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Index of /aikido. Aikidodotcom. Aikido Online Welcomes You! AikiWeb Aikido Information. Aikido World Journal - Homepage. AIKIDO - Video clips - Stefan Stenudd. Video clips of Aikido Techniques, Classes and Demonstrations At a seminar I held in the Czech city Hradec Kralove, in the spring of 2003, Larry Kwolek made a number of video clips. Some of them you find below. More of me, and many others, you find at Larry's big aikido website The Aikido FAQ. Shodokan Aikido. Shomen ate Many people in enbu can use this technique frequently but in one-against-one practice it is not often seen.

Shodokan Aikido

Some people dislike this technique because it is done in a straight line. However, it is seen when used as a quick response against multiple attackers. Aikido movements are not just circular but for those people who insist on using circular movements, a straight line must also be thought of as a part of a huge circle. Kingfisher Woodworks: Bokken, Jo, Japanese wooden swords and sta. Aikido Primer. AIKI DOJO AZUR: Aikido Iwama Ryu à Grasse, Nice, Sophia Antipoli.