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The Evolution of Reddit Through Time infographic from Randal covers the history of Reddit for the past 7 years. With thousands of active subreddits, the visual above displays the 24 most active. Track the popularity of each subreddit through the years! The graph below shows how 24 of the most active subreddits have changed over time. Cool Infographics - Blog
This is a real treat – a guest post by SPM member and participatory pioneer Kate Lorig. Kate was a friend of our founder “Doc Tom” Ferguson, is cited twice in his e-patient white paper (see right sidebar), was the author of an important essay What will it take to embrace participatory medicine? One patient’s view in the first issue of our journal, and is listed on its advisory board. Her bio (at bottom) doesn’t brag about it but in many circles she’s best known as the creator of CDSMP, the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, a six week training that basically teaches patient engagement – teaches patients to be engaged in managing themselves. Except now she wants us to maybe not talk about e-patients. e-Patients


Public Libraries

For the most part, libraries are a free service that many local residents enjoy, yet sometimes, overdue library books can result in fines, warrants or even jail time! People usually return a book before it’s overdue to prevent increasing fines. Sometimes, however, certain events in life can get in the way of returning a library item on time. In Copperas Cove, Texas, a man named Jory Enck was recently jailed for failing to return an overdue GED study guide from three years ago! Since 2002, the city library has had a strict rule when it comes to overdue books. Public Libraries
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