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Nicholson 27 archive details - Yachtsnet Ltd. online UK yacht brokers - yacht brokerage and boat sales. Sailboats built by Pacific Seacraft by year on Sailboat Reviews of Offshore Cruising Yachts : Pacific Seacraft 25 Sailboat Specs Details Specifications Beam Draft. Ingrid 38 Review : In Brief The Ingrid 38 from the pen of William Atkin is a heavy displacement blue water ketch derived from Colin Archer's famous double ender designs, which in turn were inspired by Viking boats renowned for their heavy weather characteristics.

Ingrid 38 Review :

Perhaps Atkin sums it up by saying it’s “the kind of boat that behaves herself in rough water and can be depended upon to sail herself”. Ingrid 38. The Short List. Picture a perfectly varnished wooden double-ender with tanbark sails gliding by silhouetted by the setting sun.

The Short List

How about a sleek pencil shaped racing sloop with the latest gee whiz sails burying the rail in the water. Maybe your vision is a heavy displacement cruiser at anchor in a remote bay surrounded by swaying palm trees. Admit it, there is a brand, model, or even a specific sailboat that you lust after. Whatever it is that attracts us to “the next boat”, is a powerful force. We ogle the beautiful sailboats that cross our paths on the water, walk the marinas to check out all the boats, and of course we peruse the want-ads both on-line and in glossy magazines. So whether you write it down or not, every sailor has his or her own short list. Hess Cutters. I agree, there's more to form stability than just beam, I was making a generalisation.

Hess Cutters

"Your ARC posts are invalid because the ARC is statistically inherently dangerous, and accidents are usually much more to do with operator error than bad design. " Sorry, but I respectfully don't agree with this. The ARC isn't really a race, its a cruise in company. People just like the camaraderie, radio contact, pre-trip lectures before they go accross the atlantic.

Once out, nobody sees anyone else for three weeks. Pilgrim has a really powerful hull form, so won't need to spend all day reefing. Ed Burnett 30 ft Gaff Cutter 2001 Ed Burnett & Nigel Irens M B Yachts, Poole. Yacht for sale from classic yacht broker.. FOXHOUND’s design was born of a collaboration between Nigel Irens and Ed Burnett – easy lines and a heavy displacement hull by modern standards yet with sufficient sail area to yield exciting performance and as an exceptional cruising boat – not to mention unmistakeable good looks with maybe just that hint of Laurent Giles and Harrison Butler.

Ed Burnett 30 ft Gaff Cutter 2001 Ed Burnett & Nigel Irens M B Yachts, Poole. Yacht for sale from classic yacht broker..

FOXHOUND, still in her first ownership, has been cherished and her condition hard to fault, succeeding both as a family cruiser and a racing gaffer. From a generous cockpit with high coamings and stowage lockers under the aft seating, the main access below is forward by sliding hatch in the coachroof and companionway steps down over the engine casing to the saloon. Tenacity. Hess Cutters - Page 2. Sailboat - Frances 26 by Morris Yachts and Victoria Yachts designed by Chuck Paine. Morris Frances Brochure Let us introduce you to FRANCES, a classic cruiser of traditional profile built in hand layed-up fiberglass using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Sailboat - Frances 26 by Morris Yachts and Victoria Yachts designed by Chuck Paine

She represents the ultimate combination of comfort and sailing ability in a compact cruiser for coastal or offshore sailing. The original FRANCES was designed and built by Naval Architect Chuck (C. W.) Paine for his own use. Our FRANCES 26 is a sistership to the original FRANCES. You may select the gelcoat color according to your personal preference. The construction of our FRANCES 26 is given careful consideration. The all wood interior is painted white with varnished mahogany or teak trim. Annie 29 - Morris Yachts. Year crafted: 1980 Number built: 16 Intended as an ocean-going small cruiser with a strong emphasis on speed and sailing ability, the Annie 29 boasts charm, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship.

Annie 29 - Morris Yachts

The top priority in her design was comfortable cruising, and comfortable she is: her healthy displacement results in an extremely gentle motion at sea. Her designer, Chuck Paine, conceptualized her as “the ultimate boat for the working man… large enough to become a man’s home, seaworthy enough to handle any ocean, fast enough to offer her owner any port in the world… and no more.” Atom Voyages - Good Old Boats List. Choosing a small voyaging sailboat Listed below are 72 proven blue water voyaging monohull fiberglass sailboats up to 32 feet in length.

Atom Voyages - Good Old Boats List

The list, though incomplete, is aimed at helping readers of this site who asked for recommendations on buying a boat for offshore voyaging. Aside from a few exceptions, all boats here meet the following criteria of proven seaworthiness, moderate draft under 5-foot, tiller steering, either traditional full keel or relatively long fin keels (full keel with cutaway forefoot) with keel atached rudder, room for one or two people to live-aboard in reasonable comfort,fiberglass construction for ease of maintenance and availability, and this sailor’s idea of functional and attractive design.

Some of the boats listed here I have sailed and know well, others I know from working on them, or by research and reputation. As for the rig, I've sailed sloops, yawls, ketches, schooners and junks, and they all have their attributes. Victoria 30 archive details - Yachtsnet Ltd. online UK yacht brokers - yacht brokerage and boat sales. CBA: Cats4Sale Fall 2010 Bulletin No.153. Voyager 26 - Daniel J. Avoures and Associates, Inc.Naval Architects and Marine Consultants.

26 voyager 140. Roxane & Romilly: Links. Roger Long Boat Designs. Vessels Designed by Roger Long Home Page Boat List & Contents 22 Foot Yawldory My first traditional wooden boat design in over 20 years was a personal project for an old friend and was built by the Paul Rollins Boatshop.

Roger Long Boat Designs

The full story and drawings of the boat are here. You can see the construction here. Sailing photos here. Scandinavian Dory 18 The first fiberglass production boat of my career is now being built in China. For complete details, 3D renderings, drawings, and pricing click here. Willard Beach Dory Barbara has wanted a light rowboat that she can wheel down to the beach on a dolly by herself so I drew up this 12 foot stitch and glue dory skiff.

The builder, Clint Chase, decided that he would like to add it to his line of stitch and glue kit boats so kits as well as finished boats will soon be available from CNC Boat Kits . Looking Back. Denman Marine - Day Sailers. CONTESSA 26 sailboat specifications and details on