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Use gperf for efficient C/C++ command line processing. Command-line processing and the need for gperf Command-line processing is historically one of the most ignored areas in software development.

Use gperf for efficient C/C++ command line processing

Just about any relatively complicated software has dozens of available command-line options. In fact, it's not uncommon to find hundreds of lines of if-else statements coded to process user input, and maintenance of such legacy code becomes a time-consuming affair even for seasoned programmers. In such circumstances, most C developers commonly go for a rather long (and often nested) if-else statement with ANSI C library functions such as strcmp, strcasecmp, and strtok thrown in for good measure, as Listing 1 shows. GECODE home. C++ FQA Lite: Defective C++ Part of C++ FQA Lite This page summarizes the major defects of the C++ programming language (listing all minor quirks would take eternity). To be fair, some of the items by themselves could be design choices, not bugs.

For example, a programming language doesn't have to provide garbage collection. It's the combination of the things that makes them all problematic. VTK - The Visualization Toolkit. Qt – A cross-platform application and UI framework.