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ICAS Festival

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I.C.A.S. ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst. CYNETART Festival « I.C.A.S. 14th International Festival for Computer-Aided Art CYNETART in Dresden, 11th to 21st Nov 2010 Call for Entries for the International CYNETART competition || entry deadline 28.02.2010 TMA Hellerau hosts this international competition of CYNETART, inviting artists and art groups to present their projects, every two years. They can apply with projects that fully utilise digital technologies in their conceptual, creative and performing processes, thereby opening up opportunities for digital performance and their relationship to factors such as time, space, physical presence and social encounters. Further information/ Entry Form: Self-image of CYNETART-Festival Statement: Media art is the sensate modelling and equally the almost scientific exploration of the human perception assisted by instruments of media technology.

The desired objective of the competition is a multi-perspective discussion of the present development, serving to sensualise the connections. MUTEK (AR) (Mutek Argentina) Festival Pomladi. DIS-PATCH Festival of cutting-edge music and related art. Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music, Digital Art, and New Media: Sept 22 - 26. UH FEST/EST/KONCERT. Main : MUTEK.CL. MUTEK MX. Les Siestes Electroniques. Home - CIMATICS PLATFORM - Audiovisual Festival / art / media / music / technology. News Full video report of Video Vortex V We were very happy with the large amount of people attending the latest Video Vortex conference in Brussels.

Home - CIMATICS PLATFORM - Audiovisual Festival / art / media / music / technology

However, for those of you who could not make it, there is a full video report of all presented lectures to be found here. Dingbat Liberation Fest Today is completely devoted to the design aspect of Cimatics. Cimatics at Bozar with Ryoichi Kurokawa and Ulf Langheinrich On Wednesday Nov 25 two extremely exclusive mid-week concerts bring Cimatics to the challenging context of the Brussels center for fine arts Bozar.

Opening Night: Ben Butler & Mousepad at Beursschouwburg Not to miss: Ben Butler and Mousepad is the twenty five year old Joe Howe. Speed up the FLU POWER FLU For the festival opening night, Cimatics re-appropriates the semi-permanent installation FLU POWER FLU from Stefano Cagol by temporarily speeding up the flickering of the neon words. Friday 20 Nov TUK & Kurt D'Haeseleer (live) at Brigittines Festival Meeting Point is open Post Flux. New Forms Festival. Festival of Digital Arts and Electronic Music Boulder Colorado. The Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts will hold its second edition on April 17th, 18th and 19th of 2009, featuring over 35 new media artists and electronic musicians that represent the forefront of the industry.

Festival of Digital Arts and Electronic Music Boulder Colorado

Communikey events provide creative forums for the exploration of electronic music and new media arts in intimate environments, reflecting the global organism that is technology based fine-arts. The Festival hosts a 3-day contribution to these arts. Software workshops, installations, a film screening and panel discussion lay the ground-work for thought and discourse. Campus activities are followed by evening showcases, children's program, parade, picnic and finale. Held on Earth Day weekend, the question is continually asked: "Are technology based fine arts sustainable? " UNSOUND. CYNETART – TMA HELLERAU. FULLPULL. Skaņu mežs. DISK/club transmediale: Current News. TodaysArt 2010. MUTEK: News. FutureEverything.

07 - LOW TECH. Numusic Festival 2010. Stavanger Norway. Future music + techno culture. Rokolectiv.