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Ditch That Textbook. 3 Ways to Use Game-Based Learning. What exactly is game-based learning, anyway? Is it a roomful of children playing video games? Is it students designing games? Or is it both of these? Good games—as opposed to candy-coated, multiple-choice quiz games—provide immersive experiences for students. Like novels, films, plays, and other media, games can be high-quality materials a teacher uses to enable students to access the curriculum.

The following are three approaches to bringing game-based learning to your classroom. Games as Shared Experience While on an iCivics panel at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in 2015, Benjamin Stokes compared the experience of playing games to taking a class on a field trip. Games, like field trips, provide meaning for students. Games as Text Some games use player choice to tell a story. Many books and movies use the hero’s journey template to tell a story. To assess learning when using a game as a text, use Office 365 or Google Docs.

Games as Models.


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