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North Atlantic storm to lash the UK, push temperatures at the North Pole 50 degrees above normal. The same weather system that spawned devastating storms across a large swath of the country over the weekend is expected to “explode” into a monstrous storm over Iceland by Wednesday.

North Atlantic storm to lash the UK, push temperatures at the North Pole 50 degrees above normal

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang notes that although big storms are common in the winter, this particular storm will bring a surge of heat with it pushing temperatures at the North Pole up to 50 degrees above normal. The storm will contribute more misery to recently flooded areas in the United Kingdom as well. The President Delivers a Statement on the Paris Climate Agreement — Act On Climate. PRESIDENT OBAMA: In my first inaugural address, I committed this country to the tireless task of combating climate change and protecting this planet for future generations.

The President Delivers a Statement on the Paris Climate Agreement — Act On Climate

Two weeks ago, in Paris, I said before the world that we needed a strong global agreement to accomplish this goal — an enduring agreement that reduces global carbon pollution and sets the world on a course to a low-carbon future. A few hours ago, we succeeded. We came together around the strong agreement the world needed. We met the moment. Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development. Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map. Introduction | Methods and Qualifiers | Data Layers | Sources | Special Thanks | Site Credits | Legal Introduction Climate Central’s Surging Seas: Risk Zone map shows areas vulnerable to near-term flooding from different combinations of sea level rise, storm surge, tides, and tsunamis, or to permanent submersion by long-term sea level rise.

Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map

Within the U.S., it incorporates the latest, high-resolution, high-accuracy lidar elevation data supplied by NOAA, displays points of interest, and contains layers displaying social vulnerability, population density, and property value. Outside the U.S., it utilizes satellite-based elevation data from NASA. Surging Seas: Mapping Choices. G77: "Necesitamos dinero para ganar la batalla del clima" El éxito de las negociaciones actuales sobre la lucha contra el cambio climático dependerá de la financiación, advirtió la portavoz del grupo de países en desarrollo (G77), la sudafricana Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko, en Bonn.

G77: "Necesitamos dinero para ganar la batalla del clima"

Las discusiones en Bonn pueden desbloquearse, pero los países ricos deberán mostrar buena voluntad, añadió en rueda de prensa la sudafricana Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko, a poco más de un mes de la Conferencia de París. “El dinero es el nervio de esta guerra, necesitamos dinero para ganar la batalla del clima”, añadió el copresidente de las negociaciones, el argelino Ahmed Djoghlaf. “Será la medida del éxito”, añadió. The Ethics of Climate Change. James Garvey: The Ethics of Climate Change.

The Ethics of Climate Change

Continuum, 2008. One of the pleasures of teaching is that your students challenge your ideas, and push you in directions you might never have gone. In my graduate class on climate change informatics, I thought we would just focus on applications of computer science to addressing climate change. But my students insisted we spend more time understanding the rationale for action on climate change, and in particular, they wanted a seminar on climate change ethics. Which caused me to pick up James Garvey’s 2008 book, “The Ethics of Climate Change”. Surging Seas: Mapping Choices. Lock-In | Timing | Choices | Impacts | Sources | Help | Team | Funding | Legal Introduction These maps are based on peer-reviewed scientific research led by Benjamin Strauss and Scott Kulp of Climate Central in collaboration with Anders Levermann of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Surging Seas: Mapping Choices

They currently cover the United States, but will be extended globally in November, along with our Risk Zone Map focused on near-term sea level rise and coastal flood risk. If Global Warming Is a Hoax … — Climate Desk. The Oil Crash: Tecnología no es energía. World Energy Consumption Since 1820 in Charts. Figure 1 shows the huge increase in world energy consumption that has taken place in roughly the last 200 years.

World Energy Consumption Since 1820 in Charts

This rise in energy consumption is primarily from increased fossil fuel use. Figure 1. World Energy Consumption by Source, Based on Vaclav Smil estimates from Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects together with BP Statistical Data for 1965 and subsequent With energy consumption rising as rapidly as shown in Figure 1, it is hard to see what is happening when viewed at the level of the individual. To get a different view, Figure 2 shows average consumption per person, using world population estimates by Angus Maddison. Figure 2. On a per capita basis, there is a huge spurt of growth between World War II and 1970. In this post, I provide additional charts showing long-term changes in energy supply, together with some observations regarding implications.

