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I.C.A.S. I.C.A.S. Sonica – Festival of Transitory Art, which is being organized for the fourth consecutive year by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, makes room for an experimental festival of audio, visual and intermedia artistic practices. Sonica changes the classical gallery space into an interactive field of events, performances, installations, workshops and lectures, with a different theme each year. This year’s theme Review from Playground: 1.
ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst
CYNETART Festival « I.C.A.S. CYNETART Festival « I.C.A.S. 14th International Festival for Computer-Aided Art CYNETART in Dresden, 11th to 21st Nov 2010 Call for Entries for the International CYNETART competition || entry deadline 28.02.2010 TMA Hellerau hosts this international competition of CYNETART, inviting artists and art groups to present their projects, every two years.
MUTEK (AR) (Mutek Argentina) | MySpace MUTEK (AR) (Mutek Argentina) | MySpace About me: Miembro de I.C.A.S. [International Cities of Advance Sound] - www.icasnetwork.org FUTURE SOUND OF LATIN presentado por MUTEK LatinAmerICAS SAB 10 SEP 2011 :: 22 hs :: Berlin
Festival Pomladi
Welcome to the 9th edition of Dis-patch Festival of Cutting-edge Music & Related Art! Once more spreading over two long weekends in mid-October, as well as over venues and streets of Serbia's capital Belgrade, we will be presenting a peculiar section through some of the most interesting works, performances and authors from the fields of contemporary music and graphic art. The tagline of this year's festival is, appropriately, ROCKET #9 - a Sun Ra motive which we identify very strongly with in 2010. DIS-PATCH Festival of cutting-edge music and related art DIS-PATCH Festival of cutting-edge music and related art
Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music, Digital Art, and New Media: Sept 22 - 26
Les Siestes Electroniques

Home - CIMATICS PLATFORM - Audiovisual Festival / art / media / music / technology News Full video report of Video Vortex V We were very happy with the large amount of people attending the latest Video Vortex conference in Brussels. Home - CIMATICS PLATFORM - Audiovisual Festival / art / media / music / technology
New Forms Festival New Forms showcase @ MUTEK 2011 This year, NewForms will be curating a showcase at the MUTEK festival in Montreal. Running from June 1-5th, the festival takes place at various indoor and outdoor locations around Montreal, infusing the city with some of the worlds most interesting electronic music and media artists. The NFF showcase will feature sounds by Michael Red, Monolithium, Babe Rainbow, Calamalka, Max Ulis, Daega Sound System and visuals by Peter Hagge.This program is presented in collaboration with CBC radio 3. Nocturne 04: Beyond the Autobahn Metropolis, Savoy Room June 4, 2011 $35.00 + TX & SC New Forms Festival
The Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts will hold its second edition on April 17th, 18th and 19th of 2009, featuring over 35 new media artists and electronic musicians that represent the forefront of the industry. Communikey events provide creative forums for the exploration of electronic music and new media arts in intimate environments, reflecting the global organism that is technology based fine-arts. The Festival hosts a 3-day contribution to these arts. Festival of Digital Arts and Electronic Music Boulder Colorado Festival of Digital Arts and Electronic Music Boulder Colorado
FULLPULL FULLPULL Since 2006 the experimental trio Emeralds has been massaging their analog synthesizer creations into the kind of drifty, contemplative compositions that have made them one of cosmic music's most consistently compelling acts. Emeralds (US) Chelsea Wolfe (US)
Skaņu mežs Skaņu mežs On 7th and 8th of October an international symposium for sound art will take place at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. Its title is ”Sound art: transforming the space into a place”, a slightly updated quotation from Max Neuhaus, the pioneer of sound art, and it will feature lectures and presentations by practising… Read More The American/Austrian project KTL (Kindertotenlieder) will be performing at the Splendid Palace cinema in Riga on October 10 as part of the festival Skaņu Mežs. KTL’s music is a mix between extreme computer music and avant-garde metal.
DISK/club transmediale: Current News
TodaysArt 2010


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07 - LOW TECH Retour vers le futur technologique Les manifestations artistiques qui s’intéressent aux rapports entre l’art et les technologies sont actuellement face à un paradoxe : comment prendre du recul face aux discours qui glorifient la moindre innovation technologique, dans un monde plongé dans la consommation constamment renouvelée de nouveaux gadgets ? Les RIAM ont toujours prêté une importance majeure autant à l’analyse et à la critique du rôle des technologies, qu’à la façon dont les artistes se les approprient et les détournent. S’il est indéniable qu’elles ont transformé nos vies quotidiennes, la programmation des RIAM ne s’est jamais engagée dans un enthousiasme béat vis-à-vis des nouvelles prouesses technologiques.
Numusic Festival 2010. Stavanger Norway.
Insomniafestival.no | Future music + techno culture
Rokolectiv Dance floor wrecking hybrid 2562 is Dutch artist Dave Huismans. His live sets are characterized by a post-garage skippiness, with rolling bass and hyper-edited snares learned from broken beat, a sense of space and echo learned from dub, and a devastating 4x4 anchorage and attention to detail from techno, old and new. The result is more than the sum of its parts, an incredibly fulsome yet lean, natural-sounding, dance floor wrecking hybrid that’s found favor not only among dubstep heads, but anyone drawn to fresh club music. http://www.myspace.com/2562dub