Visual Disk Test (VDT) - the unofficial google shell. - the unofficial google shell. Goosh 0.5.0-beta #1 Mon, 23 Jun 08 12:32:53 UTC, Google/Ajax Welcome to - the unofficial google shell. This google-interface behaves similar to a unix-shell. You type commands and the results are shown on this page.
blacktree-visor - Google Code
Use a Different Color for the Root Shell Prompt - Terminal
trash-cli - Google Code
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ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows

ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows

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Research Systems Unix Group: radmind Research Systems Unix Group: radmind radmind - A suite of Unix command-line tools and a server designed to remotely administer the file systems of multiple Unix machines. For Mac OS X, there's also a graphical interface. At its core, radmind operates as a tripwire. It is able to detect changes to any managed filesystem object, e.g. files, directories, links, etc. However, radmind goes further than just integrity checking: once a change is detected, radmind can optionally reverse the change.
Let's face it: Bad habits are hard to break. But habits that you've just become comfortable with can be even more difficult to overcome. Sometimes, a fresh look at things may provide you with an "A-ha, I didn't know you could do that!" moment. Building on Michael Stutz's excellent article, "Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits," this article suggests 10 more UNIX command-line commands, tools, and techniques that may make you more productive as a UNIX command-line wizard. The 10 additional good habits you should adopt are: UNIX tips: Learn 10 more good UNIX usage habits UNIX tips: Learn 10 more good UNIX usage habits