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The Elder Geek on Windows XP The Elder Geek on Windows XP Microsoft formally launched Windows 8 at a press event held Thursday in New York City. I didn't attend (not that I was invited), but I did watch the live stream of the event to see if there were any notable announcements. In my opinion, the biggest (and oft repeated) theme was Microsoft putting forth reassurances they were still in the business of making operating systems for PC's while trying to convince millions of current users they are not abandoning them in favor of tablets, phones, and other touch and mobile devices.
Myth (Definition) - "A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology." There are numerous Myths floating around the Internet regarding Windows XP, especially relating to Optimizations and Security. This site will debunk these. Windows XP is still supported by Microsoft through April 8, 2014. XP Myths XP Myths