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Maritime Identity. Yacht Design Digitale reconstructie Waterlandse Melkschuit Infographic motorstoel Tink A Yachtsman Dink Enedseae Yawl Yawl Silver Moon Hollands Jacht.

Maritime Identity

Gartside Boats. All Stock Plans 1. 10 ft Clinker Dinghy, Design #127 A nice addition to our family of small clinker boats.

Gartside Boats

This one has a little... 2. 10 ft Sailing Pram, Design #177 This one was drawn with youngsters in mind. A neat little boat to learn to sail... 3. 10ft Motor Launch "Pims", Design #156 This small launch is based on the 1927 Morgan Giles launch “Shush” which can be... 4. 11 ft Plywood yacht Tender Design #120 This one was designed to sit in the deck chocks of a converted fishboat. C.W. Paine Yacht Designers: Let Chuck Paine Build Your Dream.

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The devil’s in the details”, and it’s as true for yacht architecture as bricks and mortar.

C.W. Paine Yacht Designers: Let Chuck Paine Build Your Dream

Since we fully expect any new PAINE 26 to become an enduring boating legend we’ve spared no effort to sweat the details for your benefit. Here are just a few examples: 1. The one thing that most defines a yacht is its hull shape. In order that your new life’s playmate might become a legend, that shape must be perfect. Ted Brewer Yacht Design. TERN A 32' Auxiliary Ketch for wood construction Brewer Design #25 TERN is a comfortable ketch designed for extensive coastal and offshore, blue water cruising.

Ted Brewer Yacht Design

Indeed, one yacht of this design, beautifully built in New Orleans, has cruised to the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, and return, with no problems. The single chine hull can be plywood or carvel planked, as preferred, and her construction is ideally suited to the competent amateur builder or small shop. Scantlings are on the heavy side so the boat is one that will stand up to rough going with ease and provide years of cruising pleasure with normal maintenance. Two different accommodation plans are available. The chine hull, generous beam and deep outside ballast combine to assure a stiff and weatherly vessel. Auxiliary power can be any small diesel engine of 20-30 hp and will move her along smartly at cruising speeds up to 6-1/2 knots. TERN is very definitely a vessel for the confirmed cruising skipper. Classic yachts and traditional sailboats. Ebihen 15 (previously named Ebihen) is a seaworthy, stable boat with good carrying capacity, it is suitable for family sailing, as well as fishing.

Classic yachts and traditional sailboats

Despite its length of 4.50 m, it offers a big and pleasant cockpit. She was inspired both by the fishing boats of Northern Brittany, especially Saint Jacut (the Ebihens are the islands in front of that port), and by the boats of Basse-Normandie, which were clinker built. Wc_home. C.W. Paine Yacht Designers: Let Chuck Paine Build Your Yacht Design Dream. The View from the Helm. I received this fascinating and long letter in response to a comment I made on this blog about debt, and my objecting to it.

The View from the Helm

This fellow is a professional economist, so his words should count. His letter is in black typeface, my responses to him are in red. Chuck- I have admired your designs casually for many years, but following your blog and reading your book recently, I encountered a closer parallel between our lives and sentiments. Born in 1942, I, too, grew up (in New York) loving boats. Dear Peter, What fun it was to get your long and erudite letter. For fun, let me try to refute or illuminate your many cogent points, and in a way that hopefully will not confuse my blog readers’ understanding of which voice is yours and which mine. - William Cannell Boatbuilding, Classic Boat Builders.

The New York Yacht Club 30 is one of the most famous designs of legendary yacht designer N.

- William Cannell Boatbuilding, Classic Boat Builders

G. Herreshoff. Thoroughbred racing machines known for their speed, weatherliness, and ability to carry sail, the NYYC 30s have the sleek lines and overhangs of a racing yacht whose purpose is to go fast--and fast they do go. With a waterline length of 30', it was the smallest of the Universal Rule-influenced one-design classes built for New York Yacht Club members. Yet, the NYYC 30 class was one of the best loved and most competitive, sailed by some of the country's finest helmsmen. Today as the centennial jubilee celebration of the class approaches in 2005, the NYYC 30s are experiencing a revival, with several racing and more expected to be restored. Construction Outline: We make every effort to reproduce the original Herreshoff details including a raised paneled interior fabricated according to the original Herreshoff plans. Amorita - Herreshoff NY 30 restored after disastrous collision.

The Sea Remains the Same. By Daniel MacNaughton Originally Published in WoodenBoat Magazine.

The Sea Remains the Same

Sailboat designs of William Atkin by year. Dayboat Double Enders. Yacht Builders. Pabouk: Accueil. Marc Lombard. IFAN Institut Français des Architectes Navals. Architecture navale. Projets - Cabinet Lebéfaude. Courbe des Aires, Déplacement. Nl. Laurent Giles Archive Register of Yachts. B-YACHTS. Alphena Yachts. Wally. ROXANE - Home. Burnett Yacht Design - Custom cruising yacht design and consultancy.

Nigel Irens Design. Références. Sailboat Designer List, Sailboats Listed by Designer, CHANTIER VENETES.