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GymCloud is a personal training software & Apps for fitness Programming & management, also allows users to assign workouts, easily create exercises, develop programs and track exercise performance.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Reaching Your Fitness Goals! We’ve Tried It All...

How To Increase Your Chances Of Reaching Your Fitness Goals!

Let’s face it, getting into shape is hard work for most of us. We have all seen those ads on TV promising the next miracle pill, workout gadget, video workout or meal plan guaranteed to make us lose weight, tone up and feel great about ourselves again. Those looking for a quick fix to years of inactivity and poor diet simply pick up the phone, make the instant payment, and await anxiously for the product to arrive. Once received, it gets used for a few days or weeks until reality sinks in that this quick fix just isn’t going to cut it. Others looking to make a change opt to make the decision to join a gym or summon the courage to give their current gym membership, which has been billed monthly for the last two years without use, another shot. When it becomes apparent that you are on the hook and ready to signup, the Fitness Consultant then asks us a little about our goals and suggests we work with an in-house trainer. Hire a GymCloud Fitness Professional to Kickstart Your New Year.

We’ve Tried It All...

Hire a GymCloud Fitness Professional to Kickstart Your New Year

Let’s face it, getting into shape is hard work for most of us. We have all seen those ads on TV promising the next miracle pill, workout gadget, video workout or meal plan guaranteed to make us lose weight, tone up and feel great about ourselves again. Those looking for a quick fix to years of inactivity and poor diet simply pick up the phone, make the instant payment, and await anxiously for the product to arrive. The Alkaline Diet: To Recommend or Not to Recommend. What is an alkaline diet?

The Alkaline Diet: To Recommend or Not to Recommend

An alkaline diet is one that discourages acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy, and processed foods and encourages the consumption of alkaline-forming foods for the prevention of various disease states (Foroutan, 2016). What’s the evidence behind it? There is no conclusive evidence that alkaline diets result in substantial health benefits. Points to Understand The pH of your blood remains 7.35-7.45 regardless of what you eat, thanks to your lungs and kidneys. GymCloud Podcast Episode 4 with Jordan Smuts. How To Stay Motivated And Sane While Chasing After Your Fitness Goals.

Last week you were motivated, but now going to the gym feels unbearably difficult.

How To Stay Motivated And Sane While Chasing After Your Fitness Goals

If this is you, then you’re not alone. Many of us (myself included) have inconsistent waves of motivation. The secret that some forget to mention is that relying on pure motivation is a sure-fire way to not accomplish your fitness goals. Just as the clouds come and go—motivation is propelling us one minute and then abandoning us shortly after. Fitness Professional: Career or Hobby? It’s time to talk about the state of the fitness industry and those of us who work in it.

Fitness Professional: Career or Hobby?

This article is dedicated to personal trainers, strength coaches and fitness professionals alike. Specifically, anyone who intends to retire from the health and fitness industry could benefit from this article. Personal training is a relatively new career, gaining popularity in the 1980s. One could argue that this career is still in its infancy. Without a doubt, the fitness industry is currently experiencing growing pains, struggling to define itself, and evolving as we speak. Before we get started, let me share some of my stories. Meeting Them Where They're At. Marketing legend Seth Godin sends out a wonderful little reminder of the realities of marketing and creativity on a daily basis.

Meeting Them Where They're At

If you do not already subscribe to his emails, I can’t suggest strongly enough that you do. On October 6th 2016 he posted this: Do what you're good at, or... Get really good at what you do. Selling Personal Training for the Non-Sales Personal Trainer. When I started in the personal training profession, I thought that I would spend all my time training clients and writing programs.

Selling Personal Training for the Non-Sales Personal Trainer

While I wasn’t under the notion that I would have people lined up asking me to take their money, I didn’t necessarily realize that selling my services would become a focal point of my job. However, as I mind-numbingly suffered through working the fitness floor hour after hour trying to make ends meet financially while waiting for my personal training clientele to magically grow, I realized that I had to take this business portion seriously. I had to disassociate the negative connotation from the word - sales. GymCloud Episode 4 with Andy Van Grinsven. Grow Your Fitness Business the Smarter Way. The Suspension Trainer Pushup. Does your business need a Registered Dietician? What Working Women Want: 5 Hidden Motivators for Fitness. Women have plenty of reasons and excuses for not exercising regularly.

What Working Women Want: 5 Hidden Motivators for Fitness

The Five Pound Fuss. In all honesty, I started this article a year ago.

The Five Pound Fuss

Back then it was just a rant, semi-inspired from several clients who decided four weeks of the 12-week Dare to Eat program was all they needed. I wondered, if they only wanted to lose 5 pounds, why all the fuss? Barbell Bench Press. GymCloud Podcast Episode 3 with Julian Hayes, Author & Online Coach. 5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Burnout as a Fitness Professional. “Burnout” is a big problem in the fitness industry.

5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Burnout as a Fitness Professional

I have seen some excellent coaches leave the industry because of the emotional and time demands required of fitness professionals who choose this career path. Personally, I have left the industry three times! After returning the most recent time (because I now know this is where I should be!) I knew that I had to be more careful with my energy and time. If you are “called” to our noble profession, take these precautions to avoid the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion that our demanding profession creates. 1.

