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40+ Best Cinema 4D Tutorials that You’ll Love to Learn. Most of us are quite familiar with 3D technology – what with the latest movies and games that have been released in the market today.

40+ Best Cinema 4D Tutorials that You’ll Love to Learn

We can’t hide the fact that 3d animations and graphics have been so outstanding. Today, we give you a various tutorial resource on one of the most powerful 3d application used these days, the Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D is a 3d graphic application (developed by MAXON Computer GmbH) that can do modeling, animation and rendering in one. 40+ Best Cinema 4D Tutorials are compiled in this post to illustrate a few useful techniques in creating your own cinema 4d creation… This set of tutorials will surely entertain and inspire you to learn innovative techniques. Some tutorials are combination of other applications to enhance the result.. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Alexey Kashpersky. Official website. 40+ Cool and Useful Ice Textures For Free. Ice, as we all know, is the solid form of water.

40+ Cool and Useful Ice Textures For Free

Through the years it has been very useful in many ways such as refreshments, desserts, and preserving foods. Not only that, many artists even used ice as a medium for their art such as ice sculpture. Sometimes as it forms into its hard shape, it can show different appearances when exposed to different impurities and environment, they are utilized by web designers as ice textures that can helpfully add some nice effects. For our next freebie post, we share to you 40+ Cool and Useful Ice Textures For Free. In this article, we have included some of the pleasant ice textures that are in high resolution. Liefmans ice box on Behance. Typography in Ice on Behance. Designed by Karl Frankowski A modern classic.

Typography in Ice on Behance

Augustus is a hefty sans serif that combines classical humanist elements and precise geometry. With racehorses and typography, lineage is everything, and Augustus is from good stock. Karl Frankowski paired the charisma of Morris Fuller Benton’s Eagle Bold with the flair of Zuzana Licko’s Dogma. The trained eye will detect a sprinkling of 19th century wood type in there as well. Five years is a maddening amount of time to spend developing a single-weight typeface. Augustus is now a complete international character set with a gang of whipped alternates. Frozen Face on Behance. Backus Ice - Oktoberfest 2014 on Behance. Behance. Guinness on Behance. Modo: Creating Snow and Ice shaders. 45 Magnificent Modo Tuts. Hey everyone!

45 Magnificent Modo Tuts

I'm back with another huge tutorial roundup of Luxology Modo goodness. This time I've found around 45 (give or take) top-notch tutorials for you to check out...and some have up to 50 parts to them! You have my guarantee on this one, you will not be bored! Learn how to model a house from the ground up using nothing but blueprints. Watch how to model and texture some puzzle pieces. See how to model a wooden canoe. Learn how Christopher Desse models his characters. Learn how to Model a Screw in Modo Model the Black Pearl coin treasures from the Pirates of the Carribbean movies in Modo using reference photogrpahy. Learn how to model the interior of a house with Darius Lacheta. In this six part face modeling series, you will see how to model a girl named Noemi, with Ronald van Vemdon.

Mylenium from Creative Cow shows you how to use Modo 201, a little old but worth the watch. This tutorial only features the unwrapping process in Modo, but also uses XSI, Zbrush, and some Photoshop. The MODO801 Particle System. Rafael Grassetti on Gumroad. Understanding ZBrush and Saving Formats. Making of Starfish. Making of Starfish by Tom Hankins at Colorbleed Studios Video demonstrates how Tom Hankins (Colorbleed Studios) goes about creating an Starfish using Maya, Zbrush, V-ray and Fusion. also check: Making of Autumn Scene by Tom Hankins.

Making of Starfish

Making of Starfish. 99 Brain Blasting Cinema 4D Tutorials! Do I have a gift for outdoing myself or what?

99 Brain Blasting Cinema 4D Tutorials!

That's right, you guys have been begging for this since the last C4D roundup....but be careful what you wish for, cuz now this megalithic, earth shatteringly gargantuan list of 99 Cinema 4D tutorials is here to end life as we know it!!. Yep...this is the biggest roundup ever to be published on CGtuts+, and it's all Cinema 4d baby!.. Enjoy!!. Toon Drops Harry Frank of Graymachine shows you how to make a toony-looking droplet effect using C4D. ZClassroom Digital Sculpting. Drawings Come to Life, 3D Art by Ramon Bruin. Ramon Bruin is a 31-year-old talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands.

Drawings Come to Life, 3D Art by Ramon Bruin

He is mostly a self-taught artist. Besides a great passion for airbrush, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite he makes unique artwork. Modo 401/501 Feature Tours. HYBRIDO REALFLOW 5 TUTORIAL BASIC 1. Lightshock's channel. Modo Morris Minor 1000, Video 01. Cut&Paste LA 2010 3D Part 1 of 2. Luxology modo. 3D Tutorials, 3D modeling tutorials and CG Tutorials. Modo SubD Challenge 005 Timelapse. How to use the modo Array Generator. RealFlow 2012: Hybrido part 1/3.