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Vidhyalive is an online learning, training platform where you can learn over 50+courses like programming, Java, Guidewire, netbackup, netapp, data science and more. Visit us: to know more!

Guidewire Online training Courses. Netbackup training – Innovative Information. Backup is very important for every small companies and organziations.

Netbackup training – Innovative Information

There will be a big loss to the organsaition who don’t take serious action on such back-ups. There are many companies who is existed just on the data and if the data is not backed up properly, then it cannot be brought back and that could consequence in foremost escalations and concern. Netbackup allow to back up, records & restore files, folders or directories with quantity or partitions that exist on your computer. Guidewire Training. Guidewire Software is a primary resource of flexible core systems that allow property/casualty insurers to bring insurance the way they want to.

Guidewire Training

This software is made by Guidewire which creates a high-quality tool that constantly works as pledged. Guidewire Software is a primary resource of flexible core systems that allow property/casualty insurers to bring insurance the way they want to. Redhat System Admin Training. Netbackup online training. Our NetBackup training course is aimed at helping the learners understand the concepts of database backup and recovery process.

Netbackup online training

NetBackup is a comprehensive enterprise level solution that facilitates data protection, backup and recovery through an array of innovative disks and tape options. By reducing the complexity that occurs due to the usage of a vast selection of hardware, storage technologies, virtualization and databases, NetBackup makes the entire process of taking regular and incremental backups manageable. Java fast track training. Java, one of the most popular and widely used programming languages that supports a large percentage of web & network applications being used by people.

Java fast track training

Being used by over 9 million developers, Java currently runs on more than 7 billion devices across the globe. The long term compatibility, simplicity and readability of Java makes it a global standard for the development of enterprise software, web applications, mobile apps, mobile games and much more. Owing to such wide usage of the Java programming language, the demand for Java developers is always high. By learning Java, you can open colossal job opportunities for you, which you can never access if you don’t know Java. Real time scenario Based Training. Salesforce Developer Training Online. Salesforce Training How will You get Benefit?

Salesforce Developer Training Online

The ADM 201 and App Builder (Old Name = DEV 401) are the most popular Salesforce certifications in the industry. Hands on Real time Scenario Based Training. Course Objective: By the end of the course, you will: Master the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce frameworkUnderstand Hadoop 2.x ArchitectureSetup Hadoop Cluster and write Complex MapReduce programsLearn data loading techniques using Sqoop and FlumePerform data analytic using Pig, Hive and YARNImplement HBase and MapReduce integrationImplement Advanced Usage and IndexingImplement best practices for Hadoop developmentWork on a real life Project Who should go for Hadoop: Today, Hadoop has become a cornerstone of every business technology professional.

Hands on Real time Scenario Based Training

To stay ahead in the game, Hadoop has become a must-know technology for the professionals. Introduction to Hadoop and Architecture Hadoop 1.0 Architecture Introduction to Hadoop & Big DataHadoop EvolutionHadoop ArchitectureNetworking ConceptsUse cases – Where Hadoop fits into Hadoop 2.0 Architecture Quiz on Architecture Concepts. Data Science - VidhyaLive. Hyper-v training. Our Hyper-V training course is aimed at providing the learners detailed information about the Hyper-V (Hypervised Technology) which is one of the key features of the Windows Server.

Hyper-v training

Hyper-V allows the consolidation of the multiple server roles running on a single physical machine as the distinct VMs (Virtual Machines). The Hyper-V, which is the Microsoft’s virtualization system permits the multiple OSs (Operating Systems) on a single server helps the organizations to decrease their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase their ROI (Return on Investment). With Hyper-V, you can have multiple virtual machines, each performing a distinct function, yet you don’t hav to invest in buying different physical machines. So, it helps in saving energy costs, hardware costs and reduces the capital investment. Thus, the companies prefer using Hyper-V and Hyper-V professionals are in high demand in the computing & IT industry. Course Objectives: Instructor Led Live Training. Curriculum Full Fledged Web Content Management Advanced Web Content Management Configuring Liferay Applications Document Management Displaying Content Dynamically Targeting Content To Your Audience.

Instructor Led Live Training

Complete Hands on training by Experts. Netapp Training Classes - Home. NetApp provides us with advanced and effective software solutions to manage and store data in a secure manner.

Netapp Training Classes - Home

The aspiring students who crave to make a great career as a NetApp Administrator can join the NetApp training in any leading and professional training institute. However, you must choose the best institute from which you can obtain the right training on this subject as per the current trend of NetApp application and storage management process. There are lots of organizations that offer training on various software system and program management. Before you pick any of them and join the course, you must be aware of some interesting factors that are closely related to this Netapp Training Classes.

Why you need this training: In today’s world, data storage becomes imperative, and you should not take any risks in this matter. Guidewire online training. This Guidewire training course is designed for all developers who will be configuring or integrating Guidewire applications such as ClaimCenter, BillingCenter, and PolicyCenter.

Guidewire online training

Policy Center: Policy Center stores information about a policy and manages a set of processes that, if completed successfully, result in changes to the policy. Examples of policy changes are: creation of a new policy, renewal of a policy for a new term, or cancellation of a policy. As a result of each policy transaction (such as adding an additional driver to an auto policy), the system determines the price of the transaction.

If successfully completed, Policy Center forwards this pricing information to a billing system. The pricing information is also important for reporting to regulators. Claim center: Real-time Hands on Experience. Data Warehouse The primary concept of data warehousing is that the data stored for business analysis can most effectively be accessed by separating it from the data in the operational systems. As per Ralph Kimble “A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process.” IBM InfoSphere DataStage InfoSphere DataStage is a powerful data integration tool.

Top 5 Factors You Must Consider While Looking For The Best Guidewire Training Institute - VidhyaLive. Netapp training classes. Our Netapp training has been specifically designed for learners aspiring to evolve as successful NetApp Administrators and make a career in the storage administration. Courses - VidhyaLive. A Learning Platform for Online Interactive Courses.