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Download Free Ebooks, Legally - Iceweasel

Download Free Ebooks, Legally - Iceweasel

The universe is ruled by the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, the business having overwhelmed nations and interstellar empires to create a single empire. One girl, Hanako, is on the run from the Corporation, and it’s up to the Smuggler Knight to get her to safety. But Hanako has a secret, one that will ultimately decide the fate of the universe… Hanako’s Heart – 148 pages, 609KB (PDF)

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Free e-books - Iceweasel Note: Many books in the public domain may be freely accessed from the headings below. As well, some further titles are included under specified conditions, thanks to the generosity of the authors and/or publishers. However, please note that we cannot offer access to any copyrighted books unless the publisher or copyright owner has so permitted. Please respect the rights of authors to sustain their livelihoods - you would not work for nothing, so the goldern rule applies here.
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