Emacs Starter Kit Emacs Starter Kit Install Emacs version 24 or greater. Use your package manager if you have one and it has an install candidate for Emacs 24, otherwise install it directly from source, or Mac binaries may be downloaded from the nightlies section of http://emacsformacosx.com/buildsCheckout a version of the starter kit using git – if you're new to git checkout this git-tutorial, also we'd highly recommend that you try out magit the Emacs mode for git interaction. git clone http://github.com/eschulte/emacs24-starter-kit.git Move the resulting directory to ~/.emacs.d Launch Emacs! After setup you may need to restart Emacs one or twice while it downloads packages from ELPA – errors parsing html from *tromey.com:80* can generally be safely ignored.





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How I Work: Working with OS X and Emacs January 4th, 2011 by Ryan McGeary · 8 Comments Watch the Video I was featured this week on a new site called How I Work (now defunct). M-x all-things-emacs - Iceweasel M-x all-things-emacs - Iceweasel
minor emacs wizardry - Iceweasel As much as i try to avoid it, i always end up with lots of usernames and passwords to remember, not to mention a couple of bank accounts and a credit card number for on-line shopping. There’s no way i’m going to remember any of them—why, i even need to keep track of my telephone number. Time to write down a tidy nice little list, that is, time to look for and set up an adequate emacs mode or two. When it comes to keeping lists, the table editor of org-mode is what you need. Org-mode is included in emacs 22, but Carsten &co. keep adding new stuff and fixing bugs, so it won’t hurt you to get the unstable version from its website. minor emacs wizardry - Iceweasel
Newest 'emacs' Questions - Stack Overflow - Iceweasel
JDEE | SourceForge ★ 5.0 Stars (3) 113 Downloads (This Week) Last Update: Download jdee-bin-2.4.1.tar.bz2 Browse All Files The JDEE is an add-on software package that turns Emacs into a comprehensive system for creating, editing, debugging, and documenting Java applications. JDEE Web Site JDEE | SourceForge