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Quiki: guest@index Yet Another Wiki? Yes! There are already some Wikis written in Perl: Quiki: guest@index


DokuWiki] DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database. It is loved by users for its clean and readable syntax. The ease of maintenance, backup and integration makes it an administrator's favorite.
Welcome to d-cubed
MonkeyGTD - MonkeyGTD asdf config.options.chkHttpReadOnly = false;\n <! MonkeyGTD - MonkeyGTD
About About ''~TiddlySnip is a Firefox extension that lets you use your ~TiddlyWiki as a scrapbook! Simply select text, right click and choose '~TiddlySnip selection'. Next time you open your ~TiddlyWiki file, your snippets will be there, already tagged and organised.''
Right click on the following download link and select "Save link as..." or "Save target as...". Save the downloaded file on your desktop (or anywhere you like) then double click it to start using it. Updating from a 2.3 or higher MPTW (Note, you can find your MPTW version number using <<mptwVersion>>. Current latest version is 2.7.4). MPTW - tiddlywiki powered up (2.5.2)

MPTW - tiddlywiki powered up (2.5.2)

Instiki is a basic Wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability. Supports file uploads, LaTeX export, Atom feeds, S5 slideshows, multiple users and password protection.


GTDTiddlyWiki - your simple client side wiki