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10 incredible JQuery navigation menus. Animated Drop Down menu with JQuery A DropDrown menu is often a good choice when you have many items to display.

10 incredible JQuery navigation menus

In such cases, what about animating it? Source iPod style menu. Relevance Blog : 10 must-have Rails plugins. 10 must-have Rails plugins I was talking to Tim the other day about auditing Rails projects, and how we see a lot of Rails projects that reinvent the wheel instead of using plugins.

Relevance Blog : 10 must-have Rails plugins

The obvious follow-up question, of course, is "What plugins (or gems) should we be using? " Below I list ten plugins that we use regularly, and a brief reason why you might want to, too. fixture_replacement2: fixtures are difficult to maintain. There is no "one size fits all solution," but we have found this to be a big help.tarantula: A single test can find a lot of bugs, if that single test visits every link in your app, tries to submit bad data, and polices your output HTML.test_spec_on_rails: specs are better than tests.permalink_fu: meaningful URLs for your objects.safe_erb: don't trust external data!

Plugins - RSpec Resource Generator - Agile Web Development. Use this generator to generate RESTful scaffolding with RSpec specifications. Syntax is exactly the same as the scaffold_resource generator: . /script/generate rspec_resource ModelName [field:type field:type] When you run this generator, it will create a migration, model, and model spec file. In addition, it gives you a RESTful controller with all the actions filled in, and a complete specification for the controller. Views are all hooked up too.