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[CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site. Smashing Texture Contest Results. Advertisement Last week was really full of hard work for us. The response to Smashing Texture Contest1 was impressive and overwhelming. We have received over 740 e-mails from over 600 participants, resulting in far more than 2000 photos. The result, however, is not just literally zillion of textures, but truly brilliant textures you can use in your private and professional projects for free. Thanks to all participants — without Smashing readers this texture gallery wouldn’t be possible. Web Design Blog. Free Textures from Z7server. Free 3ds Textures.

Texture Warehouse. Amazing Textures - High resolution textures for 3D modelling. is one of the biggest and most popular dedicated online texture libraries in the world.

Amazing Textures - High resolution textures for 3D modelling

Established in 2004, we have thousands of professionals using our texture library every day. We are constantly adding to the library, creating new textures that will save you time and bring your 3D scenes to life. Free Textures from Free Textures from TextureKing.