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A World of Music

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A World of Music: Walk Like a Man. A World of Music: Dressed in Black. Fats Domino on Blueberry Hill. This is the rocker who sang one of my all time favorite songs “Blueberry Hill” and I found a thrill in every note.

Fats Domino on Blueberry Hill

His full name is Antoine Dominique “Fats” Domino, Jr. or in rock and roll simply Fats Domino. He’s an American R&B and rock and roll pianist, singer and songwriter. Before 1955 he had released five gold records and has 35 Top 40 Hits in the U.S. Fats Domino comes from New Orleans, Louisiana and has a mixture of African-American heritage and French Creole background. Music was prominent in his family his father was a well-known violinist and his uncle was a jazz guitarist. Fats Domino rose to stardom with his first song “The Fat Man” in 1950 which had sold a million copies by 1953. The hits continued to roll out with “Walkin’ to New Orleans” in 1960. The Tide is High with Blondie. This band had everyone dancing and singing along Blondie is an American rock band which was established by singer Deborah Harry and guitarist Chris Stein.

The Tide is High with Blondie

They were looked upon as pioneers in early new wave and punk music in America. Blondie became popular with their 1978 recording of Parallel Lines. They came out with hits such as “Atomic”, “Call Me”, and “Heart of Glass”. The band mixed up the sounds of pop, disco, rap and even reggae. A World of Music: Whiskey in the Jar. Send My Greetings. Till We Meet Again. Goody Goody Gumdrops. The Phenomenal Monkees. The four very talented young gentlemen who came together to form The Monkees where put together just to create a TV show.

The Phenomenal Monkees

What resulted was a strong friendship between the guys and they showed that they were very talented not only musically but also with creative acting. The four guys were Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith. They showed everyone that they could sing and wound up creating a musical style that became known as their very own. When you heard one of their songs there was no doubt that the group playing was The Monkees. They achieved what perhaps another band might not have achieved. It all started when their first single was released in August of 1966. Rhinestone Cowboy. Sweet Pea. How Do You Do. Still Crazy After All These Years. All By Myself. At the Hop. My Eyes Adored You. Green Tambourine. Some Hearts are Diamonds. Remembering With Fondness. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone. With a Little Help from My Friends. Sweet Caroline. In My Life. Somewhere In Paradise.

Here Comes the Sun. Let the Good Times Roll. Kiss in the Night. Pretty Woman. Love That Moon. Early Roy. Stand By Me. The Feel of Neil Diamond. Paul Revere and the Raiders. Red or White. Herman’s Hermits. Make a Little Magic. Cheers. Like a Rolling Stone. Que Sera Sera. Rock and Roll is King. Unforgettable. Sailing on the Seven Seas. Dream a Little Dream of Me. It’s Not Unusual. Twisting the Night Away. Take a Magic Carpet Ride. Memories Like Diamonds Shine. Sing Along with Mitch. The Luck of the Irish. On Top of Old Smokey. Google attēlu meklēšanas rezultāti: Dancing the Tennessee Waltz. Blogger. The Golden Voice of Judy. Let Music Drive You. 1) Listen to it as you work.

Let Music Drive You

Provided you lower the volume, listening to music at work raises productivity. It lowers stress levels and the volume of work you produce increases. I can attest to this straightaway. As I write, I’m tuned into a popular easy listening channel and the ideas continue to flow. 2) Housework is no longer mundane. Music transforms housework from being a chore to a pleasant task. Draping laundry on a clothesline is not so tedious with music playing in the background. 3) Write a simple tune for a child. A jingle composed by a parent is meaningful to a child. 4) Listen to music as you run on the treadmill. You’re guaranteed to set the treadmill to a higher speed when music is on. 5) Play your mother's favorite song this Mother's Day. A mother seldom craves the absolutely expensive as a tribute.

Present her with a disc of tunes she used to listen to, but are now a memory. 6) Play a song to lift yourself. Calming music takes you right out of the doldrums.