macros featuring photographs of concerned-looking animals. U MAD? You Win the Internet! About You Win the Internet (or alternatively, You Win an Internet) is a popular catchphrase used in imageboards and discussion forums to express great approval of another post or to convey sarcasm at someone else’s extreme stupidity. The awarding of an Internet is typically done via text reply, but it can be substituted with one free internet coupon: Origin The earliest usage of “You Win the Internet” can be traced back to a discussion thread posted on October 26, 2004 on SomethingAwful’s FYAD forum as documented in this archived text file. Your Argument is Invalid. What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen. What is this I don't even. X Y is X (Redundant Adjectives are Redundant)