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Private Gynaecologist at our Gynae Clinic in Harley Street, provides full range of gynaecology services to ensure optimum satisfaction of patients. The services that are offered here include coil insertion and removal, abdominal ultrasound scan, trans vaginal ultrasound scan, contraception advice, treatment and consultation on birth-control, and much more.

STD Facts: HPV Vaccine For Young Women. The HPV vaccine has been made available for the general public.

STD Facts: HPV Vaccine For Young Women

As recommended by the CDC, everyone aged 11 and 12 (aged 9 in some cases) through the age of 26 should get vaccinated if they have not been vaccinated already. The HPV vaccine for women prevents strains of Human papillomavirus (HPV) that are responsible for cervical cancer in women and anal cancer, vulval cancer, vaginal cancer and oropharyngeal cancer in both men and women. The vaccine also protects against the strain of HPV that is also responsible for genital warts. Why is it important to get the HPV vaccine? HPV is a viral Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) passed from one person to another through unprotected sexual activity. There are about 40 different strains of HPV that can affect a sexually active individual. Getting the vaccine will protect you from the virus and ultimately from cancer and genital warts. Which groups of women or girls should get the vaccine?

Can the vaccine benefit sexually active females? Hpv vaccine for adults over 26. Why Aren't More Teenagers Getting The HPV Vaccine As It Prevents Cancer? - Researchers have done many studies, and the conclusion is that the HPV vaccine is good prevention against cervical cancer and is without any severe side effects.

Why Aren't More Teenagers Getting The HPV Vaccine As It Prevents Cancer? -

There is no doubt in the efficacy of this vaccination, according to researchers. The abnormal cells that cause cervical cancer are inhibited successfully by the HPV vaccine. So, women should not worry about having cancerous cells in the cervix. It is also noteworthy to mention that there are no severe side effects associated with the vaccination. Do you know that 4 out of 5 persons develop human papillomavirus in their mid-40s? Public health officials are frustrated at this turnout, particularly after discovering from so much research how effective the HPV vaccine is against cervical cancer. A nonprofit organisation working on the distribution of global health research was responsible for this discovery. The human papillomavirus is the most common STI world over. Common Symptoms Women Should Take Seriously.

Different people experience different symptoms, and sometimes, it is easy to identify these symptoms as indicators of a condition affecting our health.

Common Symptoms Women Should Take Seriously

These easily identifiable symptoms include bleeding, high fever, chest pain, amongst others. A Single Shot of HPV can have about 4 years of Efficacy. Abnormal Pap Smear Test. With the number of cancer patients steadily rising through the years, it is important to do all we can to prevent ourselves from having cancer and detecting its signs earlier on.

Abnormal Pap Smear Test

Some testsdetect abnormal cells' presence, which can become cancerous later on if ignored. One of such tests is the Pap smear test. You can get a private smear test in any well known and reliable gynae-clinic, and find out if you have abnormal cells or not. HPV vaccine overview. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted infection transferred through unprotected sexual intercourse from an infected person to another.

HPV vaccine overview

HPV has been linked to several cancers, making it one of the infections to look out for. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 80% of people, including men and women, will contract this disease at some point. This means that even if you have had sex in the past, if you are currently sexually active or if you plan to have sex in the future, there is a chance you may already have the disease or will have it sometime in the future.

Despite all this, there is still good news, being that the next generation of children and adults won’t have to face these odds. This is due to the HPV vaccine. Sadly, there has been controversy surrounding the issue of having children been vaccinated, the issue being that parents are concerned about the long term effects.

Symptoms of Human Papillomavirus. Mirena Hormonal Iud by Gynae Clinic. Mirena is a brand of hormonal IUDs (intrauterine devices).

Mirena Hormonal Iud by Gynae Clinic

A Mirena IUD is made of a flexible t-shaped plastic that secrets a synthetic form of the hormone progestin (levonorgestrel) into the uterus. A Mirena IUD can be inserted into the uterus through the vagina by a doctor. 4 Reasons Why You Haven't Had Your Periods on Birth Control. MARYLEBONE, U.K. - Feb. 5, 2020 - PRLog -- No doubt that birth control pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy and also treat a lot of medical issues.

