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4 Reasons Why you need a Custom Email Address for your business. Have you ever noticed that some business emails have their personalized email domain like

4 Reasons Why you need a Custom Email Address for your business

Yes, what impression does it have on you? The very first thing that will come to your mind is how reputed and professional the company is. Your first impression will be long-lasting on your customers, and the email domain is the first impression you will make on your customers. If you are still wondering how can an email domain be the reason for the business’s growth then, let’s have a look at the points that will be sufficient to prove the point. 1) Build the company’s reputation The first thing is, it will help you to create the impression (as mentioned above). Afraid Of Cybercrime? WHOIS Guard Is The Rescuer In Disguise. Cybercrime is in vogue no matter how careful you are, and your business can end up with cyber theft.

Afraid Of Cybercrime? WHOIS Guard Is The Rescuer In Disguise

Are you aware that even your name and personal information can be robbed? No? Then this article will guide you on how you can save identity theft. First of all, you should know what cybercrime is? Let’s have a quick look at it. Cybercrime is a crime that either targets a computer network or a networked device, mostly committed by cybercriminals or hackers who want to make money. Individuals or organizations carry out cybercrime. How Host Cafe Day Web Hosting Plans Can Help Your Business To Grow. When choosing a web hosting plan for your business website, you must consider all important factors.

How Host Cafe Day Web Hosting Plans Can Help Your Business To Grow

Website is going to be the face of your business digitally. From website design to the right hosting plan, you must be looking for the best. You should always take the hosting plan from a reputed company. If you choose Host Cafe Day for web hosting plans, then you can enjoy some of these features- 1) Strong Security. Transfer your domain to Host Cafe Day Today & Get 1 year free Renewal. Initially, you need to verify whether the domain name is eligible to transfer.

Transfer your domain to Host Cafe Day Today & Get 1 year free Renewal

To check its eligibility, you need to sign in to your existing registrar and check whether it follows the initial registration of the domain name that should be at least 60 days ago and the domain has been with your current Registrar for at least 60 days. As per the ICANN’s policy on the domain transfers between registrars, domains that are less than 60 days old and are transferred within the last 60 days cannot be transferred. Next step is to prepare the domain for transfer. Here, you need to unlock your domain while removing the registrar lock you have put on for the security. In this case, you need to obtain the auth code from the current registrar. Buy G Suite for Business at Affordable Price. Why Quality Web Hosting Important For Building Online Presence. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people use digital solutions and e-commerce.

Why Quality Web Hosting Important For Building Online Presence

This changed online shopping behavior of consumers encourages business owners to use online platforms to reach a wider audience. When it comes to building an online presence, the first thing that comes to mind is the website. The website allows consumers to know about the business in detail. Three things can make a website and business to a new level – design of the website, web hosting, and SEO.

These three things perform three different things and are very crucial. The design makes your site look good, which keeps the visitors engaged, hosting make the visitors experience the best, and SEO makes your website visible to the audience. Let’s discuss why quality web hosting services important for building an online presence. 1) Downtime and Uptime The very first thing is downtime and uptime.

No one wants to miss out on their potential customers just because of the downtime. Why You Need G Suite For Your Business. Behind every business, there are several factors that help the business to develop and gain more income.

Why You Need G Suite For Your Business

One of the factors is G Suite. Let’s give a professional make over to your business with our business email services! If you are new to the term business email, know that it is simply your email id which incorporates your company name within it i.e.,

Let’s give a professional make over to your business with our business email services!

You and your employees will have this kind of email address format. Additionally, the extra email functionality given by a business email software will enhance your business. We at Host Cafe Day offer business email software package services. This brings the following benefits to your business. Professional touch: With a business email id, your email communications with your stakeholders and customers become more professional and convincing. Serves as a form of advertising. Confused about finalizing Hosting – Let’s try Host Cafe Day! Does Web Hosting Company Affect SEO of Your Website? Nowadays, enterprises’ sole aim is to gain visitors and be on the top of search results.

Does Web Hosting Company Affect SEO of Your Website?

