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Brian Gurwitz

Brian Gurwitz prosecuted criminal cases for 13 years in the Orange County District Attorney's office, is deeply committed to protecting his clients' interests with determination and integrity.

Criminal Defense Testimonials and Reviews Orange County - Brian Gurwitz. Client: B.M.

Criminal Defense Testimonials and Reviews Orange County - Brian Gurwitz

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Brian Gurwitz by another top defense attorney in Orange County. Brian is one of the most intelligent and experienced attorneys anywhere. He truly cares about his clients and works extremely hard to give them the very best defense possible. The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act. The Secretary of State confirmed yesterday that Proposition 47 — The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act — will come before the voters on November 4, 2014.

The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act

The initiative would create monumental changes to California laws concerning simple drug possession and low-level theft crimes. Because of the breadth of the initiative, all criminal defense attorneys should quickly become familiar with its terms. It has the potential to affect a sizable portion of felony cases that are currently pending. It would also benefit tens of thousands of convicted felons in California who would become eligible to have their prior convictions reduced to misdemeanors. I have added links to both the text of the initiative as well as a question-and-answer analysis of its most important provisions. In short, except for a limited number of people with specified prior convictions for particularly egregious crimes, all felony offenses for simple drug possession will become straight misdemeanors. Proposition 47 Text. Good Faith Reliance on Bad Laws.

The United States Supreme Court decided two major Fourth Amendment cases recently that significantly change the way California police officers conduct criminal investigations.

Good Faith Reliance on Bad Laws

Last year, in Missouri v. McNeely, a majority of the Court held that police officers may not conduct a warrantless blood draw of a person arrested for DUI, if the arrestee refuses to consent to the search. The Supreme Court rejected the government’s argument that a warrantless blood draw is justified in every DUI case because blood alcohol dissipates over time. This argument was baseless, the Court recognized, since officers can typically obtain a search warrant in short order. Then came Riley v. Based on McNeely, a person who is arrested today can seek to suppress (i.e., exclude from evidence) blood results if they were obtained without a warrant, and after the person affirmatively refused to provide the blood sample. Example Cases of Criminal Law - Brian Gurwitz. Criminal Defense Lawyer Orange County. Disclaimer. Disclaimer The content within this website has been provided strictly for the purposes of information only.


This website's content should not be used as legal advice on any matter. Recipients of thecontent from this website which includes clients or other individuals should refrain from taking action based on any of the content that is displayed or described in the site without first seeking appropriate legal or professional advice on facts and/or circumstances at the issue from an licensed attorney in the recipient's own state.

The content that is covered on this website is general information and does not reflect any current developments, verdicts or settlements. This law firm disclaims all liability for the actions taken or the actions not taken based on the contents of this Website. Any of the information sent to The Firm via e-mail or via the website is not secure, and it is done on a non-confidential basis. This Website and its content are provided without warranty of any kind. What Is Criminal Law? How Does It Proceed In The Court? In its simplest definition, criminal law is a branch of law that specifies and controls criminal acts and behaviors in the society.

What Is Criminal Law? How Does It Proceed In The Court?

A criminal act can be individual or public offense, violation of rules and regulations, and anything that the law does not permit. “Criminal law refers to a body of laws that apply to criminal acts.”A crime scene is when an individual fails to stick to the law; instead, he or she ends up breaking it up. In broader and more technical terms, criminal law is a body of law, specified by the government and the judiciary. Disobeying or violation of the law can entitle one as a criminal, and that individual will face criminal charges. Why Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney is Important If Facing Criminal Charges. Homicide and Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Orange County. Phone: 714.880.8800 1422 Edinger Avenue Suite 100 Tustin, California 92780 Brian Gurwitz – Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Gurwitz graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and then received his law degree with distinction from University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento.

Homicide and Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Orange County

In law school, he served as an editor of the school's law review and worked as a legal extern in the chambers of United States District Court Judge Garland E. Burrell, Jr. Following law school, Mr. Former OC Prosecutor People v. People v. People v. Grand jury investigation of John Chamberlain's jailhouse murder: John Chamberlain was in custody at the Theo Lacy Facility in Orange when numerous fellow inmates beat him to death during a group assault that may have lasted for 30 minutes or more.

People v. People v. People v. Mr. Tried 50 felony and misdemeanor cases to judges and juries, and conducted 40 juvenile court trials. Win or Lose – the lawyer you choose could determine the outcome. A criminal charge is a criminal charge.

