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Get to Know Why You Should Not Hit the Snooze Button at Setu. When I wake up early in the morning, Lift my head, I’m still yawning There’s something timeless about the lyrics of this Beatles song, and we bet you relate to it.

Get to Know Why You Should Not Hit the Snooze Button at Setu

If you wake up every morning to the annoying sound of an alarm and feel like it’s gone-off too early, you probably also hit the snooze button like clockwork. After all, when you’re tucked in bed and craving some more shut-eye, the idea of 10 more minutes of sleep can seem enticing. Unfortunately, this may not be the best idea as experts have been warning against the risks of hitting snooze every morning. Immediate Effects of Hitting the Snooze Button To understand the impact of the snooze button, you need to understand the stages of sleep. The deep sleep stage that follows is critical for health, as this is when energy is directed towards the regeneration of body tissue, musculoskeletal development, and strengthening immune function.

Long Term Health Risks of Hitting the Snooze Button Beat the ‘You Snooze, You Lose’ Syndrome. Know-How to Understand Blood Test Report from Setu Online. Blood tests have become an inevitable part of our lives.

Know-How to Understand Blood Test Report from Setu Online

Whether it is for analyzing the general state of health or detecting the presence of an infection, blood reports speak volumes about your health. However, it is a tough task to interpret those crazy abbreviations and complex numbers in test reports. This article will prepare you for easily decoding your blood test results next time. Take a Look at the Effects of Blue Light on Human Eye at Setu. This is the age of technology and we are surrounded by it.

Take a Look at the Effects of Blue Light on Human Eye at Setu

From employment to entertainment, everything demands us to sit in front of a digital screen and expose our eyes to the blue light emitted by digital devices. I’m sure most of you must’ve come across the term ‘blue light’ and some of you may have even read about it, but do you really know what is blue light and how exactly it can affect your eyes? Here I tell you everything you need to know about it – the beneficial effects, the bad effects, and ways to protect your eyes from blue light. The Fundamental Properties Of Blue Light. Check out the Side Effects of Isotretinoin at Setu today. Unless you are one of those lucky few who have been blessed with good skin, almost everyone suffers from acne at some point in their lives.

Check out the Side Effects of Isotretinoin at Setu today

Acne is estimated to affect over 9% of the global population, making it the eighth-most prevalent disease worldwide. [1] The struggle with acne can be frustrating and may result in body and self-esteem issues. From lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and regular exercise to over the counter finds, there are various types of treatments available for acne as per your skin type. But, what really causes acne? Acne is a result of excessive production of facial oil or sebum. Why Did Isotretinoin Become Popular? Also popular by its now-defunct brand name Accutane, isotretinoin is an oral form of Vitamin A and works by reducing facial oil production. Explore the History of Turmeric in Ayurveda at Setu. Turmeric is known as the wonder spice for all the right reasons.

Explore the History of Turmeric in Ayurveda at Setu

It holds religious significance, is a functional food, and is also used in medicine. It truly has elaborate uses and is a key item in most households, yet most people don’t know much about turmeric history or the turmeric ayurveda connection. Turmeric history dates back to more than 4,000 years – to the Vedic culture in India. Understand the Reasons to Avoid Wearing a Bra while Sleeping at Setu. It’s been a long and tiring day and all you can think of is getting home and taking that bra off.

Understand the Reasons to Avoid Wearing a Bra while Sleeping at Setu

There’s nothing more liberating and relaxing than stepping into your apartment and unsnapping those hooks! However, while most women can’t wait to take off their bra after the end of a long day, there are others who prefer to wear them to sleep. Rumor has it that wearing a bra to sleep leads to perkier breasts that prevent sagging. Many stars, including the legendary Marilyn Monroe, claim that they sleep with their bras on every night. Click here to Know the Uses and disadvantages of Taking Selfies at Setu. When the selfie phenomenon first emerged, the trend seemed fun, yet annoying, but mostly harmless.

Click here to Know the Uses and disadvantages of Taking Selfies at Setu

Since then, we have come to realize that it’s not just some passing trend of pictures shared on social media. Google reported [1] that in a single year, 24 billion selfies were uploaded to its platform and that was back in 2016. With our selfie obsession only growing, experts have raised concerns in recent years about the impacts of this culture. Learn Easy Exercises to Lose Weight at Home from Setu. Monsoon time can make you very lazy.

Learn Easy Exercises to Lose Weight at Home from Setu

You don’t want to get out of bed because you’re all cozied up in your blanket and while you do have to lug yourself to work, it’s easy to simply, just miss the work out you planned to go for. It’s important to keep the body warm and active because your body can get quite tense and stiff in the monsoons. We’ve devised an in-house workout routine so you can remain fit without leaving your house! Curb the laziness, avoid the rains, potholes, and traffic and read on and try out these exercises for a fitter you this monsoon in the very comfort of your home!

It is very important to do stretching exercises before getting into the rigorous exercise to warm the body up, release muscle tension, and increase the blood flow around the body. . ● Stretch 1: Head & Neck – 2 Sets Each Neck Tilts: In a standing position, tilt the neck slowly from left to right. . ● Stretch 2: Shoulders and Arms – 2 Sets Each ● Stretch 3: Torso and Back – 2 Sets Each ● Stretch 4: Legs. Read about the Presence of Cholesterol in Fish at Setu. Apart from doctors, this suggestion usually comes from the elders of the family or people who follow healthy diets or are fitness freaks.

Read about the Presence of Cholesterol in Fish at Setu

So today, let’s understand how does fish contribute to cholesterol and also if eating seafood increases the cholesterol level? But before that, let’s quickly understand cholesterol. Get to Know about Healthy Ice Cream Online at Setu. Whether we’re upset, tired, had a long week, or simply craving something sweet, it’s true, we all scream for ice cream!