World per Capita Energy Consumption. What We Know. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is the world’s largest non-government general science membership organization and the publisher of the Science family of journals.

What We Know

Its mission is “advance science for the benefit of all people.” Its goals include providing a voice for science on societal issues and promoting the responsible use of science in public policy. There may be no more pressing issue intersecting science and society than climate change and the What We Know initiative was born in response to that reality.

¿Unos árboles 'come carbono' revertirán el cambio climático? A Drone’s Vantage Point of a Melting Greenland. Josh Haner is a staff photographer and senior editor for photo technology at The New York Times.

A Drone’s Vantage Point of a Melting Greenland

In 2014, he won the Pulitzer Prize in feature photography for documenting the arduous recovery of Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings. He has worked at The Times for nine years. Continue reading the main story Video. Esta es la relación entre el aumento de la intensidad de los huracanes y el cambio climático. September blew away the margin for Earth's warmest month on record. September 2015 was the warmest such month for Planet Earth since such data began in 1880, and very likely long before that, according to data released Wednesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

September blew away the margin for Earth's warmest month on record

The first nine months of the year were also record warm, increasing the likelihood — which was already 97% by one measure — that this will be the warmest year the planet has seen since at least 1880. Cambio climático: Hacia la cumbre de París. La NASA analiza el huracán Patricia desde el espacio. Madrid, (Europa Press).- El satélite meteorológico NPP de la NASA-NOAA se está encargando de analizar al gran huracán Patricia desde el espacio.

Huffingtonpost. France launches global drive for climate deal. France has launched an unprecedented diplomatic drive to shepherd nations big and small towards a major climate change deal, ahead of a Paris summit next month that is the next major make-or-break moment for the movement against global warming. Every one of France’s ambassadors, in embassies and consulates around the globe, has been educated on the demands of climate change, and instructed in how to communicate the messages to the governments they deal with, ahead of the summit, which starts on 30 November. Ambassadors have been holding public events, private meetings, talks with their diplomatic counterparts, businesses, NGOs and even schoolchildren. At home, the outer walls of the foreign ministry, a stately 19th-century edifice on the banks of the Seine, are covered in a series of banners declaring, in several languages, the messages of Paris Climat 2015.

Even the Eiffel Tower, further down the riverbank, has been pressed into service, lit up at night with climate slogans. France launches global drive for climate deal. ¿Cuál es la verdad sobre el cambio climático o calentamiento global? León Moraria. León Moraria 12 de octubre del 2015. Ghost Boat. Ecologia, Urbanisme i Mobilitat. Artist Isaac Cordal's Incredible Tiny Sculptures Offer a Chilling View of Climate Change.

Climate change and the ills of capitalism are often harped on as two of the biggest threats to society, but many of us have trouble picturing such far-off threats. Artist Issac Cordal offers us a new perspective on these issues through his provocative series of tiny cement sculptures that challenge our views of society. Thoughtfully arranged without the need for exposition, these miniaturized scenes are often arranged as site-specific street art interventions. Cement Eclipses @ Barcelona - Isaac Cordal. Waiting for climate change - Nantes, France - Isaac Cordal. Waiting for climate change is an installation for the moat of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, in Nantes, and exposed during the summer of 2013.

The installation is composed of 14 floating sculptures that move depending on the wind and the currents of the water. As part of Isaac Cordal’s endeavour to spread his sculptures throughout Nantes, from the Temple du Goût to Place du Bouffay, by way of the Quartier des Olivettes neighbourhood, he has placed a series of characters wearing business suits in the Château moat. Impassive and blasé, they absently watch the water level rise. For the first time, they are life-size, almost as if they were sizing themselves up to Château’s massive ramparts. How we are all contributing to the destruction of coral reefs: Sunscreen. A marine protected area in Papua New Guinea. (ARC COE for Coral Reef Studies/Marine Photobank/Reuters) The sunscreen that snorkelers, beachgoers and children romping in the waves lather on for protection is killing coral and reefs around the globe.