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Had Your Periods on Birth Control

The pills work by impacting your hormonal system which results in mending with your menstrual cycle. Women on birth control pills have always complained about their irregular periods- either they have lighter bleeding or they have skipped it altogether. Let's talk about why you miss your periods on birth control methods: Low Sex Drive in Females: Diagnosis and Treatment. Thousands of women are there suffering from low sex drive or desire.

Low Sex Drive in Females: Diagnosis and Treatment

However, they hesitate to speak up in front of the doctor. But this is the right time to break your silence. After all it is a part of your health which should be as taken care of as other organs. Thousands of women are there suffering from low sex drive or desire. However, they hesitate to speak up in front of the doctor. Considering the questions above you must plan a visit to a doctor as early as possible.

12 Reasons of Delayed Period with No Relation to Pregnancy. Late or delayed period is a matter of concern and stress.

12 Reasons of Delayed Period with No Relation to Pregnancy

Even some women who are sexually active consider themselves as pregnant. But a number of reasons are there to lead to delayed period. They are not associated to pregnancy as well. Underlying health conditions are the key reason behind the occurrence of late period. At that time, you should visit a doctor to get checked and determine the exact cause for having much-needed peace of mind.

Causes and Symptoms Related to Low Sex Drive in Women. The sexual desires of woman usually fluctuate from tine to time and with age.

Causes and Symptoms Related to Low Sex Drive in Women

Both highs and lows will match with the beginning or ending of a relationship or with major changes in your life such as – pregnancy, illness or menopause. Some medications that can be taken for mood disorders will lead to low sex drive in women. If you do not find interest in sex and this is the reason for your personal distress, then you might suffer from a condition known as sexual interest or arousal disorder. In case you feel bothered due to low sex drive or decreased sex drive, there are certain changes in lifestyle and sexual techniques that will put you in the mood often. Causes of vaginal pain. Vaginal pain has several causes. It may be a symptom of an infection or injury or as a result of no clear or known cause. A condition called vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is a common gynaecological condition that affects a large number of women. Most women feel embarrassed by this condition and, it prevents them from getting professional help.

Often, doctors quickly dismiss vaginal pain as nothing but a good healthcare provider would properly diagnose and treat any underlying condition causing vulvodynia. Birth control options and pregnancy. There are several types of contraceptives, but the surest way of preventing pregnancy is abstinence. All other types of contraceptives can fail occasionally,and this increases the probability of getting pregnant. However, some are very effective in preventing pregnancy while others are not. This article would help you understand how effective each birth control is and what you should do if you think you are pregnant. Effectiveness of birth control options The different types of birth control available have varying effectiveness and can fail for several reasons.

Everything You Should Know About Infertility. Are you and your partner having a tough time for a baby? If yes, then you are not alone as infertility is common these days when women cannot conceive even after having unsafe sex for one year in most couples. Infertility might occur due to some issues from either you or your partner or the combination of factors that can avoid pregnancy. Luckily, there are many effective therapies that can improve the chances of conceiving successfully.

Symptoms The main symptom of infertility is not being able to get pregnant. An Informative Piece About Copper IUD. An Informative Piece About Copper IUD. Mirena Coil: What You Should Know from Insertion to Removal. The Mirena coil or IUD is no different from other forms of hormonal birth control as it has its upside and drawbacks. Not everyone who uses Mirena coil fitting experience side effects! But there are people who have side effects from this IUD.

Choosing A Suitable IUD. Taking Care of Mental health of Pregnant Women during COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the healthcare sector for many patients including pregnant women. The information related to COVID-19 and pregnancy is constantly evolving during this pandemic. Though pregnancy is certainly an exciting time for every woman, one of the causes is uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic is adding up more stress and anxiety in some people. Read on to know hoe pregnant women are having a difficult time during the COVID-19 crisis. Everything You need to Know about Colposcopy. A colposcopy is usually done at the hospital clinic and requires near about 15 to 20 minutes after which you can go back to your home. Does Having A Mirena IUD Affect Menopause - Gynae Clinic. People may not understand what really happens with the use of Mirena IUD during menopause. Health Things to Know About Coil Contraceptive and Its Popularity.

