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Chester Nedwidek's 26 foot ketch Porgy. Welcome to Sven Yrvind- the official website. John Welsford Small Craft Design. Traditional Small Cruisers. Voyager 26 - Daniel J. Avoures and Associates, Inc.Naval Architects and Marine Consultants. Hillyard Owners Association. Shannon Boat Company Inc. Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories - Offshore and Coastal Cruising Sailboats. Westsail Odyssey. Long distance small boat sailing. Duckworks custom sails michalak welsford storer weekender.

All sails are sewn and have solid brass spur grommets.

Duckworks custom sails michalak welsford storer weekender

Sail bags and hardware (jib hanks, slides, slugs, etc) are NOT included. Ready Made Sails: The following sails are made up ahead of time and are usually in stock. All other sails are made to order and are listed below. Made to Order Sails We offer custom made sails for the specific sails listed below or you can order any custom sail by following the "Custom Sails" link. Scroll down for information about colors. Feedback: Send my praises to your sailmaker! About Tanbark and Egyptian Cotton Colored Sailcloth: Experience has taught us that different weights of sailcloth will vary in shade even though they are the same "color".

From left to right: European 5 0z. In the photo above are three Tanbark and two Egyptian swatches with white for comparison. Various Tanbark sails at Raid Finland In the photo above, you will see three different boats with three different shades of Tanbark sails. Small Sailboat - s/y Arrandir. TdeM - Pocket Yacht Links.

Wrinkle Brig, 16 foot gaff rigged cruiser.

TdeM - Pocket Yacht Links

A production boat with quite a few built. Whaleback design , Decked sailing sharpie Arrandir - Youtube , Video of a 14 foot ocean cruising boat. The voyage of Acrohc , Around the world in a 12 foot boat. Microcruising in the Bahamas , Several unique pocket yachts, all extensively cruised. Paradox Johanna , A paradox pocket yacht site. Paradox Zoe , Another great paradox site. Tinkerbelle , Ebook. Tinkerbelle Revised , Plans for sale for a small boat based on Tinkerbelle. Sand Flea , An 8' cruiser, built for the Evergades Challenge. Famous Small Boats , A great list of tiny boats that have done big voyages. Sea Biscuit , can an eight foot boat sail around the world? Littorine 2. "Littorine 2 " ?

Littorine 2

(suite de Little Bigornick : les plans ! Toujours par eric17) ( 01/05/12 Au lieu d'aller vers un truc qui, au final, ne va pas me satisfaire, (et qui en plus a déjà été réalisé par Chris Waite, dans un style que j'aime bien, mais qui est le sien), ce projet va gagner un bouchain de plus, et évoluer vers un hybride entre le Misainier Vendéen Bigornické et le Trouper 12 de Swallowboats : une sole plate, un bouchain intermédiaire incliné et cylindrique sur l'avant, et une muraille pas loin de la verticale au dessus (les tracés ci-contre, du bouchain sur l'avant et des sections, sont totalement pifométrés).

Il va juste falloir trouver comment est fait l'avant du Trouper 12, et il n'y a aucune bonne image de cet "avant" (de l'arrière, si, tout plein !)... Et éviter de refaire la même erreur que sur Littorine 1, cad greffer un avant bizarre sur un joli petit bateau qui n'avait rien demandé. Donc, "bateaux à ne pas regarder de trop près" : (pour ne pas être trop influencé) Sail Far Live Free: Top 10 Favorite Affordable Bluewater Sailboats. I've always said that my favorite boat is whichever one I currently own.

Sail Far Live Free: Top 10 Favorite Affordable Bluewater Sailboats

Being able to call it "mine" makes it my favorite by default. My first boat was a $400 derelict that I loved (still love) deeply. And she loved me back. However, that doesn't mean there aren't other boats I love that I'd like to call "mine" someday. The following is my personal ranking of my favorite affordable (available for ~$50k) sailboats. As you peruse my list, you'll notice that they're all bluewater cruisers. Top Ten Affordable Bluewater Cruisers (according to 10. 9. The Adventures of Tiny Bubbles. Dinghy plans for the spatially challenged. Home of the Flicka 20 Sailboat. Voilier KITTIWAKE YAWL [année: 2002] d'occasion - Voilier à vendre - EYB. Contacter le vendeur Inventaire détaillé Ref. 581568 Visible à : MACCLESFIELD.

Voilier KITTIWAKE YAWL [année: 2002] d'occasion - Voilier à vendre - EYB