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About - learn more about the language portal is a language project by Andreas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker.

About - learn more about the language portal

The idea has been on Andreas' mind for quite some time. During his high school and university years he lived in Canada, France, Sweden and the USA. He noticed that just knowing the exact translation often doesn't really help. You really need to "live" the language to come up with the right word. 17 Minute Languages : des cours avec la méthode très efficace d'apprentissage à long terme. Learn a language online. Essential Language Learning Tools.

It’s time to start putting together a list of the best resources I’ve written about and reviewed here on this blog, as well as other high quality sites, resources and tools to help you get started with your language learning.

Essential Language Learning Tools

Everything I’ve listed here is material that I can vouch for or use personally. You’ll never find a recommendation on this site unless I’m 100% convinced it’s a high quality language resource. I’ll be gradually adding to this list over time and linking to it periodically. Full transparency: From time to time I use affiliate links for paid products on this site which means I get a small commission for referrals. It doesn’t affect the price of anything but doing so has helped me continue to maintain and improve this site over the last 5 years as a helpful resource for language learners.

Interested in starting a language blog of your own? 25 Prolific Language Learning Bloggers You Should Follow. NOTE: The original list here has been updated, revised and expanded (again) for 2015.

25 Prolific Language Learning Bloggers You Should Follow

If you’re after a high quality resource for the language you’re learning then have a listen to this. It’s one of the most comprehensive and detailed natural dialogue courses I’ve used (see my review here). Also be sure to visit my Essential Language Learning Tools page for the best of the best resources to help you with your language learning. I thought I’d put together a short list of who I consider to be some of the most prolific and authoritative bloggers on language learning at present. This is definitely not an exhaustive list of every language blogger out there (there are loads of others I deliberately didn’t include for one reason or another and probably a lot that I don’t know about as well). When I started scouring the net for the best language learning blogs I found the lack of good quality, reputable blogs on this topic frustrating, not to mention how much I had to dig in order to find them.

Polyglot Club Site Officiel - Pratiquer des langues et se faire des amis. Quel que soit votre niveau ou votre nationalité, notre réseau social d'échange linguistique vous permettra de pratiquer toutes les langues en ligne ou hors ligne tout en vous faisant de nouveaux amis et en découvrant de nouvelles cultures cosmopolites.

Polyglot Club Site Officiel - Pratiquer des langues et se faire des amis.

Learn a language online with Rocket Languages. Practice English Grammar dans l’App Store. Innovativelanguage. App to learn Italian (android, iOS) What you will find in MosaLingua Italian More than 3000 flash cardsof the most useful words and phrases for communicating and making yourself understood.14 categoriesThe Basics, Eating, Accommodation, Transportation, Shopping, Tourism, Hobbies, Socializing, People, Time, Telecommunications, Emergencies…More than 100 sub-categoriesAt a restaurant, Cooking, At a hotel, The home, Buying & Negotiating, Sports, Partying, Flirting…Learning tipsUseful tips and tricks for faster progressEssential grammarIrregular verbs, pronouns, connectors, how to use the past tense, and soon mini grammar lessons… Audio pronunciationAll the words and phrases are pronounced by native speakers.16 dialoguesdepicting common situations that arise during travel or everyday life.10 levels of difficultyfrom the essential basics to get by to specialized vocabularyMore than 200 bonusesthat you unlock as you progress to stay motivated.

App to learn Italian (android, iOS)

Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online. Learn a language. Make it your own. Learn Spanish, French, English and other languages for free. WeSpeke. BBC Languages – Free online lessons to learn and study with. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Languages Online. Language Learning with Free Podcasts. Wikibooks:Language Learning Difficulty for English Speakers.

This world is full of thousands of languages.

Wikibooks:Language Learning Difficulty for English Speakers

Wikibooks also hosts many different language learning books, but on a smaller scale, of course. Becoming fluent in a language is no walk in the park, even if you do already display an aptitude for languages. This Wikibook will act as a very useful guide showing how difficult learning any particular language you have set your eyes on is. Many people wonder how long it will take them to become proficient in a certain language.

Learn Languages Online. Courses. L-Lingo Online Application. Language Learning - Bravolol. Lerne kostenlos Spanisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Portugiesisch, Italienisch und Englisch. Language-Learning Software and Online Courses. The Linguist. Learn Languages Online. Log in - 7000 Languages. 7000 Languages is a nonprofit organization that makes world-class technology, donated by Transparent Language, available to language teams working with lesser-known and under-resourced languages.

7000 Languages

The program began in 2009 as Transparent Language's Heritage and Endangered Languages Preservation Program (H.E.L.P.P.), which worked with partner organizations to develop courses in Ojibwe, Balinese, and many other languages. In 2013, H.E.L.P.P. expanded into the 7000 Languages Project, which brought in expert organizations like the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) to select, train, and support language teams. Tribalingual - learn rare and endangered languages.