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PC World - Seven Post-Install Tips for Ubuntu 7.04. So, you've just installed Ubuntu 7.04, otherwise known as the "Feisty Fawn" release of everyone's favorite (for now) flavor of Linux.

PC World - Seven Post-Install Tips for Ubuntu 7.04

You booted the installation disc, looked around the test environment to discover that your hardware was working, and double-clicked the Install icon on the desktop. The Ubuntu installer helped you make room for Linux on your hard drive, and even copied over some of your documents and settings from Windows. Half an hour ago, you had only Windows on your PC, but now you have a choice at boot time, and a whole new world to explore. CLIcompanion in Launchpad. CLI Companion is a tool to store and run Terminal commands from a GUI.

CLIcompanion in Launchpad

People unfamiliar with the Terminal will find CLI Companion a useful way to become acquainted with the Terminal and unlock its potential. Experienced users can use CLI Companion to store their extensive list of commands in a searchable list. We recommend you install from the PPA so you can get the latest releases when they become available: You can add the PPA and install CLI Companion with these commands run in a Terminal: PythonSnippets. Ubuntu Tweak - Let's rock with Ubuntu.  The Book On Community Management, by Jono Bacon. Ubuntu-pt. Um site muito bom, o » Ubuntu Os X.