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HIIH is a design-led, artisan-made design artefacts & decor brand founded by Interior Designer Reshma Chhabria Kumar.

Home décor store online Vintage Decoration products & Ideas for house. H2H Shop is a one stop solution for all of your decorating needs be it a new home or old home.

Home décor store online Vintage Decoration products & Ideas for house

We are one of the warmest destinations for all of your ceramic decorative accessories needs. Ceramic decoration plays an important role in beautifying our home be it new or old. When getting ceramic products is alarmingly expensive, H2H Shop comes to your rescue. Our ceramic decorative online shopping store is equipped with versatile ranges of products that ensures to make your home a heaven at a little price.

We have large stocks of products those artistically crafted to decorate home that ensures a great impression among the people who comes in contact. You can have great experience on ceramic décor online while browsing our portal. Some of our ceramic products like Horn OK Please, Tara, The King, The Nawab, The Vintage Kind and Shadow Series smile are quite popular among the interior decorators and people in general. Amazing glass made vases for your home decoration. Mirrors and glass accessories are an integral part of the home decoration.

Amazing glass made vases for your home decoration

H2H Shop is one of the hottest online destinations that sells multiple ranges of decorative products made of glasses. Our exhaustive ranges of home decorative accessories are wooden, glass and ceramic also. Online Home Décor Store Decoration sculptures. Buying furniture accessories online at H2Hshop is quite easy and affordable in comparison to other online stores.

Online Home Décor Store Decoration sculptures

We are one of the popular home décor shopping destinations that offer exhaustive ranges of wooden home and office furniture accessories. Your online shopping at our store will definitely add elegance and flexible functionality to your interior decoration. The Cheapest Way Of Decorating Your Home. Home decoration is an integral part of our life when we buy new home.

The Cheapest Way Of Decorating Your Home

However, it is very important that we should spend little to no money in the interior decoration be it home or office. How To Get Home Décor Ideas From Versatile Resources. Home decoration is an art and one get this art of decoration altogether inborn.

How To Get Home Décor Ideas From Versatile Resources

Today science of computer has made everyone more or less creative. There many online tools for home decorating ideas available on the internet for free. The internet is full of ideas not only for real estate, interior decoration but also health, spirituality and shopping as well. Auspicious Colour According To Moon Sign For Your Home. East or west, home is the best.

Auspicious Colour According To Moon Sign For Your Home

Everyone wants to have peace and harmony at home after a daylong hard work and pressure in the office. A beautiful home can attract wealth, health, peace and harmony for the inmate of the home. However, the inmate needs to be very careful as to its interior and cleaning so as to get health and happiness. Since colour plays an important role, you need to paint your home with such colour that can redouble the beautifulness of your home. Sometimes it is very difficult to find auspicious colour. In this article, we will explain as to the colour of your moon sign that is beneficial to you. If your moon sign is Aries, then you should use all shades of red colour while painting your home. If you belong to Taurus moon sign then your suitable colour is all shades of blue. How To Select Your Suitable Colours As Per Numerology.

The colour has got importance in the life of human being.

How To Select Your Suitable Colours As Per Numerology

That is why; the people do consult astrologer and numerologist to find the favourable colours before buying home and cars and matrimonial apparels as well. You have a new home that you consider your heaven with your small family. How To Find Suitable Colour For Your Home Decoration. The colour plays an important role in the life of human life.

How To Find Suitable Colour For Your Home Decoration

The suitable colour in the home can make your life happy and peaceful. A well decorated colour can certainly bring peace, harmony and happiness at home. There is a popular saying in English “East or West, Home is the best’’. Use Of Vastu In The Field Of Home Decoration. Today is Vastu Shastra is a hot subject in the modern world.

Use Of Vastu In The Field Of Home Decoration

Your home decoration will remain half if you have not maintained Vastu ethics in your home. Vastu brings peace and harmony at home. Everyone is eager to have a beautiful house in the life. The global economy has got direct impact in the life of human being. The people across the world have developed by leaps and bounds during last twenty years. Simple And Effective Decoration Ideas For Your Home. Home decoration is one the creative art which everyone cannot do.

Simple And Effective Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Today, the interior decorator has got a great demand in the market. However, little effort on home decoration ideas can save potential amount of money. In today’s lifestyle home decoration plays an important role in the human life. Be it your home or office a beautiful house can bring peace, happiness and harmony in life. The graceful home can bring confidence among the inmate of the house. In this article we will give you some ideas for the rooms in the house that can be graceful in it looks.

How to decorate living room? The living room is one of the places that creates impression among the relative and friend those who come from outside. How to decorate bed room? The bed room is completely personal and you should put close attention while decorating the bed room to make life more romantic. How to decorate kitchen? Tips And Tricks To Décor Your Home Effectively. Having a home without decoration is like without sky without sun. There are ample of free ideas to decorate your home which does not require any amount.

You even don't require to call an interior decorator. Ceramic Decor Online Shopping Store. Today, everything has gone online. The people have been searching the internet for everything starting from buying groceries to clothing. During recent years there has been a surge in the market in the field of home and interior decoration due to global growth. The last couple of years has seen the development of the shopping mall, multiplexes and high-end offices across the Indian metros. If you have a new house or office you need to find an interior decorator to make your office and home extremely beautiful. However you are in a fix as to how to know and find the quality consultant. However, you should also search the internet to find many interior decorators and there reviews.

Apart from this, you can also join the social media channels that is developed by the company which will give you overall idea to get an insight about the company which you are going to hire. How To Use Vastu And Feng Shui In Home Decoration. During recent years Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui has got a great demand in the market. Highly Effective Home Decoration Ideas For Free. Home decoration is surely a tedious act when it comes to a new house you have purchased recently. You may require to hire an interior decorator, architect and eventually a Feng Shui or Vastu consultant to make your home more peaceful and heavenly abode. However, hiring any consultant can be very expensive. Decorate Your Home With Free And Effective Ideas.

Home decoration can be very expensive if you are not careful enough while spending money. However, the internet, magazines, newspaper and books are the boon to save money and get ideas for free. How To Decorate Home When You Don’t Have Money? Impressive Ideas To Make Your Home A Heavenly Abode. How To Decor Your Home With Moderate Budget ?

Getting cheap home decoration idea is extremely easy with presence of search engine, social media and all other forms internet application. You can get handy idea when you have limited space and budget. Make You Home Beautiful By Getting Ideas Online on Behance. Use Of Vastu In The Field Of Home Decoration. Wallpapers. Simple And Effective Decoration Ideas For Your Home. 3 Cheap Decoration Ideas You Can Do At Home. There are many decoration ideas that you can do at home completely free of cost. Today, hiring an interior decorator is an uphill task since it is extremely expensive. How To Select Colours For Your Home Decoration ?

‘’East or west, home is the best’’ is a popular saying has been prevailing in the world from the time immemorial. You may travel the whole world and stay in 7 star hotels, you will never be happy if you don’t have own house. Having a house is not a big job. But, maintaining it is a very big job. Home Decor Online Shopping Store, Decorating Ideas at H2H Shop.