Get to Know about Healthy Ice Cream Online at Setu

Winter may be on its way but that surely won’t stop us from enjoying the frozen, sweet taste of this dessert. However, what does stop most of us from grabbing a cone is the fear of calories, and that makes us sad. After all, we can’t see fellow frozen dessert lovers miss out on the sugary goodness. Therefore, we bring to you a list of some healthy ice cream brands that have all the magic of this dessert, without the unhealthy side effects. Know Bloating Remedies and Causes in-depth at Setu. Bloating can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, because it strikes without warning and with no apparent reasons. Bloating causes considerable discomfort and there’s often no quick and easy way to relieve it. But, as with any annoying and seemingly inexplicable symptom, bloating can be brought on by a variety of factors.

Understanding the underlying causes, whether triggered by minor habitual mistakes or an undiagnosed health condition, can help get a handle on bloating. Take a Look at Myths of Milk, Salt, and Sugar at Setu. All our life we’ve been told what to eat and what not to eat – and we’ve followed these preset rules about food and diet without even questioning or knowing the facts. Almost all kinds of foods found in nature are essential for your body. But there are a few foods that we are told can harm us, they call them ‘the white evils’, these include sugar, salt, milk, white flour and rice. White evils, is it a stereotype or is there any truth? Let’s dive in to address some common white food misconceptions. Busting Myths Around Sugar, Salt, Milk, White Flour & Rice Sugar Myths Sugar Causes Hyperactivity Several studies have proven that this is just another one of many sugar myths. Sugar Is The Main Cause Of Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle disease, for which there are multiple factors to be blamed.

Sugar Is Addictive There is no scientific evidence that supports that sugar can be addictive. Salt Myths. Check out Reasons for White Hair and How to Stop it at Setu. Stress is known to have a wide range of effects on our physical appearance as well as our overall mental health. Legend has it that the French Queen Marie Antoinette’s hair turned white overnight before her execution in 1793. Today, Marie Antoinette syndrome describes a condition in which a person’s hair suddenly loses color.

Up until recently, the medical community was conflicted about the idea of stress turning hair grey. Explore What Pranayam is, and its Uses at Setu. ‘Breathe! Just breathe!’ This is what we all hear when we experience an emotion that is different from normal. Angry? Just breathe! Understand How to Get Rid of Gas in detail at Setu. Do you ever fear about having bad breath, foul smelling gas? Click here to know Healthy Alternatives to Cornflakes at Setu. It’s easy, it’s quick and it requires no prep time!

Cornflakes are considered to be a healthy and hassle-free breakfast option, in India and the west. It has taken over our breakfast tables and how, but is it really healthy for your child? A box of cornflakes contains the following ingredients – corn, sugar, salt, malt flavoring, and high fructose corn syrup. While we believe a bowl of cornflakes provides the requisite vitamins, minerals, and fiber, in reality, it has way more added sugar than considered healthy for children and adults. Moreover, the low protein content in cornflakes is likely to keep your child from feeling full for a longer period.

Packaged ready-to-eat products have found a market in urban households where time and convenience are the primary factors for most parents. However, not all types of cereal are unhealthy and there are several other nutritious alternatives that your kids will love. Dress up their cereal by adding some fresh fruit and nuts to the flakes. Learn Can Diabetics Eat Jaggery or Not at Setu Online. Read the Top Exercises and Yoga for Eyes by Setu today. We eat and drink so much processed foods and beverages (and love it) every day, that exercising (ugh) is essential to keep fit and maintain a healthy body. Just like processed food is to the body, excessive screen time on laptops, televisions, and phones (which we love) is to your eyes (oh damn).

Get to Learn about the Cooking Oils in detail at Setu. If you have stepped into a supermarket recently, in all likelihood you would have noticed that cooking oils are having a major culinary moment. Know Amazing Stress Relieving Techniques Online by Setu. “Change is the only constant”, an age-old saying that has been applied time and again. Take for instance the modernization of agriculture.

Take a Look at How to Get Glowing Skin by Setu now. Check out Best Homemade Body Detox Drinks at Setu Online. Detoxing or going on a cleanse has become very important given our hectic, stressful, binge-eating lifestyle. Check out Best Homemade Body Detox Drinks at Setu Online. Explore Top Skin Care Products Recommended by Setu. Homemade Lemon Honey Face Scrub. Understand How to Reduce Belly Fat Easily from Setu.

1) Stand up more as sitting too much is bad for your health. 2) Get good sleep. Lack of sleep can decrease the number of calories you burn, change the way you process sugar, and disrupt your appetite-regulating hormones. Click here to Know benefits of haldi milk at Setu. Learn What Kombucha Is along with its Health Uses at Setu. Read about Prebiotics and Probiotics Online at Setu. Get Weight Loss Tips and Tricks in detail by Setu Online. Know Health Uses of Glutathione in-depth at Setu. Take a look at Curcumin Uses and Uses at Setu. Check Out Health Benefits of Turmeric at Setu.

Explore the Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health at Setu. Understand the Dengue Prevention Measures at Setu Online. Learn What Intermittent Fasting is, and it's Uses for Diabetics at Setu. Click here to Know the Fruits for Diabetic Patients at Setu. Explore the Features of Vegan Omega available at Setu now. Click here for CoQ10 Tablets available Online at Setu. Learn the Uses of Weight Loss Tablets available at Setu. Get to learn about Curcumin Capsules Available at Setu Online. Take a look at Turmeric Gummies Online at Setu today.

Take a Look & Buy Probiotic Capsules at Setu now. Buy Vitamin C Tablets Online at Setu. Learn about Eye Vitamin Supplements available at Setu. Read about Dietary Supplements available at Setu Online. Know about Online Supplement Store in India provided by Setu.