If you wonder how that can be possible, then the answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Do you want to know more about it? Then let’s look at the basic meaning of SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is done to generate organic traffic on your website by increasing your website’s rank. Let’s explore more. 5 Ways To Protect Small Business From An Economic Slowdown. An economic slowdown can affect every business, but a company operating on a small scale suffer the most.

5 Ways To Protect Small Business From An Economic Slowdown

But every problem comes with a solution. In this case, there are a handful of ways which can save your business. Without wasting any further time, let’s explore this. Services Your Web Hosting Company Should Offer. If you plan to take your business online, you must be aware of what role a web hosting company will play.

Services Your Web Hosting Company Should Offer

If, you have no clue, then let’s start our discussion by answering this question only. Web hosting is of paramount importance because your website won’t get a space if there is no web hosting company providing you with the plans and other services. But choosing the right web hosting deals is not a cup of tea for everyone. You have to consider many things while making your final decision. Let’s look at the things that the right web hosting company will offer you and best Linux hosting plans. Without wasting any further time, let’s dig into this matter. 1) Customer support. Uptime and Speed - Two Important Aspects of Web Hosting. Web Hosting is one of the terms which are frequently used nowadays. Do you know exactly what it is? No? Then let’s start our article by answering this. Web Hosting is the service through which your website gets a server space over the internet. How Can Right Web Hosting Help Your Business To Grow?

You must have heard the saying that “The building blocks are of crucial importance to a building” and web hosting is the building block of your website. Choosing the right web hosting company is a pivotal decision. A wrong choice can ruin your business easily, whereas the right choice will take your business to new heights. 9 Things to consider while switching to new Web Hosting Company. Discover The Advantages Of Having The Right Web Hosting Plan. Today’s world belongs to those who have a way with new technology. Nowadays, almost every business is launching itself on an online platform.

And to launch your website you have to buy space on the server. That can only be possible with a web hosting company. What Is A Domain Transfer? Everything You Need To Know. Are you not satisfied with your current domain registrar? Then you must be looking for domain transfer offers. Before proceeding, let’s first know what the meaning of domain transfer is? A domain transfer refers to the mechanism by which the assigned domain name registrar is modified when a transition is made the new registrar will maintain all relevant information regarding the domain and the registrant.

In easy words, you can say that it is just similar to the process if you buy something, but you are not satisfied with it. Why Is SSL Important? What Are Its Benefits? What Is a Domain Name? How To Choose It Wisely. Web hosting In Black And White: Things You Need To Know. How To Do A Website Safety Check? Here Is Why. Thinking of moving to a new web hosting provider? 4 Things To Do and Then You Are Ready To Launch Your Website. How to get an online presence during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak has occurred with many business challenges. How Reselling Hosting Is A Profitable Business – Reseller Hosting Choice. If you are wondering about the same question then you are at the right place to get an answer. Web hosting In Black And White: Things You Need To Know. Do You Really Need a VPS Hosting? Let’s Checkout. Dedicated Server Hosting Starts @ ₹ 7599. What Is White Label Hosting? All The Things You Need To Know About It.

Just heard about the term ‘white label reselling’? But don’t know what it is? Don’t worry now all you are expected to do is to sit and relax and just read this article. In the end, you will know everything from the scratch to the whole concept of the White label reselling. Let’s start from the very basic question which must be crossing your mind and that is. Web Hosting: The Ultimate Guide. How to Host a Website in Five Easy Steps. Virtual Private Server Starts @ ₹175. Hosting Offers To Support Your Business Amid COVID-19. Here’s Why Investing in Dedicated Servers is a Great Option. What Is Shared Hosting? All You Need To Know About. Why Your Website Needs Quality Hosting Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Things you must know about Web Hosting before spending your Hard-Earned Money. Things of Utmost Importance While Choosing a Web Hosting Service.

Why Dedicated servers are important for your business? Why do I need an SSL certificate? Linux Reseller Hosting starts @ ₹499. Transfer your domain to Host Cafe Day Today & Get 1 year free Renewal. Buy a Domain Name: Great Domain Registration Starts @ ₹80. Low Price Linux Shared Hosting Plans - HCD. Host Cafe Day - Best Web Hosting Company.