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It’s Me, and Here’s My Proof: Why Identity and Authentication Mu. Published: February 14, 2006 By Steve Riley Senior Security StrategistSecurity Technology UnitMicrosoft Corporation See other Viewpoint articles. No matter what kinds of technological or procedural advancements occur, certain principles of computer science will remain -- especially those concerning information security. I’ve noticed lately that, among all the competing claims of security vendors that their latest shiny box will solve all your security woes, a basic understanding of computer science fundamentals is missing. Because good computer science never loses importance, and because knowing the science can help you choose products and develop processes, from time to time I will cover such topics in this column.

The Concepts. Privacy World. Social Engineering Fundamentals, Part I: Hacker Tactics. A True Story One morning a few years back, a group of strangers walked into a large shipping firm and walked out with access to the firm’s entire corporate network. How did they do it? By obtaining small amounts of access, bit by bit, from a number of different employees in that firm. First, they did research about the company for two days before even attempting to set foot on the premises. For example, they learned key employees’ names by calling HR. The strangers knew the CFO was out of town, so they were able to enter his office and obtain financial data off his unlocked computer. In this case, the strangers were network consultants performing a security audit for the CFO without any other employees' knowledge.

Definitions Security is all about trust. Target and Attack Finding good, real-life examples of social engineering attacks is difficult. Social engineering attacks take place on two levels: the physical and the psychological. Social Engineering by Phone. Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action. "Repugnant Philosophy": Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action(1) by Dr.

Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action

David L. Perry (Reprinted with permission from Journal of Conflict Studies, Spring 1995. A slightly modified version was reprinted in Jan Goldman, ed., Ethics of Spying: A Reader for the Intelligence Professional, 2006.) Spy & Counterspy. "...she's a flight risk." The Spy Who Billed Me. Seymour Hersh was likely counting on his reputation cutting through any obstacles that could prevent him from pulling off what is probably the last “blockbuster” of his career.

The Spy Who Billed Me

And he did meet an obstacle: He is pretending to break a broken story—and he knows it. Tuesday evening on Democracy Now! Hersh tried to slide by my allegations of unethical behavior.[1] Hersh commented: … people were writing stories accusing me a [sic] plagiarism in the press in the last two days. Setting aside the apparent assertion that 10,000 words make it okay to take credit for someone else’s story, “wacky stuff” in the referenced 2011 blog article included, among other points:

Special Advice For Activists And Dissidents. Knowing the special concerns and avoiding the special risks that apply to you If you are a political activist or dissident, don't expect that just crossing borders will somehow make you immune to the repressive antics of the Bush administration and the country's reactionary state security apparatus.

Special Advice For Activists And Dissidents

It won't - I can vouch for that fact from personal experience. If anything, it will actually increase the harassment and intimidation - the covert tentacles of Foggy Bottom truly stretch far and wide. What exile will do for you is make you less vulnerable to future repression that is coming within the U.S. - the gulag that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has begun to prepare for people the government doesn't like (currently being built under the name, "Operation Endgame"), and the increasingly brutal and intolerant behavior of the local police in the States, as well as the increasingly intolerant attitude of the American people themselves towards liberal politics.

The Ranger Digest-Outdoor Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Cam. EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE - Outdoors Gear, Survival Equipment Review & Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story - Cryptome. Homeland Security: First Aid Check List. The Survival Kit or Bugout Bag. Assembling a basic first aid kit for home or travel. First Aid Kit. First aid kits can be bought ready made from a chemist or made up to your own personal specification.

First Aid Kit

The components of a first aid kit are largely a matter of personal choice but the kit should contain items sufficient for the size of the party and appropriate to the activity undertaken. The list below is an example of a general first aid kit sufficient for a party of six persons. First Aid Kit Preparation : Article by Ron Fuerst, MD. Surgical Care at the District Hospital. NEEDLES Surgical needles are classified in three categories: Within these categories, there are hundreds of different types.

Surgical Care at the District Hospital

Use cutting needles on the skin, and for securing structures like drains. Use round bodied needles in fragile tissue, for example when performing an intestinal anastomosis. Do not use a cutting needle in this situation. Trochar needles have a sharp tip but a round body. Needles are attached to the suture commercially (sweged on: see Figure 4.5) or have eyes to pass the suture through (free needles). Techniques There are many ways to secure tissue during an operative procedure and to repair discontinuity in the skin: tape, glue, staples and suture. Suturing techniques include: