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Use gperf for efficient C/C++ command line processing. Command-line processing and the need for gperf Command-line processing is historically one of the most ignored areas in software development.

Use gperf for efficient C/C++ command line processing

Just about any relatively complicated software has dozens of available command-line options. In fact, it's not uncommon to find hundreds of lines of if-else statements coded to process user input, and maintenance of such legacy code becomes a time-consuming affair even for seasoned programmers. In such circumstances, most C developers commonly go for a rather long (and often nested) if-else statement with ANSI C library functions such as strcmp, strcasecmp, and strtok thrown in for good measure, as Listing 1 shows. Listing 1. If (strtok(cmdstring, "+dumpdirectory")) { // code for printing help messages goes here } else if (strtok(cmdstring, "+dumpfile")) { // code for printing version info goes here } Instead of the ANSI C-based application program interface (API), a C++ developer would probably use strings from the Standard Template Library (STL).

GECODE home. C++ FQA Lite: Defective C++ Part of C++ FQA Lite This page summarizes the major defects of the C++ programming language (listing all minor quirks would take eternity). To be fair, some of the items by themselves could be design choices, not bugs. For example, a programming language doesn't have to provide garbage collection. It's the combination of the things that makes them all problematic. For example, the lack of garbage collection makes C++ exceptions and operator overloading inherently defective. No compile time encapsulation In naturally written C++ code, changing the private members of a class requires recompilation of the code using the class.

This makes C++ interfaces very unstable - a change invisible at the interface level still requires to rebuild the calling code, which can be very problematic when that code is not controlled by whoever makes the change. Well, at least when all relevant code is controlled by the same team of people, the only problem is the frequent rebuilds of large parts of it. VTK - The Visualization Toolkit. Qt – A cross-platform application and UI framework. Service Home Terms and Conditions About Us Product Search By Brand/Manufacturer Information Firm 25 Years QT software 1988 - 2013 QT software GmbH Konstanzer Strasse 10 D-10707 Berlin VAT ID: DE240717131 HRB 95526 B Berlin D-U-N-S© 31-560-9789 You are here: / Home * All prices incl.

Qt – A cross-platform application and UI framework

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