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Firebrand Literary Firebrand Literary 求めてた 「誰かに自分の話を聞いて欲しい!」 無性にこんな衝動にかられることはないだろうか?男は口数少ないようなイメージがあるかもしれないけど、自分から話をしたい時だってある。 だけど、男が話をすると大抵女性に話を遮られたり、自分の話を聞いてもらえなかったりしてスッキリできないことが多い。
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Snorkel is an online literary magazine with a special interest in bringing together the creative writings of Australians and New Zealanders, while also welcoming submissions from the wider international community. Snorkel is published twice yearly, with Snorkel #7 due for launch in April 2008. Snorkel #1 appeared in April 2005, Snorkel #2 appeared in October 2005, Snorkel #3 appeared in April 2006, Snorkel #4 appeared in October 2006, and Snorkel #5 appeared in April 2007. Snorkel Search Submission Guidelines Snorkel #6: About Snorkel Snorkel #6: About Snorkel
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Writing Guidelines Submitting Your Stories To Glimmer Train Things You Should Know: We two sisters genuinely welcome new writers, and are happy to consider any original short story (no novels, poetry, or stories written for children, please) that has not appeared in a print publication. One of our greatest pleasures is being the first to publish a great story by an emerging voice. Writing Guidelines
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