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Honda Walking Assist Device Prototype #DigInfo. A Robot That Balances on a Ball. The Robopocalypse Cometh: IBM's Cyberbrain Smart as a Cat, Getting Smarter. If the Matrix or I, Robot's view of artificial intelligence sent chilly shivers down your spine, then prepare for frostbite: IBM's artificial brain is now as smart as a cat--just a stop or two down the line from human powers. Speaking at the SC09 high-performance computing conference this week, IBM representatives from the cognitive computing team will be unveiling all the technical details behind their successes with large-scale cortical simulation and brain-like emulation.

But it boils down quite neatly to news that the team has, for the first time, performed an in-computer simulation of a brain's workings at a near-instantaneous speed. The magic is all done in software, with particularly clever program elements that emulate the biochemical and electrical activity of neurons and synapses in real flesh-and-blood brains. Which is where the other bit of IBM's research comes in. Making cyberbrains more like real human ones means better understanding how our brains work. AFT Autonomous Follower Transport Robot Trip.


Mini Delta Robot with background noise to verify actual speed. Keio Robotic Hand : DigInfo. Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight. Video : first cyborg of the world - Vidivodo. Sarcos Robot Arm Balancing a Pole. Robot Controlled by Human Brainwaves. Robonaut 2: Your Future Coworker?