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Site - Validation. jFormVal. Ketchup Plugin. Ketchup is a small (3.4KB minified & gzipped) jQuery Plugin that helps you to validate your forms.

Ketchup Plugin

Out of the box it has 18 basic validations and a bubble like style. But truly this Plugin wants to be hacked to fit your needs. Easily write your own validations and overwrite/extend the default behaviour. Bubbles are not for everyone... Default Behavior If you like the style of the bubbles and all validations you need are already included you can get this Plugin up and running like so: Your HTML Header Include the default stylesheet (located in .

<! Your HTML By default Ketchup checks the data-validate attribute of form fields if it can find matching validations. Your Javascript Just call ketchup() on your form, voilà. $('#default-behavior').ketchup(); Declare fields to validate in the call In last version Ketchup checked the class attribute for validations... which was not everyones taste because class should be used for defining CSS classes. Validate on different events. Uniform - Sexy forms with jQuery. Grimen&#039;s validatious-on-rails at master - GitHub. An Open Source, web based paper form verification and data entry system. CSS-Only, Table-less Forms. Licensing I've gotten alot of email asking about using this work in various projects and sites.

CSS-Only, Table-less Forms

These requests often need me to license my work using one of the myriad of open source licenses. Unfortunately, for the people requesting, I don't like any of these licenses as pretty much all of them require me to allow redistribution, which I'm not ok with. So, to quell any further requests in that vein, let me just say that anybody looking to use my work should check my copyright as everything is clearly laid out in there. In essence, if you want to hire me to implement this work in a project or site or it'll be for a non-commercial project that won't be redistributed, then we can probably work something out.

Backend For those that automatically assume I'm using PHP, sorry to burst your bubble. Most of the CSS-only, table-less forms available suck. The problems with Mac/IE5.2 probably aren't worth fixing. Update Expression Evaluations: Ruby Quiz - Math Captcha (#48) Math Captcha (#48) by Gavin Kistner "What is fifty times 'a', if 'a' is three?

Ruby Quiz - Math Captcha (#48)

" #=> 150 Write a Captcha system that uses english-based math questions to distinguish humans from bots. A 'captcha' is an automated way for a computer (usually a web server) to try to weed out bots, which don't have the 'intelligence' to answer a question that's fairly straightforward for a human. The most common form of captcha is an image that has been munged in such a way that it's supposed to be very hard for a computer to tell you what it says, but easy for a human. This quiz is to write a different kind of captcha system - one that asks the user questions in plain text. How to improve the image quality and generate random string image in the plugin validates_captcha « Ajax on Rails. Captcha in Ruby on Rails - Customize the use of captcha in the plugin validates_captcha « Ajax on Rails. October 24, 2006 at 6:59 pm Hello Everyone !!

Captcha in Ruby on Rails - Customize the use of captcha in the plugin validates_captcha « Ajax on Rails

I have released a captcha plugin Simple Captcha. It is really simple to implement, and provides a cool feature of multiple styles of images. Previous Post for validates_captcha To implement captcha in RubyonRails, validates_captcha plugin can be a good option but a small customization i need with this plugin was to use it on some specific action and not to be validated the captcha field every time an instance of the model is saved or updated. Ruby script/plugin install Make sure that you can now see the directory vedor/plugins/validates_captcha. Now run these commands from your application root to make the image and data directories ruby script/generate captcha store_directory ruby script/generate captcha image_directory Here is the complete API for the usage of this plugin. Lets consider a model User in which we will implement the captcha. Panasonic Youth » BrainBuster - Logic Captcha for Rails.

Form_test_helper: Make form-related functional tests easier in Rails. By Peter Cooper / November 1, 2006 Jason Garber has got in touch about his new Rails plugin, form_test_helper, that makes testing forms easier than before.

form_test_helper: Make form-related functional tests easier in Rails

As the plugin's official home page has less information than the mail he sent me, I'm reproducing his mail in full as it's the useful reference so far: With my form_test_helper Rails plugin, your functional and integration tests can work more like the browser. No longer do you need to feed params to an action: post :create, :name => 'Pickaxe', :category => 1, :out_of_print => 0 ...and then wait for it to break silently when you change your form but forget to change the test. This is a nice win for test readability.