As silly as it sounds, it is worth mentioning. Getting the most out of a workout when you can only get to the gym one time in a week. Category: Fitness, Health, Lifestyle Published: 2016-10-22 By: Mark Reinke For me, this time of year happens to be filled with lots of travel. When I am home, I want to be at home with my family so getting to the gym on a day I wouldn’t normally work is out of the question. Because things are so busy, I must make the most of my time in the gym. When I can, I travel with a kettlebell. How to Overcome Shoulder Tendinitis. At one time or another, most athletes have dealt with nagging shoulder pain, especially in sports with overhead throwing motions.

Such pain can be a sign of shoulder tendinitis, which if not addressed, can greatly decrease athletic performance. Shoulder tendinitis can be an issue, but there are ways to cope with it, as well as to prevent, treat and strengthen the injured area. 8 Under Appreciated Reasons Why Strength Training Can Level Up Your Life. There aren’t many other forms of exercising that can mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally morph you into a better individual than strength training. Not too long ago, strength training was relegated to bodybuilders and meatheads. However and thankfully, those days are long and gone.

Today at many gyms, you’ll see soccer moms, busy professionals, bros, entrepreneurs, dancers, and many others conjugated under one roof lifting weights and making themselves better. Kettlebell Goblet Squat. Ensuring Long-term Success: 6 Ways to Keep Clients Motivated and Coming Back for More. When you and your new client first meet, one of the first things you’ll discuss are goals: lose 20 lbs, fit back into that swimsuit or dress that used to fit; build a brag-worthy squat, or perform well in an obstacle course or race. Understanding not only what their goals are, but why they have this goal is critically important. Understanding their why is understanding their motivation:, their driving force. Sometimes these motivations are intrinsic and other times extrinsic. Extrinsic motivations might be support from friends or family or improved performance outcomes in an event or race.

Four killer Push-up variations you're not doing, but should be. Once upon a time, when I was younger and dumber, I thought that I was “too good” for push-ups. Who needs push-ups when you’ve got the bench press, bro? Push-ups are for weenies, I thought. And like most things I “knew” as a young buck, I was way wrong. The Forward Lunge. How to Stay Injury-Free With 5 Keys Actions. GymCloud Podcast Episode 2 with Matthew Johnson. Suspension Trainer Row. Shoulder Blog Series Part 4 Programming Considerations for the Shoulder. To this point, we have discussed the anatomy and mechanics of the shoulder, how you would go about assessing your shoulder function, and some ideas and concepts to apply to a warm-up or movement prep before your workout. The only question that remains is, to steal the words from Dan John, “now what?”

Plate Lateral Raise. Shoulder Blog Series Part 3: Movement Prep for the Shoulder. You’ve finished your assessment and have your first training session scheduled with your client, now what? Hopefully, y ou have obtained a decent amount of information so that you can sit down and make a plan of attack to get the ball rolling in the right direction. While the overall direction of your training will be dictated by what your client’s goals are (fat loss, increasing performance for their sport, increasing their function for daily living, etc …) addressing and/or working around shoulder injuries is going to typically follow the same set of principles.

As we discussed in the previous article, the shoulder complex needs an adequate amount of mobility and the requisite amount of motor control to provide the stability so that performance can be optimized. But, what does that look like when the rubber meets the road and you have to apply all of this into a training session and an overall program? GymCloud Podcast Episode 1 Pilot Interview with Kenton Boutwell. Fitness Pro Account Features. How Do You Get Strong Shoulders, Ask the Trainer. Online Personal Training App by GymCloud. The obesity epidemic in America and throughout the world is no secret; neither is the fact that a key contributor to this disease is a sedentary lifestyle. 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated (That Aren’t Water) When it comes to a sweaty workout, we love a water break reward as much as the next fitness fiend.

Elite Performance With Mike Boyle: Benefits of Stretching Between Sets. GymCloud Blog. Preventing Injury with Proper Hydration. You are not alone if you have had struggles staying adequately hydrated. Shoulder Blog Series Part 2. 7 Exercises That Safely Build Shoulder Strength. Many exercises can develop strong shoulders. Some are great. Others, not so much. Need help with your program design? Check out this article on

Donald Trump jokes notwithstanding, the internet likes argument and controversy—especially when the topic revolves around fitness and health. A prime example is gluten. On one side are those who are adamantly against eating anything containing gluten, despite 1) not having celiac disease or a gluten intolerance (which is a real thing, albeit rare), or 2) being unable to explain what, exactly, gluten is. Resistance Band Reverse Fly. Having trouble with Tendinitis in your arm? Check out this LIVESTRONG.COM article for techniques that can help. Shoulder Anatomy and Biomechanics for the Fitness Professional. GymCloud Blog. Why do Clients Consistently Exercise? What Every Client Must Know about Protein.

A Quick Start Guide on Making Your Training Efficient & More Effective. What To Do When You Outgrow Your “Box” Gym. Why All Fitness Professionals Should Start a Blog. Drop the Clipboard, Move to GymCloud. How To Make Healthy Eating Simple For Your New Clients. Advantages to Suspension Training. Sweat of the Week: Chest and Triceps on Fire by Kenton Boutwell – Inspirational Articles, Workout Tips, Travel Guides & Recipes. Client Motivation Part 1, Finding Out a Client’s True Motivation. Find your Market Niche and Brand yourself to Earn More. How to Fail-Proof Your Training Programs for New Clients.


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