Win or Lose – the lawyer you choose could determine the outcome

It does not matter if it is major or minor. Hire An Expert For Your Legal Troubles. Orange County has, in the recent years witnessed its crime rate soar.

Hire An Expert For Your Legal Troubles

Cases of criminal law have reached all time high. This has, in turn given rise to a new breed of criminal lawyers who now specialize in specific areas of criminal law because specialization is the need of the hour. The Importance Of Choosing The Right Criminal Lawyer. If you are ever in a situation where you are charged with criminal charges, then it becomes very important that you have a good lawyer that you can get in touch with.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Criminal Lawyer

If you have the support and advice of a good and experienced legal team then you can be sure that you will be given a fair chance. If you are looking for a lawyer, it will be a good idea to check out the criminal defense reviews in Orange County before you actually decide on the lawyer. This will give you an idea of the success rate of the lawyer, opinions and experiences of other clients and then you can take a call. The Important Responsibility Of A Defense Attorney -

Criminal Defense Testimonials/Reviews Orange County –Brian Gurwitz. An Attorney Can Help A Young DUI Suspect But They Need Guidance. Why Criminal Defense is Integral to American Constitution? Taking the cue from recent criminal law cases one can agree upon the fact that crimes have always been the thorn of human society.

Why Criminal Defense is Integral to American Constitution?

We may dream of a utopia, a society devoid of all evils and laid down by virtues of men instead of the tyranny of mankind. How often this wishful thinking leads to another evil so obscured from our eyes that we completely ignore it? In the zeal to become a proverbial wonderland, we take up measures that lead to disastrous ramifications. Law and order are more than rules and commandments, they are the facets that ensure and uphold the face of justice in our society. Cases Of Criminal Law Justify Presumption Of... A Clean Record is an Option for the Cases of Criminal Law in California. The forbearers of the American Constitution founded a place, where liberty and freedom of an individual are valued, above all. The statutes of criminal law allow the expungement of criminal offences in United Sates of America. In recent criminal law cases in the State of California, the court has begun to exercise more humane approach towards the convicts, allowing them to start over after successfully completing their county jail time or probation.

With the clean slate, the felons can begin afresh leaving behind their past actions and living a life with self-respect. The laws regarding the dismissal of the conviction come as a breath of fresh air to the convicted individuals. Cases Of Criminal Law Require A Skilled Eye. Criminal law is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a deft individual with an eye for detail. The life and reputation of an individual are at stake. Importance of a Criminal Attorney. It pays to have a decent attorney while facing serious felony or misdemeanor charges. Someone, who knows his way around the mind-boggling legal system of America.

If you are in the State of California, a criminal attorney of Orange County or Los Angeles is the one, who can save you. They ensure that your civil rights remain intact in the due process of the trial. Seek a Criminal Attorney in Orange County for Conviction Dismissal. Searching For A Criminal Defense Law Firm In Orange County? - Homicide and Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Orange County. Homicide and Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Orange County. Criminal Defense Specialist Orange County, CA. Criminal Defense Specialist Orange County, CA. Best Ways to Build a Strong Criminal Defense Case in Orange County. Are you facing investigation or have you been arrested for any criminal offense in Orange County, California? Your livelihood and personal freedom may be at stake. Don't worry; you don't have to face this ordeal alone.

An accomplished criminal attorney in Orange County can provide the right guidance by informing you about your interests and rights and build a strong defense on your behalf. Most Important Services of Accomplished Orange County Criminal Attorney. Have you been accused of violating any California criminal laws? Are you facing the prospects of jail time or serious penalties? You need to contact an Orange County criminal attorney at the earliest.

The criminal justice system is a web of complications and no matter how intelligent you are, it can become very difficult and stressful to competently defend yourself against allegations. Why take the risk when there is so much at risk? Best Ways to Select Competent Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County. Are you in trouble with Orange County's criminal justice system? Your first priority should be to contact an experienced criminal defense law firm in Orange County. Without expert legal guidance, your case might not get the best defense or fair treatment. Aggressive Defense Whether you or someone you care about is accused of being involved in misdemeanors such as DUI or something more serious such as a felony, you have the right to defend yourself. An aggressive criminal attorney in Orange County will be able to offer reliable legal counsel, prompt communication and up to date resources.

Most Relevant Advice Offered By Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Orange County. Compelling Reasons To Choose Experienced Criminal...