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FAS USDA 14/03/17 EXPORTER GUIDE ANNUAL_Warsaw_Poland_12-29-2016. FAS USDA 22/11/16 Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual_Beijing_China - Peoples Republic of_11-1-2016. POLISH JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCES - 2015 - Invasiveness of Listeria monocytogenes strains isolated from animals in Poland. Food Control. 09/2015 HACCP-based procedures in Germany and Poland. African Journal of Microbiology Research 22/01/14 Comparison of the microbial quality of pork and poultry meat with or without grill marinade available in Polish retail markets. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE - Au sommaire: THE POLISH EXPERIENCE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION AND EXECUTION OF THE FOOD SAFETY REGULATIONS. AGROTEC (Pologne) - NOV 2006 - Environmental Impact Assessment for the Draft Rural Development Programme 2007 - 2013. IFC - DEC 2010 - Food Safety Inspections: Lessons Learned From Other Countries (Denmark - Sweden - Poland - Croatia - Slovenia)

DG SANCO – Derniers rapports OAV. FOOD PRODUCTION 12/03/12 EU warned over Polish ‘industrial salt’ food safety prosecutions. The country’s Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) informed the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed earlier this month over concerns that food products had been contaminated with industrial salt, which is typically used to de-ice roads.

FOOD PRODUCTION 12/03/12 EU warned over Polish ‘industrial salt’ food safety prosecutions.

Polish and independent authorities are conducting tests on suspected contaminated products, but none have returned results that present a health risk. Prosecuting authorities in the country are also investigating “over what time period the road salt was being put into the food products.” The Czech Republic became the first EU country to issue a temporary ban on the import of edible salts from Poland. “No present health risk” Bondar added that all the contaminated salt products have been impounded and sample analysis is in progress. GIS has also commissioned four independent sources of opinion in Poland.

“This opinion was also sent to RASFF,” he said. Czech Republic ban. FAS USDA 19/10/16 Dairy and Products Annual_Warsaw_EU-28_10-14-2016. University of Technology, Częstochowa, Poland - 2015 - POLISH LAW REGULATIONS FOR FOOD SAFETY. FAS USDA 21/01/16 Exporter Guide_Warsaw_Poland_1-19-2016. RFI 02/06/15 GRAND REPORTAGE - Onze ans de Politique agricole commune (PAC) en Pologne. IZZ - National Food and Nutrition Institute. PIWET – National Veterinary Research Institute. AGRICULTURE CANADA - Données sur les tendances des marchés et statistiques en Pologne. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - 2012 - AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ECONOMY IN POLAND. Le site portail FARMER_PL. OFFICE OF COMPETITION AND CONSUMER PROTECTION.

Le site du ministère de l'agriculture de Pologne. Glowny Inspektorat Sanitarny. Realizując swoje ustawowe obowiązki, Główny Inspektor Sanitarny w trosce o bezpieczeństwo i komfort Pielgrzymów udających się na uroczystość kanonizacji Błogosławionego Jana Pawła II, przekazuje w formie ulotki niezbędne informacje i zalecenia, których należy przestrzegać podczas pielgrzymki, z uprzejma prośbą o zapoznanie z nimi uczestników organizowanych pielgrzymek. pobierz ulotkę.

Glowny Inspektorat Sanitarny.

FCO en Pologne. Le site du ministère de la Santé de Pologne. Peste porcine africaine - veille en Pologne. AGRICULTURE CANADA - MARS 2012 - Profil comparatif des consommateurs République tchèque, Hongrie et Pologne.

Derniers rapports OAV concernant la Pologne

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