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ejschmitt's jsvars at master - GitHub README.textile Jsvars This rails plugin will hide the messiness of passing variables from rails into javascript. It will automatically add the js needed to create a variable you define in rails, or add variables to objects. ejschmitt's jsvars at master - GitHub
A Bort Fork - Rails Base Application « Mr. Matt - Ruby on Rails Developer, Manchester UK
While the Asset Pipeline introduced in Rails 3.1 is awesome, it can be slow if you are precompiling on deploy time. To get around this, you can compile your assets on your local machine and commit them to your repo. To automate the process, I wrote a small pre-commitGit hook that runs rake assets:precompile:all if any assets have been changed then adds the results to the current commit. To use simply copy the code below into .git/hooks/pre-commit inside of your Rails application. #! Bort - A Base Rails Application | Ruby on Rails Bort - A Base Rails Application | Ruby on Rails
Rails 2.0 and Scaffolding Step by Step Rails 2.0 and Scaffolding Step by Step Rails 2.0 step by step. Part 2 is hereRuby on Rails 2.0 was released by the Rails core team on Friday, December 7th. There were quite a few changes in the 2.0 release, including the way that Rails generates scaffolding code. This change will probably cause trouble for people using tutorials written for previous versions of Rails. I hope this tutorial will help readers get started with Rails 2.0 and keep the community of Rails developers growing. This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial.
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