And a new study finds that a single drop in a small area is all it takes for the chemicals in the lotion to mount an attack. The study, released Tuesday, was conducted in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii several years after a chance encounter between a group of researchers on one of the Caribbean beaches, Trunk Bay, and a vendor waiting for the day’s invasion of tourists. Uk.businessinsider. Uk.businessinsider. Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to see how our actions are affecting the planet. And what better perspective than from space? Climate change due to human activity is causing visible shifts on our planet, and NASA is uniquely positioned to observe these effects.

"If we continue on our current course, it's going to be hard to feed this planet because it's so hot," Ellen Stofan, NASA's chief scientist, told Business Insider. In fact, photosynthesis — the process all plants use to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates — declines rapidly at temperatures above about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Stofan explained during a talk Monday at The James Beard Foundation Food Conference, a meeting to discuss the future of food. Wal-Mart Stores - Global 500 2014. Companies are ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years ended on or before March 31, 2015. All companies on the list must publish financial data and report part or all of their figures to a government agency.

Figures are as reported, and comparisons are with the prior year’s figures as originally reported for that year. Fortune does not restate the prior year’s figures for changes in accounting. Revenues Revenue figures include consolidated subsidiaries and reported revenues from discontinued operations, but exclude excise taxes. Profits.

Obama logra una alianza con grandes empresas contra el cambio climático. La agenda del presidente Barack Obama estuvo este lunes marcada por la ciencia, con una mañana dedicada al cambio climático y una noche a la astronomía. Si al caer el sol el presidente de EE UU tenía previsto promover la educación científica y tecnológica, por la mañana se reunió con un grupo de directivos de grandes compañías para “discutir cómo enfrentar el cambio climático tanto en EE UU como a escala global”. Con él, 81 empresas se comprometen a establecer medidas concretas para reducir las emisiones que causan el calentamiento. Takepart. A city that loves politics nearly as much as it loves food, Paris is a place where a bistro dinner might feature both debate and an excellent steak frites.

Climate change is coming to a place near you. 9 trucos para calentar la casa sin encender la calefacción. Quizá mientras lee estas líneas se encuentre fuera de casa, contando las horas para regresar y resguardarse en el calor del hogar de las bajas temperaturas, la lluvia o incluso la nieve. Ahora que el frío ha llegado, ¿sabía que puede combatirlo sin necesidad de usar la calefacción? La cuestión no es baladí, dado que, según un informe del Instituto de Diversificación y Ahorro Energético (IDAE), encender la estufa o el brasero eléctrico supone el 46% del consumo energético de los hogares españoles, lo que se traduce en un gasto importante del presupuesto a final de mes.

“La vivienda por sí sola no propaga calor, pero los electrodomésticos que tenemos generan un aumento de temperatura que, aunque en época de frío sea escaso, se puede aprovechar”, destaca Manuel Barrera Viera, presidente del Colegio Profesional de Ambientólogos de Andalucía y experto en energías renovables, que añade: “La clave, sin embargo, está en la energía solar. 1. M.fastcompany. Pescadores de Barcelona ayudan a identificar los residuos marinos. The Oil Crash: Podemos frente al decrecimiento. 150 Countries Pledge to Curb Carbon Emissions. Obama Administration Cancels Oil Drilling Lease Sales In Arctic Ocean. Chelsea Green Publishing - Extracted. The Seneca effect: why decline is faster than growth. Collapse of Industrial Civilization.

Free Markets, Corporate Profits and Mass Extinctions. No Bailout for Mass Extinction and the Collapse of Industrial Civilization. Tipping Points for Runaway Climate Change, Part Two. Peak Oil + Peak Phosphorus = Peak Population. A Higher Calling toward a Healthy and Just World. Climate change is already affecting Alaska’s weather. Which countries are doing the most to stop dangerous global warming? L'Ortiga. The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher.

Attention, Candidates: Even a Majority of Republicans Now Believe Climate Change Is Real. Home - Individual. Hillary Clinton’s Big Climate Change Accomplishment Was Actually a Huge Failure — Climate Desk. Temporal Whiplash: The Copenhagen Accord. La Antártida puede perder el 85 % de su capa de hielo por el cambio climático. This Devastating Chart Shows Why Even a Powerful El Niño Won’t Fix the Drought — Climate Desk. Air Pollution Isn’t Just Bad for Your Health—It’s Taking Food off Your Plate.

Takepart. Climate change is getting worse — and U.N. climate reports are getting harder to understand. Homepage.