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Living in Harmony with Plex. Plex, the fantastic media center software I’ve written about before , added some icing on the cake recently: out-of-the-box support for Logitech Harmony universal remotes. Logitech Harmony remotes are great because Logitech maintains a massive database of all the codes for pretty much every consumer electronics device ever made (the Harmony 550 was my pick for the best gadget gift under $100 ). You (usually) don’t have to sit there “training” the Harmony with your original remotes — you just hook it up to your computer, type in the model numbers of your TV, receiver, game console, etc, and you’re off. It vastly improves (and simplifies) control of your home entertainment center. However, while Logitech did have remote codes for the Mac Mini (which is what I’m using to run Plex), the six buttons of the Apple remote aren’t enough to control a full-featured software suite like Plex.

Fortunately, I was wrong. RC Forums: Harmony Remote Channel Icons (Page 1 of 35) I've received many requests for the high-res channel icons I put together for my new One.

RC Forums: Harmony Remote Channel Icons (Page 1 of 35)

After years of lurking on AV and remote forums I thought it about time I paid back all the knowledge I've picked up from all the other forum members, so I've put together the icon collection on my site for everyone to download and use. The URL in my signature below will link you to the new searchable database of all the Harmony 'Favorites' icons I have created. The batch has grown from the few dozen I had on my own Harmony One to over 10,000 icons based on requests I've received from over two dozen countries.

I've also expanded the site to include my icons for the Harmony One*, 650/700, 8xx, 900*, 1000, and 1100 remotes. If there is a channel you cannot find then please send me a request via pm, email (from my site) or follow me via twitter [Link:]. Have fun with your remote! *Please note that the one and 900 icons look best when used in those models' default themes. Voir le sujet - Logos des chaines TV pour la Harmony One. S q u a r e e y e s i c o n h a r m o n y. Harmony Support - Plex. Full Screen Toggle - Harmony. Harmony Remote Custom Key Mapping Problem. Plex l'ULTIME media center pour mac - MacIntosh. Je me permet d'ouvrir ce topic pour regrouper les infos de plex, effectivement le topic "XBMC sur Mac" parle beaucoup plus de plex que de XBMC, il faut donc remettre les choses a leur place Un petit récapitulatif de cette appli pomper sur Plex est un logiciel de type Media Center pour Mac OSX.

Plex l'ULTIME media center pour mac - MacIntosh

Il s’agit d’une version dérivée de XMBC, le media center à l’origine écrit pour la Xbox 1. Plex apporte des fonctionnalités qui vont bien au dela de ce que propose par exemple Frontrow, le media center intégré en standard aux ordinateurs Mac. J'ajouterais que c'est le media center le moins gourmand que j'ai pu tester sur mon ex mac mini 1,83Ghz j'arrivais a faire tourner des films en 1080p d'une manière fluide !

Plex gère aussi la gestion par telecommande aussi bien par l'apple remote que par une logitech harmony, philips pronto...Pour la configuration de la zapette et plus particulièrement de la logitech harmony vous pouvez consuler de gilor (merci a lui) ici : Les scrappers : Lithium. Tip: Plex + Eyetv + Harmony Heaven. Without Remote Buddy Etc. - For the last couple of weeks, I have been looking for a solution to run EyeTV and Plex together on my mini -- without a software layer on top; like for instance Remote Buddy or Mira.

Tip: Plex + Eyetv + Harmony Heaven. Without Remote Buddy Etc. -

I also did not want to launch EyeTV from within Plex, since the infared signals sent from the remote would not apply to EyeTV (unless I changed device on the remote). I read this thread: but I didn't want to use Remote Buddy (although I have a license and it's a great piece SW). The solution to run these two apps is this: In logitech SW, download your Elgato device and Plex - and of couse your TV, receiver etc. Bult two activities: EyeTV and Plex. My EyeTV activity:Turns off Plex, Starts EyeTV (and of course sets the remote to EyeTV)