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Stiff plastic pipe smoking. Jukka Viitasara and Karl Berglund launch their groundbreaking pipe, merging briar wood with thermo plastic Words David Hellqvist PhotographyNikolas VentourakisThere is no point in changing the design of a classic product unless you are improving its functionality.

Stiff plastic pipe smoking

Full stop. Too many designers and manufacturers let us down by tinkering with an already perfect object. On the other hand, if your objective is to push the boundaries, develop concepts and further ideas, then be my guest: fiddle away. And that’s exactly what Stiff, the brainchild of Swedes Jukka Viitasara and Karl Berglund, has done with the noble art of pipe smoking through mixing industrial expertise with hand made craftsmanship. Produced in Sweden, their pipe is the first “plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber”. MoodINQ - Programmable Tattoo System. Uses Safe Sub-dermal Implants!

moodINQ - Programmable Tattoo System

How many people do you know who regret their tattoo? You grow up, you dump (or get dumped), or maybe you picked a tattoo "artist" that learned their craft in prison using ballpoint pens and a sharpened paper clip. At that point, your choices are: deal with it, get it covered up, or get shot with lasers to take it off. And nobody wants to go for a job interview only to be given the evil eye because you're a little more inked than the current employees! Body modification discrimination is a sad fact of life. What do you do when you want a tattoo but don't want the commitment of permanent ink?

So how does it work? (Important Note: What you are buying here is the moodInq Wand, software, and a 2-year membership to moodInq's tattoo art database. Once the implantation process is complete, changing your tattoo is easy and quick with the moodInq Wand. The uses of a moodInq tattoo are endless. Product Specifications. The Inkless Metal Pen. Graphite is for people who aren’t confident in what they’re writing and accountants.

The Inkless Metal Pen

Ink is for doodling in meetings. Metal is for everything else. If you want to make a point (that doesn’t require any sharpening or refilling), look no further than the Inkless Metal Pen. There’s no ink to dry up or leak all over your new shirt. No sharpening or pesky lead refills. Special alloy metal tipNo sharpening neededVirtually smudge-freeNever runs out of “ink” Bicycle Wine Rack. Generally, wine and bicycles go together like oil and water.

Bicycle Wine Rack

Polish off a few bottles of vino and mounting your metal steed isn’t a great idea. Getting to your destination with an unopened bottle intact is almost as difficult. You can’t just throw it in your bag because it will end up getting destroyed, and riding with it in your hand makes maneuvering a challenge. What you really need is some sort of holster that you can mount to your bike. This is it. NOTE: This holster will only attach to 1"-1.5"” bike frames! Olive oil-treated vegetable-tanned leatherHandmade in MontrealFits 1” - 1.5" bike frames onlyAntique brass fastenersHidden clamping system keeps bottle in placeAdjustable to fit different types of 3” bottles. Metal Inkless Pen + Key Ring. If you're looking for a permanent, more authoritarian point when writing, you use a pen not a pencil.

Metal Inkless Pen + Key Ring

If you also want to look really cool in the process, skip the choice between blue or black and go straight for metal. The inkless metal pen is just that, a pen that writes with metal. Since it also happens to be tiny enough to reside comfortably on your keys, this is one pen worth paying for because it's going to be a lot harder to lose. Did we mention it writes in metal? Writes in metalVirtually smudge-freeNever requires ink or sharpening. Green, Canteen, Water Bottle.

It's been over a year now, and these really aren't all I had hoped.

Green, Canteen, Water Bottle

I love the insulation, the BPA-free, the size, dishwasher safe... But the bottom line is that they leak. We use them in our lunches and often have milk packed in them. The can is not turned upside down or even on its side. Yet every day, there is a small puddle of milk in the bottom of the lunch pail and other food has milk on it.

Also, we scrub these pretty good and they definitely retain a milk smell. These are coming out of rotation for us. Best use: water.