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Exploring CouchDB

CouchDB is an open source document-oriented database-management system, accessible using a RESTful JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) API. The term "Couch" is an acronym for "Cluster Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware," reflecting the goal of CouchDB being extremely scalable, offering high availability and reliability, even while running on hardware that is typically prone to failure. Apache CouchDB: The CouchDB Project. Ongoing · WF XI: Results. This is the eleventh progress re­port from the Wide Fin­der Pro­ject; I’ll use it as the re­sults ac­cu­mu­la­tor, up­dat­ing it in place even if I go on to write more on the sub­jec­t, which seems very like­ly.

ongoing · WF XI: Results

[Up­date: Your new lead­er: Per­l.] The Name · There’ve been a few posts won­der­ing about the name “Wide Finder”. The orig­i­nal Ru­by code came from my Beau­ti­ful Code chap­ter called “Finding Things”; thus it was a Fin­der.