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Open source ERP CRM BI opentaps ofbiz pentaho jasper reports enterprise software — Open Source Strategies, Inc. Anatomy of a runaway IT project : Bruce F. Webster. The following document is the actual text — carefully redacted — of a memo I wrote some time back [i.e., several years ago] after performing an IT project review; names and identifying concepts have been changed to preserve confidentiality (and protect the guilty).

Anatomy of a runaway IT project : Bruce F. Webster

The project in question was a major IT re-engineering effort for a mission-critical system; at the time I did this review, the project had been going on for several years and had cost millions of dollars; it would eventually be canceled and the work products abandoned. The memo itself provides an interesting glimpse into just how a major IT project can go so far off the tracks that nothing useful is ever delivered. IT Tutorials and Interview questions. Elevate. advance. deliver.