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9 of the Best Free Linux Project Management Software. Project management tools encompass many different types of software such as scheduling, resource allocation, collaboration software, quality management, and cost control / budget management.

9 of the Best Free Linux Project Management Software

This type of software is typically used by project managers looking to plan and control resources, costs and schedules to meet the objectives of a project. To help plan a project, there are a number of different types of project management tools. One of the industry standards is the Gantt Chart, which provides a graphical displays of all the tasks that a project is composed of.

Each bar on the chart is a graphical representation of the length of time the task is planned to take. Project management software can be implemented as a Web application, accessed through an intranet or extranet using a web browser. One notable omission from the list below is Codendi:Welcome on the Codendi community site. Online - Category: Office / Project Management. Webbaserat verktyg för projekt-, ärende- och dokumenthantering, samt kundsupport. VisionProject is a Project Management Software that enables you to manage projects in an efficient way, saving you time and money.

webbaserat verktyg för projekt-, ärende- och dokumenthantering, samt kundsupport

VisionProject supports the Lean and Agile (such as Scrum and XP) way to manage projects with tools such as Task Board, Kanban Board, Burn-Down Charts and Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD), but can also be used for Traditional Project Management. In addition to the Project Management functionality, VisionProject also has a HelpDesk/Service Desk Module for managing support tickets, submitted from Emails, Phone Calls or from the built-in web-based Support Portal. Using this module the basic ITIL processes are supported, such as Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management. To keep track of where your personnel spend their time and effort, you can use the Time Reporting Module in VisionProject. Using this module both project-specific time as well as time spent outside projects can be managed. Tools: Project Management checklists and templates.

Posted by Phil Wolff, 2/3/00 at 12:58:30 12 June 1999Project Management checklists and templatesA traditional PM aphorism: "You know you're a successful project manager when you survive the project.

tools: Project Management checklists and templates

" I've picked up a few useful tools to keep my projects organized and to help with project initiation and communication. These MS Word, Excel, and Project templates reflect some best practices and hard-earned PM lessons. Like "nail down scope clearly before starting a project;" "line up executive sponsorship;" and "define your acceptance approach up front.

" An ounce of prevention... Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Models (CMM). Project Management Templates CAVEAT DOWNLOADER: While I checked these Microsoft Office files for viruses once upon a time, please practice safe surfing and scan all downloads to be sure they're clean. - Phil. Project Management Tools and Templates Directory.

StartWright™ is the leading reference site for the information needs of information technology project managers and support staff traveling to, starting up, and working on remote, dispersed or virtual projects.

Project Management Tools and Templates Directory

Project Management Templates Articles and Events: Project Smart. Productivity Checklists for Sales, Project Management & more. Write A List Of People Who Will Have Information You'll Need & The Types Of Information They're Likely To Have. Build Rapport With Them By Reflecting Their Preferred Communication Style. Prepare At Least One Open And One Closed Probe For Every Topic You Plan To Address. Gather Information Until You're Sure About The Project's (1) Purpose, (2) Outcome, (3) Value, (4) Potential Problems, (5) Your Responsibility & Authority, (6) The Budget & (7) The Deadline.

Start Building Your Overall Influence Foundation By Sincerely & Proactively Developing A Supportive Network. Mini-Max Participant Outcomes You'd Prefer & You'd Need, Then Mini-Max A Range Of Commitment You'll Request. Use Priority & Ability Probe Information To Determine Whether A Potential Participant Needs Telling, Selling, A Delegated Task Or Coaching/Training To Succeed.

Get People Involved In The Early Planning Stages Of Your Projects. Explore Creative Solutions When Risk Is Low And Upside Potential Exists.