Contraceptive or birth-control technology has taken a big leap forward with the introduction of coils. Iuds And All You Should Know About It. An IUD a small plastic, t-shaped and flexible device that is put into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is a common and effective contraceptive. An IUD can be used for the long term and removed when there is no need for it or when it is expired. Top 3 Facts Why Women Should Take Creatine Supplement. Creatine is unquestionably the “numerouno” supplement to improve your performance in the gym. Extensive research proves that the substance is unbelievably effective in building muscle mass and provides strength, which in turn improves your workout performance in the gym.

What Are Screening Tests & Why They Are Important. The sooner you discover about your breast cancer, the better your opportunity to cure it. Everything You Need To Know on The Pap Test! – Wealth Fits. What Should You Know before Undergoing a Pap smear Test. Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy : Why You Need Them And The Process Involved. Cervical Screening Test - Your Questions Answered. The rate in which cervical cancer is increasing, women are getting more health conscious every minute. Cervical cancer can be detected earlier if a regular screening test is done. Such tests have helped many women to detect the problem way before it has actually started to grow. Safe Sex during Periods can be Beneficial for Your Health. Women will get a menstrual period once a month during their reproductive years.

What Are the Varied Birth Control Options - News Ideology. How to Calm Down Your Mind While Going For A Smear Test. Everything you need to know about Intrauterine devices (IUDs) Everything you need to know about Intrauterine devices (IUDs) Lesser-Known Facts You Must Know About Colposcopy. Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know about Pap smear (Pap) Test. Facts about HPV Vaccine for Women. Symptoms of HPV. Tips to improve your sexual performance. Everything You Need to Know About Contraceptive Coil. Importance of Pap test in the Menopausal Period. Discuss These Questions With Your Gynaecologist. Health Tests and Screenings You Should Get. IUDs and Their Side Effects. 7 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Copper IUD. Everything You Need to Know About Contraceptive Coil. Are Birth-Control Pills Really Safe for You. Are Birth-Control Pills Really Safe for You.

Important Facts You Should Know About IUD Removal. Truths Versus Myths About IUD Birth-Control Coils. Smart Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy for Working Women. IUD – The Reliable and Reversible Contraceptive You’re Looking For. Why you shouldn't get an IUD. Benefits of copper contraceptive coil. Prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some of the Commonest Gyane Problems You Must be Aware About. Some of the Commonest Gyane Problems You Must be Aware About. A Short Discussion on Menopause and Modern Contraception. 5 Essential Well Woman Checks Every Woman Should Undergo. What are the modern contraceptive methods. Some of the Commonest Gyane Problems You Must be Aware About. A Private Gynaecologist Shares the Facts About Breast Cancer. Gynaecolosgists’ Effective De-Bloating Tips While on Periods.

Your Guide to IUD Insertion to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy. Your Guide to IUD Insertion to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy. The Best Tips on Avoiding Pregnancy and STDs You Need to Know. Modern Contraceptive Devices that You Can Surely Count Upon. 6 Steps to Follow at the Time of Pre-Pregnancy Planning. What are the bad side effects of Mirena. Breast cancer prevention. Mirena removal bleeding. Things to Know Before Your First gynaecology visit. Can copper IUD cause weight gain. What do i need to know about breast cancer. Health checks for women. 3 Most Important Well Woman Tests You Just Can’t Ignore. Well Woman Checkups. Screening Test for Woman. Preconception Checkup. 4 Health Mistakes Woman Commit in their Fifties. Well-woman checkups are cost-effective. How can I stop abnormal uterine bleeding.

Health mistakes that women in their midlife. Preconception Check up for Women to Ensure Safe Pregnancy. Important Medical Tests for Every Woman. Gynaecology Health Check. Diagnosis and Tests for Menopause. 6 Factors Involved in Well Woman Check-ups to Know About. A complete overview about Cervical Cancer - Cubicle Spot. How to stop abnormal menstrual bleeding. What happens at a preconception check up. What is cervical cancer? How to prevent unwanted pregnancy after intercourse. The women's wellness centre. Common Vaginal Problems. Gynae Care Clinic Vs. Family Doctors: Which One to Choose for. Ovarian Cysts Women Should Know. Everything You Need to Know About Ovarian Cysts and Remedy.